Friday, May 10, 2019

Eat What You Want Day

Tomorrow is Eat What You Want Day! Who wouldn't love this obscure little "holiday"!?!?!

Right now the horses are craving green grass rather than boring ol' hay! We usually let the horses out on the lawn sometime in May (it used to be early May but this weather has been too wacky to have anything grow).

But our seniors LOVE their dairy quality hay. It's soft, leafy, and oh so tasty that they devour their bales in no time (and that's WITH using a hay net).

Even though green pastures are on the horizon, we are already starting our 2019/2020 hay fundraising. If we collect enough funds, we could consider opening our doors to another deserving senior (rather than always saying no).

In a typical year, we buy 55 big round bales of hay. This year we went with straight hay. Because we didn't do the hay alfalfa bales, they went a few days longer. These bales are around $70 a bale. We also need to buy small squares of this same quality hay and small squares of alfalfa. We've depleted our small stash that we like to keep on hand over the winter. Small squares are usually about $5 a bale. We'd love to have 100 each of small squares of alfalfa and of hay.

Do you want to help us with or hay drive? Every penny counts!

So on this "Eat What You Want" day, help us make sure the horses get to eat what they want!


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