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Sgt Reckless Honored

Associated Press 6 hours ago 

Wishlist Wednesday

Our wishlist Wednesday item is for funds to bring in another older deserving mare into permanent retirement like Lace. We were asked to take in a 23-24 year old paso fino mare who is pasture sound only. At this point, we can only say no. We need to raise $750 for her winter hay.

But we'll also need a monthly sponsor of $50 a month to cover her grain and other supplements. Being that she's mid 20s, she'll need grain no matter if she's an easy keeper or a hard keeper.

We would love to say YES like we did with Lace. But we need your help to do it. So gang, can we say YES and let another deserving mare finally put her hooves up and relax?

Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Senior Tip Tuesday

Ivan, Jim, Maverick

Our tip for Senior Tip Tuesday:

Feed at more frequent intervals so as not to upset the digestive system. Two to three times daily is best.

Tale the Hair Quiz

I took the hair quiz. I got 4 out of 10. Geeze

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Throwback Thursday

Throwback Thursday is of Babe. With it being so blasted hot, thought it  might be nice to see some "cooler" weather pictures. We lost Babe in September 2013. The place hasn't been the same without her. She taught us so much.

With a Heat Advisory in affect until Friday, I just wanted to remind myself that in another six months, we'll be dealing with another type of advisory...wind chill advisories..eek!

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Generous Donation

The person asking us to take in the 23-24 year old mare is still waiting for a response. I haven't made up my mind. We are short on funds for last year's hay, and we are going with a different hay provider this year who won't jerk us around and make us wait until the following year to pay. But that puts us into a bind. I'm a year behind in paying so this year I  have to pay for last year's hay (which I finally got a price on..yes I know it's stupid) and I have to pay for this year's hay.

I could have gone with someone else a long time ago but because we have senior horses that are hard to keep weight on, we make sure that we have dairy quality hay. You might ask the difference between dairy quality hay and regular hay...dairy quality hay has to be weed free and could pretty much be certified if our hay supplier wanted to go the extra step. Certified hay is way  more expensive. It's not ditch hay. It keeps the weight on so we don't have to worry as much about supplementing with grains.

So I'm strapped for funds and debating on what we want to do for fundraisers. I have ideas but need help. Desperately need help.

But as I was stressing and grumbling to myself on the way home about our predicament (don't worry, we'll make it work just not sure how), I opened my mailbox and what should I find, but an envelope from one of our supporters. I LOVE getting mail from Lori H. She has this distinctive notion of when I really need a pick me up. This winter she sent us a gift card to Tractor Supply. Thank You  Lori for that gift certificate. I have been hording it because I can't make up my mind on what we need the most. I'm like a kid in a candy store...well, really I'm like a girl in a tack I'm really a Sanctuary worker with a gift card to TSC!!!  But what do I see when I open Lori's letter, a check to help with the mare that desperately needs a soft place to land and call home. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Does anyone else want to help this mare? We would need to buy her winter's worth of hay which would probably be around $750 but then we'd really need to ensure she has a sponsor. If she could be sponsored monthly for $50, I'd take her in even though it wouldn't cover the entire cost of hay alone. We are gearing up for "that season" when people want to get rid of anything that isn't "useable". And I'm sure this person will have more that they want to dump before the first snowflake flies.

So three requests:

Does anyone want to sponsor this mare (or any other Sanctuary horse) monthly, yearly, etc.? Even just a little helps offset.

Does anyone want to contribute to her winter's worth of hay so we can bring her in and figure out how to fund her?

Does anyone want to help with fundraiser ideas for this year so we can get some of this year's hay paid for?

Wishlist Wednesday

Wishlist Wednesday. We wish for deck waterproofing. We need to wash, repair, and waterproof all of the Sanctuary's blankets (and take an inventory).

Deck waterproofing runs between $20-30 if I remember right. We get the generic brand or whatever is cheapest. But I want to make sure the horses stay dry. Hard to think winter when it's going to be almost 100 degrees out today and tomorrow and three's an excessive heat advisory but in 6 months we'll be dealing with wind chill advisories. I want to make sure we are prepared for winter!

Brego wearing a blanket donated by Gentle Spirits Horse Rescue

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Senior Tip Tuesday

It's going to be hot the next couple of weeks so here's a tip about water.

Senior Tip# 2
Clean water should always be available; an average horse needs five to seven gallons of water per day in cool weather, while in hot weather, requirements for maintenance and to compensate for losses in sweat may prompt intake of 20 gallons or more per day.

Adding an electrolyte supplement to your horse's diet could help keep him drinking and restore the electrolyte balances disrupted by sweating, and horses should have access to a salt block or receive a daily salt supplement (no more than a tablespoon per day) to allow them to meet their dietary sodium chloride requirements.

For a horse that doesn't drink well, offering a watery gruel of a supplement (such as a complete feed pellets) rather than feeding them dry can help increase the horse's water intake.

Information courtesy of ""

Dude and Chaos from last August

Monday, July 18, 2016

Damned if You Do, Damned If You Don't

I'm not sure where the world is going...probably to hell in a hand basket. I guess I'm grumpy and disappointed. For those that need a pick me up, stop reading now. I need to vent for a few minutes.

For those that kept reading...I it goes.

I was reading another rescue's blog. They do amazing work. I'm not sure how they are funded or what their connections are. I always held them in high esteem. But they blasted an owner for trying to do the right thing because they (the rescue) didnt' believe it was the right thing. The owners were planning to euthanize their animal because of health issues that they couldn't afford (or so I'm guessing). The owner wasn't looking to dump the pet at another rescue or shelter and burdening another overwhelmed system, expecting someone else to foot the bill. They were trying to do right. And yet this rescue blasted them. I've seen it in another rescue as well and I just don't get it. Why are they blasting owners for trying to do right even though you don't agree with it?

I don't get it. You're damned if you do, damned if you don't. Here this rescue is attacking these owners for trying to do right yet I'm faced with an owner dumping a horse with whoever because they don't want to incur any more costs because the animal can't make them money. What's wrong with this world?

No one wants to play god but doing the right thing for the health and welfare of the animal has to come first. If you can't afford the costs for their medial issues, there's only one or two options. The owners didn't want to burden anyone else. They were trying to do right. And it probably wasn't all just money. Timing probably plaid a part. Trying to give medication twice a day isn't easy. Hell, I have a hard time getting out to do chores every day at the same time.

Does that make me a bad owner? Am I wrong for euthanizing a horse because of aggression due to health issues? Am I wrong to put us beyond our budget to try and save a horse because we could "try" a new procedure to keep them alive for just a little the risk of making the other horses suffer?

I guess I am a bad owner. Because I put the well-being of the animal first, but I also take into consideration the well-being and health of the other animals in my care. It all has to balance out.

I don't know. I thought we were all in it together. Here to protect and provide not bash people. Now, don't get me wrong. There are some owners that shouldn't be owners. They should be wrapped up with fines and jail time but I thought as rescues and sanctuaries that we were all fighting the same cause. I know we all have our own opinions but there HAS to be reality to what we are doing. I don't know. I'm just confused and grumpy with the world these days.

I can't make ends meet and yet I'm asked countlessly to take in more horses. And yet I'm the bad guy when I have to say no. I hate saying no because I KNOW what's going to happen. So even though I'm not the one sealing that animal's fate, the owners are...and blaming me. Those are the owners I don't like.

I'm sure I don't make sense. And this is all garbl-de-gook. But I guess that's what my mind is thinking. ... garbl-de-gook because I'm too angry to make sense with what is going on in the world.

i'll stop venting now before I really get into it.  I just think we are damned if we do, damned if we don't.

Friday, July 15, 2016

Happy Friday

Happy Friday!
Ivan and Maverick from last summer

Beside Myself with Fury

I am just about sick, and beside myself. I'm not sure how much I can share but I'm beyond words. I was on our local classifieds and noticed a horse for sale from a local flipper. The information about this horse made me realize that this horse came from the same place that is asking us to take in that older mare who is pasture sound only (and a pasture sound 3 year old). I'm worried that if we don't take her (and can't come up with the funds to do so), that she'll end up either with a horse trader/flipper or auction. Either way, being that she's only pasture sound and old, her fate isn't very good if we don't take her...unless there's someone out there wanting a pasture buddy.

So I'm worried. I'm sick. I'm down right shaking. I'm angry at the person who is doing this because they brag about how they are helping horses get a second chance.  How can it be a second chance when they use them and then toss them aside when they no longer fit the purpose they were intended for.. and worse, sell/give to a horse trader.

I'm just sick with worry.

I'm not trying to pull the whole "the truck is coming" act. I know what we can do and right now we can't do anything. I just don't understand how someone can do such a thing to another living being. I see cruelty often but I'm always shocked by it. So this isn't my plug for "the truck is coming" but I wanted to let everyone know. When one spot opens to save a horse, another fills it...unfortunately the person asking us to take this mare is filling those "spots". I'm disgusted and sick to my stomach. I better not say anything more.

Thursday, July 14, 2016

Hotter Weather Coming

It looks like the gorgeous 70 degree weather is going to be pushed out in the next day or so. Then we are going to start seeing hotter temperatures. I worry that the hotter temps take a big toll on the horses. I know Rain is very susceptible to any change in weather. 70 degree weather is perfect for him. After that, he's standing in the run in shed off the barn to either stay warm or stay cool. That boy needs a bigger wardrobe for each season in South Dakota. I'm also worried about Skippy. He's still not completely shed out from his winter coat. I'm debating on clipping him but I've never clipped him before and dont' expect it to go well.

I'm still so far behind in everything that needs to be done. With the hotter temperatures, I'm not sure if anything will get done other than spending enough time outside to make sure that the water tanks are full of fresh, clean water and applying flyspray.

I need to find UV rated fly masks for both Rabbit and Jim. Jim's eye lids are starting to swell and Rabbit's eyes are starting to weep. Neither has the same issue. It does make life interesting to always be dealing with such a vast array of ailments. I'd like to try UV protected fly masks to see if that would help. We normally just use Farnam fly masks but with their constant eye issues in the summer, I want to try something different.

I got a report on Lace and Junior. Sounds like they haven't moved very far. They stuck fairly close to the barn and didn't lift their heads. As Mom said, they are learning that when people come around, it doesn't mean that they need to do something. Although you'd think Junior would know that by now. but I suppose I do ask him to get a halter on, move here, move there, etc. And Lace hasnt' really had much interaction. I wanted to give her enough time to let down and just relax before asking her anything so there wasnt' that much interaction. She was just so angry when she got here. But it's good that they are up in their summer pasture. I'm planning on hauling Brego up on Sunday. They will be there until the end of July and then need to pull them off so that we can use the pasture again this fall. I want to get Junior, Brego, and Lace primed for winter (fat and sassy). I'd love to take Bo up but he's too pushy and has no ground manners. If I get pushed and possibly hurt by Bo, that's one thing. If someone else gets hurt, that's another.

I'm not sure what all will get done this weekend. It's sort of hard to juggle kids, horses, and outside building maintenance. I may have to call in a favor so I can work as furiously as possible in the hour or two I have to get a project at least started. Although I have two or three projects started already .

I really do need help in getting some stuff done. Anyone want to help?

We need fencing, scraping, painting, building repairs, blankets washed, repaired, water proofed, and itemized/labeled for each horse, tack room reorganized, hay shed cleaned out, alfalfa bales unloaded, spraying, mowing, barn stalls cleaned. I'm sure there is more but that's what I came up with just off the top of my head. It's all stuff that I have to do and without help, I'm not going to be able to get it all done. Anyone want to help? Even for just a half an hour? Any chance I can bribe you with food?

Sponsor a new Horse

We were asked to take in two horses. Unfortunately one doesn't fit our criteria but the other one does. She's a 23-24 year old paso fino mare who is now pasture sound only. I don't know anything more about her but she's coming from a youth camp so I'm sure she's done her fair share of riding (and probably making babies).

I'd love to offer her a home but I'm tapped out financially. I'm struggling to figure out how to pay for last year's hay, let alone this year's hay.

If we were to bring her in, she'd need a sponsor. I'd like to put her sponsorship at $100 a month but I know that's a bit too steep for some. If we could do $50 a month, I'd be inclined to take her in. We also need to ensure she has hay for this winter. We'll need 7-8 round bales of hay. Hay is going to cost us $70 a bale this year. We are going with a different hay supplier so know up front the cost. (Part of the problem with our hay situation at the moment.)

So gang, what do we do? Can we rally and give this old girl a permanent retirement home where she can relax, let down, and put up her hooves?

I know nothing about her. I don't know if she's an easy keeper or a hard keeper, if she's low on the totem pole or if she's boss mare. After watching Lace come down and relax over the past six months, I've really come to enjoy her company. I think it's a mare thing. I'd REALLY like to offer this old gal a home to call her own during her golden years.

Can you help her?

Throwback Thursday

Our Throwback Thursday picture is from almost a year ago. Ivan was just chilling enjoying a little bit of summer breeze.

Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Savanna Update

Check this out!!! It's Savanna...who we rescued from auction emaciated and pregnant with a yearling by her side...

Look at her now!

A lot has changed from that first day in April.

Wishlist Wednesday

Junior grazing last fall

Our Wishlist Wednesday request is for volunteers to help us rebuild the roof of the run in shed for the horses. A few years back we missed a tornado by a half mile but that tornado did damage around the place. We didn't properly secure the roof down with hurricane straps (we don't have hurricanes in South Dakota so why do we need them). Well, we need hurricane straps for tornados.

The tornado just ripped the roof off and flipped it over. But it was too heavy to just lift back up so we dismantled the roof and took an inventory of what we need to rebuy. For the most part everything is in tack and all we'll have to do is add a board here and there for additional support.

Even if you arent' good with a hammer, we could still use volunteers for moral support and as gophers....go for this, go for that. :-) We just need a little push to actually get it done.

The horses used to stand in the run in shed but without a roof, they only hang out in it when there's a strong wind, and even then, they prefer to cram into the run in shed off the barn. If we had a roof,
I know Brego and Ivan would hang out in the other run in shed instead.

So, who's up for a little bit of fresh air and physical work?

Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Hauling Horses

I made a quick run up to Madison and dropped Lace and Junior off to enjoy their summer vacation. I had a bit of empty nest feeling though when I drove away. Both of them are really good people horses. But I was feeling a bit blue last night too and was really missing Queen.

Junior told me the  night before that he thought I should be around more. And then what do I do, take him to Madison where he won't see me for about three weeks. But hopefully he'll gain a bit more weight on that lush pasture.

Lace was definitely hauled in her younger years. I took the stock trailer because I was running out of time and daylight. When I went to take her out, she decided she would back out. How awesome is that?!!? She's 21ish years old and she still refuses to turn around. She's definitely been someone's horse. I need to do some investigating to find out her history... not that it really matters but it's fun to find out.

I wish I could have taken Bo because he's not gaining weight like I'd hoped. I was planning on taking Brego but he was already out in the pasture and it was after 9pm when I finally left the Sanctuary. By the time I finally got home, trailer unhooked, and truck parked it was 11:30pm. But Lace and Junior had already settled in to their new summer pasture. I don't think they picked their heads up after we put them in their pen.

They will only be in Madison for three weeks and then I'll pick them up around the first of August. I don't want to over graze the Madison pasture. It only holds two horses for a month but it's good, lush pasture so it'll help Junior out this fall and either Lace or Brego. Lace is turning into a hard keeper as well. I have no idea how they ever thought she could have another baby when she's a bit on the ribby side for just being on pasture.. I can't imagine what a baby would do to her. So we'll see what three weeks does for her and if she perks up, we'll take her back to Madison this fall for a final hurrah to get more weight before winter....

winter... I shouldn't even be thinking about it yet.

Test Your Deworming IQ

I was hooked when I saw that headline in my I took the Deworming quiz. I passed but not with 100%.

See if you can pass the test.

Senior Tip Tuesday

I'm going to try a new thing. We'll see how it goes. I'm not out there in the world like I'd like but I do get asked questions about senior care. Mostly it's how to put weight back on a horse. But with every senior horse, there's health ailments. In reality, those ailments could come at any time, not just at the geriatric stage of life.

But I'd like to provide a helpful hint or some words of encouragement every week for those caring for their senior equines through their golden years. I'm sure you could find the information anywhere but want to try and provide some help.

Tip #1
The point at which a horse becomes "geriatric" and in need of additional care is as individual as the entryway to "elderly" for people. Treat each senior horse as an individual, cater to his/her specific needs as they appear, and avoid lumping him/her into a generalized age group based solely on his chronological age.

Friday, July 8, 2016

Happy Friday

Maverick wanted to wish everyone a Happy Friday!
(ok so it's an old picture but he still wanted to say HI!)

Thursday, July 7, 2016

Throwback Thursday (and more)

Finally getting back to our weekly Throwback Thursday #TBT.

This is from last week before I put Lace and Mayhem in with Rabbit and Junior. I was a little nervous that Lace would do some kicking at Rabbit or Junior (neither of which can handle a blow or move fast enough to get out of the way). But I never saw any kicking. In fact, just the other day I saw them all standing together in the shade by the red shed. It made me smile. Mayhem was in between Rabbit and Lace and Junior was on the far side. But Junior is a soft soul and really doesn't like more than one or two horses around him. Being in a herd of four makes him uncomfortable. But Mayhem is now hanging out with Lace and Junior is hanging out with Rabbit so all is good.

Friday I plan to haul Junior, Lace, and Brego to Madison so they can get some better pasture time. I should probably take Rabbit so that she doesn't have to deal with the hill but I need to get some of the harder keepers up to Madison so they can eat the better grass. That way it'll help take some pressure off the pastures as well. Four horses on the little pasture won't hold out for very long... and the big pasture isnt' divided like it needs to be so we are going to have problems in another month or so.

Lace is finally letting down. When we first got her I couldn't put her in with anyone because she'd kick at them. She still chases the ponies (but I think she does that just because she can...Rabbit does the same thing). So I think Lace has finally let down from her past ordeals. She was bounced around for a little bit before we got her. Her previous owner had her only for 2.5 months and I think the owner before that had her for two years? I don't think that Lace does well with change. I think moving from one pasture to another and keeping at least one or two herd mates the same isnt' a big deal but uprooting and having to make new friends everywhere is too hard on the old girl.

I really want ot start focusing on these old broodmares. It's such a shame to see these older broodmares go into the slaughter pipeline after they've served for years making babies (and possibly having a career before that even). I'm still brainstorming ideas for these old broodmares but I'll come up with something. If you have ideas, I'd love to hear them.

Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Old Wives Tale and Locus

Have you ever heard the old wives tale about the locus/katydids?

When the locus/katydids start singing, count 60 days and we'll have the first hard frost. The old wives tale about fog only works when we are in an El Nino pattern but I'm not sure if that's the same for the locus. I was a little shocked to hear them last night. I didn't expect to hear them for another couple of weeks. We are just now finally getting into full swing summer and now I have to switch gears and start thinking winter.

Bluck to winter. I'm not ready.

I need help getting a TON of stuff done before fall sets in (let alone winter).

So if it's true and we do get a hard from 60 days from yesterday, we'll be looking at September 2nd. That seems awfully early but hey...what do I know?

Wishlist Wednesday

Wishlist Wednesdays are back! We have so many items that we desperately need at the Sanctuary. Every little bit counts.

We wish for small squares of hay (or hay of any size, shape, etc.). It's haying season and we are starting to see hay piling up. Gorgeous, beautiful hay that the horses could eat. We would love to have 100 small squares of hay in the hay barn, or 30 small round bales of hay sitting in the yard to get us through on the "off" season when the horses aren't on pasture 24x7...or when we are in a pinch when the pastures start to dry up.

You'd be amazed at how far a few bales of hay can go.

Tuesday, July 5, 2016

All Creatures Deserve Love

Definitely an article to share...focuses on the older horses (and focused on two old draft horses who worked their entire lives!)

If you believe all creatures, no matter their age, deserve love, share this story and help Sanctuaries that protect and preserve the old.

Happy 4th of July

Hope everyone had a happy 4th of July! We spent the weekend enjoying some much needed down time and enjoying family quality time.

Will post more soon but wanted to say Happy 4th of July (a day late).

Friday, July 1, 2016

Second Half

Holy smokes, were did the first part of 2016 go? It's been a crazy few months and I'm going to do my best at getting back to giving you updates on what's going on around the Sanctuary. It's pretty quiet these days and I don't get to spend as much time with the horses but I still want to give updates and post more pictures.

I was going through pictures on my phone and realized that a year ago I was pregnant and starting to feel the strain of it all. Now I'm still stressed out with everything going on but I have a very mobile 10 month old. Crazy how time flies.

The last few days have been cooler so the horses aren't as crabby. Thank goodness! I need to get back to medicating Rabbit every day. Mike left for work this morning and noticed that Rabbit was lying down. It was in a spot where he wasnt' sure if she was lying down because she wanted to or if she'd fallen and couldn't get back up. She was half way facing the upside of the hill. He didn't want her to be cast so called and let me know. Luckily I was working from home at the paying job so I trotted on out. She was just relaxing and got up when I approached. She's getting stiff but I think this pasture isnt' helping her much. There's a steep hill she has to climb if she wants to enjoy some of the more lush grasses. But I don't have any other options unless I haul her up to my parents. But I want to haul Junior and Brego up because they need the additional weight and they have a pasture that hasnt' been grazed since last September so it's fairly lush and rich...and perfect of horses who can't keep weight on. I'd prefer to haul Bo up but he has no ground manners so I won't subject mom and dad to that.

I'm going to be playing musical pens this weekend. Once I pull Junior out, I'll add Lace and Mayhem in with Rabbit. Hopefully Lace behaves herself. She's really mellowed out over the past six months. She was SO angry when we first got her. But she's come around. I think being near the geldings has really helped. If she is mean to Rabbit, I'll have to consider putting her in with the big herd and pulling King out. I'm going to keep my fingers crossed that we can look at dividing the big pasture during the long weekend. But that also means I have to pull King out because he does not respect electric fence. But that also means having to feed him hay. But I already feed the ponies hay so I guess it's no different...just costs more.

I may try to put up a few temporary fences (i.e., corral panels) to keep King in if I do decide I don't want to throw hay. Unless I want to use electric, I'm out of places to put horses temporarily for grazing. There's one other spot I'd like to try but I'm not going to push my luck because it's too close to the road. I would LOVE to put up some nicer fences so then I can look at expanding my temporary grazing options.

There's been a little bit of progress going on at the Sanctuary. Dad sprayed the thistles. I'm not sure which ones he went after or if they will even die but at least it's something. I'm going to go after the burdock so I don't have to deal with cockleburs in the very near future. There's just so much that has to be done. Luckily the days are still fairly long and I can sneak out after the kids go to bed.

We are also getting progress in our house. Hopefully with the remodel in full swing, we'll be able to get it done soon and I can have at least one massive chaos completed. I  need less chaos to function apparently.

I need to get blankets washed, repaired, and waterproofed. Anyone want to help me? I don't want to do it when its' too stinking hot but I want to get it done so I can take an inventory and see what we need. We don't have blankets enough this winter for everyone.

And I was right. "That time of year" is almost here. I got asked again last night if I wanted to take another horse. This is the second time this week that I was asked. So the real need is just around the corner. Does anyone want to help? Does anyone want to sponsor a horse? Even $10 a month goes a LONG way in helping sponsor a horse!

Here's to an amazing and super busy second half of the year!

Happy Friday

Happy Friday Everyone!
June was a crazy month. I have no idea where it went to. But hopefully I am back and can be in full swing. It's already July 1st! How can that be?! It should be May 1st! There's a lot to get done this month. I'm behind by three months apparently and there's plenty to do. So if you are bored, let me know and I'll put you to work. There's something for everyone (and you don't even have to be local to help!)

I'm hoping to post more this month but on the off chance I don't post over the long holiday weekend, I want to wish everyone a Happy Fourth of July!

Check back soon, there will be a newsletter coming!
Junior enjoying the pasture this morning (yes a current picture!!!)