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Tommy is a Shetland pony gelding. Tommy is inseparable with Skippy, a mini horse. Tommy has the typical Shetland pony attitude and prefers to do things on his terms instead of anyone else’s. Tommy (and Skippy) came to the Sanctuary in February 2009 after having been riding ponies for small children in their previous homes. His owner wanted to find Tommy (and Skippy) a new and permanent home instead of sending them to auction.  Tommy has taught us a great deal about ponies and their naughty streak.


Skippy is a registered miniature horse. Unfortunately, we were never able to acquire his registration papers.  Skippy came to the Sanctuary in February 2009 when a co-worker wanted to find a new home for two ponies. Skippy is the epitome of naughty little pony. He is the instigator of all naughty activities (and that’s including the big herd). Skippy acts like a big-shot when there’s a fence in between him and the big herd. He is always picking on Tommy. Make sure to watch your fingers because Skippy likes to nibble on anything that’s near.

Brego came to the Sanctuary on a cold October evening. He arrived with his herd mate, Maverick. We had watched Brego and Maverick from our kitchen window the first few years that we were at the Sanctuary. Then we had the opportunity to open our doors to both Brego and Maverick. As a five year old, Brego went to a trainer. Unfortunately, Brego has back issues that make him a pasture pet. He is now best friends with Ivan the thoroughbred.  Wherever Brego goes, Ivan follows and vice versa. Brego is very laid back and prefers to relax in the sun rather than gallop around the pasture (I think that has something to do with Ivan being even lazier!)


Ivan is a grade Thoroughbred gelding who came to the Sanctuary in August 2010. Although we don’t know much about Ivan’s past, we do know he was never raced. Ivan is slow. Ivan is a laid back gelding who likes to relax and take life easy. On occasion, he’ll kick up his heels but usually when no one is looking. Ivan’s best friend is Brego. Where Ivan goes, Brego follows and where Brego goes, Ivan follows.  When he came to the Sanctuary, Ivan had time off from riding and now requires a refresher before hitting the trails to show his support for Sanctuary living.


Maverick came to the Sanctuary on a cold October evening. Maverick is a character. He loves to play with anything he can get his mouth on. If you tie him, you have to make sure that the knot is secure, otherwise he unties himself (but stands there waiting). Maverick loves playing around with the jolly ball too. He’s a great instigator of all playing in the herd. When the ponies are in a pen next to the big herd, you’ll be sure to see Maverick and Skippy playing. No matter what Maverick is always goofing around trying to get someone to play with him. Maverick is best friends with Jim (a surprising combination). Sometimes Maverick and Jim will play, pass the stick and carry a stick around the pen to entertain themselves. When in the pasture, Maverick is always trying to get the herd to go on a wild goose chase.
The Sanctuary attended an auction in March 2011 and came home with Bo.  He was a thin, caked in mud, and exhausted National Show Horse.  Even though he was neglected, his personality never wavered. He is still a very friendly, outgoing, and curious gelding who loves to see what people are doing. Bo absolutely loves his grain and tells everyone in no uncertain terms that it’s grain time! Bo is best friends with Zeke and are usually seen together in the pasture hanging out. The only time the two are separated is when Bo thinks there’s grain involved. We have given Bo two years off from riding to recover and to simply be a horse. We are hoping to start riding Bo again in 2014 (he’s well broke).

Rabbit (with Savanna in the background)
Rabbit (short for Rabbit Choker Nikki) came to the Sanctuary in September 2010. She had a three month old filly at her side when she arrived. Originally she same to the Sanctuary to be a companion to the two older mares (Babe and Queen). Unfortunately, Rabbit’s personality didn’t work with the two older mares because she wanted to be boss mare.  When Rabbit arrived, she was a bit underweight and dealing with heaves. She regained her weight and was put onto a supplement to control her breathing issues. At one point in her life, she was used as a riding horse but had since become a broodmare. She is now enjoying the retired life without any worries about motherhood or riding the trails. She’s still boss mare in her little pasture.

Dude (registered name My Blazing Skip) originally was considered personal horse. However, we discovered that he has a health problem that renders him a pasture pet only. He has what’s called “Hunters Bump” (non-technical term), where a bone in his tail broke and is putting pressure on his hips. This pressure causes pain at unexpected times and will buck. Dude is now enjoying retirement and bosses everyone around in the herd. Dude does enjoy the occasional romp through the pasture but prefers to push everyone out of the way at eating time.

Jim is a Tennessee Walker who loves to trail ride. At the age of 25, we decided that we would retire Jim permanently. He now prefers the retired life of grazing and hanging out with his best friend, Maverick. Previously Jim would get jealous when he saw other horses getting tacked up for a trail ride. Since that time he’s learned to enjoy retired life and doesn’t give those horses being caught and tacked up a backwards glance. Jim is a bit of an aloof horse but does like to be pampered with treats. Jim loves his grain and will meet you at the barn door for his nightly meal.
Chaos came to the Sanctuary as an unhandled yearling stud. He was the Sanctuary’s first rescue. Chaos was gelded as a two year old and sent to a trainer when he was three. He has since become a dependable trail horse who enjoys moseying along on the trails. Chaos is second in command of the big herd (although Rain bosses Chaos around). Chaos is very laid back and would prefer to hang out and graze than do anything else. Chaos has become the Sanctuary’s “go to” horse for trail riding.

Mayhem when she was younger
Mayhem is a registerable Quarter Horse mare.  Her mother is Rabbit. Mayhem came to the Sanctuary when she was three months old because she was born the wrong color. She was guaranteed to be a blue roan and came out as a sorrel like her mother. Mayhem is very laid back and learns quickly. She loved hanging out with the older mares and was a great companion to both Babe and Queen. Mayhem still needs surgery to repair her umbilical hernia that she was born with. She also needs to go to a trainer for her basic training. Mayhem has a lot of potential to be a fantastic riding horse.


Junior came to the Sanctuary in November 2014. He is an old ranch gelding who worked his entire life and was granted permanent retirement at the Sanctuary. Junior loves anyone that brings him grain and follows you wherever you go. Junior is very passive and would rather keep out of the way than to make any of the herd angry. Junior does have some issues with his back end which deem him unrideable but after serving people for 25+ years, we are glad to give Junior a break to enjoy full retirement.

Lace came to the Sanctuary in December 2015. We were told that she used to be a barrel racer before she became a broodmare. You can tell that she was loved in her previous life. She adores people and would rather stick with people than horses. She's a bit bossy with the ponies but is adjusting to life at the Sanctuary. Although she was a riding horse, we are permanently retiring her and allowing her to enjoy the easy life with no worries.

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