Thursday, September 27, 2012

Hauling Hay

I realize I haven't posted much lately and especially haven't posted any pictures lately. So I decided I'd post a few pictures. A week or so after our little boy was born, we were still in search of hay. Mike was able to find a guy selling hay not far from my parents. So Mike made arrangements to pick up the hay. I couldn't go with but luckily we have amazing friends who were willing to spend the day hauling hay and using their truck. I am always humbled by the generosity of our friends. 

I'll leave you with just a few pictures that Mike took while hauling hay.

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Bo's Prognosis

The vet came out this morning to take a look at Bo. The prognosis is guarded at this time. I don't really know what to think. Poor Bo has been through so much. His system was compromised from being starved. In the last two months while I was in the hospital and unable to get out to even look at the horses, Bo's weight dropped. We'll work on getting his weight up.

The vet figures that Bo has a chip in his knee and that there is definite arthritis. I know that before he came to us, that he was ridden on the ice and went down. So I'm guessing that's where the chip came from and the arthritis is an aftermath of the chip.

The vet drew blood and we are in a "wait and see" mode until we hear back. The vet is figuring that it's either EPM or West Nile. The West Nile test goes to Brookings and the EPM test goes to Kentucky. There's really no way to treat the West Nile but the EPM treatment is pretty intense. I'm afraid it's EPM. It's just a feeling I have.

It's not just lameness, it's nerilogical. I'm hoping that whatever it is, that its' treateable. But if Bo is to remain in this condition even after treatment, we are going to think of the alternative. It's a sucky situation. He's still so young (only 11 years old) and he's been through so much. But we also need to be prepared for the worst.

When I hear something more, I'll post. Our luck seems to be failing as of late. Bo's condition on top of losing both Thor and Queen is a bit hard on my heart (and on my bank account).

Friday, September 21, 2012


My little Garrett Bear is sleeping so we'll see how long I can write before he wakes up. I lose track of time with an infant in the house.

Last weekend Dad and Mike We moved the horses around at the neighbor's. I figured that where they were at this time, that it would only hold for a week. Mike, Garrett, and I walked the pasture last night and it looks like it'll hold for another week! YAHOOOOO! The longer we can keep them on pasture the better. They are all looking really fat and sassy. Mike was carrying Garrett and Maverick wouldn't leave those two alone. I think Maverick is bored but I'm still out of commission for riding. Heck, I'm still out of commission for throwing hay. I'm passed the four weeks of not lifting more than 15 pounds but after an hour of being outside I'm one hurting girl. Gotta take it easy so that when serious chores set it, I can be the one out there.

I have to call the vet soon. Bo is lame. I can't figure out where. I've checked his hoof and there's no absess. I think it is up in his muscle somewhere. He's been off on that left front for quite some time now I hate to admit. But these last two months have been absolutely insane. I have either been too far along pregnant, stuck in the hospital, too sick, or exhausted to do much but make sure Mike is following instructions.

Babe and Bo are on my watch list. I need to start uping their intake of food so that they can put on a little bit more weight before the cold sets in. Some of the horses have already started putting on their winter coats. I'm so not ready yet for winter and dealing with cold and snow. At least Rain is already putting on his winter coat. He's such a "delicate flower" that I have to blanket him whenever it gets really cold. And then there's Maverick who likes to destroy blankets.

Fall is definitely here. I absolutely love fall but hate what follows. If we could just move from fall to spring, I'd be one happy camper. We have so much that has to be done still and I don't know how we are going to get it all done. Mike has been doing my chores now for two months and it looks like it'll be another month before I can really be out doing the same old things I used to do. We have some serious fencing that we need to do and I don't know how to get it done. A dead tree fell down on the drylot fence and took it completely down. The only saving grace is that I already put up some temporary electric fence although what good that's doing I don't know. We also have to do some serious fencing in the mare pasture. We have temporary fencing up right now and it won't last if we get kind of snow.

Babe is doing alright. I need to get Bo in with her but again, we have major fencing to do. We had to wire the gate shut and I can't lift the gate without help. So he's been alone or the past week and a half which breaks my heart. I want Bo in with her so that he can recover from whatever is going on with his leg and I know he won't push her around like Jim or Zeke.

Well, looks like my quiet time is up. Little Garrett Bear is waking up from his nap. I'll try to post more later but we'll see.

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Goodbye Queen and Thor

Today we lost Queen and Thor. It's so hard saying goodbye but sometimes doing the right thing is hard. I will always be dumbfounded on those who decide to sell at an auction or let stand in a pasture instead of doing the right thing.

We had Queen for five years. I remember the day we brought her home. I will cherish those memories of her being here. But what do I do now? I lost the horse that I turn to when I'm upset. I lost the horse that tries to console me. She was always the "grandma or mom" type. Someone who would try to make things better even if it was just a touch. I will miss her more than I realize.

We had Thor for two years and was always the protector. Even in death, Thor was a protector. When we lost Joe two years ago, I put Thor in with Babe and Queen in hopes that Thor would protect Babe. Instead Thor decided to protect Queen. I put Queen in with Babe and Thor this past week. I think Thor was the happiest he's been to have his Queen back.

Queen and Thor went swiftly. In typical Thor fashion, Thor had to protect Queen until his last breath. We laid him down and he rested his head on Queen's hooves. Always the protector, even in death.

I will miss those two. My thoughts must now focus on Babe. She is alone in the blind pen. I am thinking I'll move Bo over so that she's not alone. That way I can grain both of them without worry of someone else snitching from their dishes. Babe is now the oldest horse at Borderlands, at the age of 30.

It has been a long and emotionally exhausting day. Sanctuary life never gets easier nor will I ever numb to the loss of a family member. But I wouldn't trade my life for anything. I'd rather my heart were scattered into ten thousand pieces than to have a whole heart. Because those ten thousand pieces would be going with each soul I ever touched.

I'll be looking for a sign in the sky these next couple of nights to know you made it to where you are going. May we meet again some day.

Monday, September 10, 2012


The little Garrett Bear is sleeping so I thought I could post really quick.

Fall is definitely here. I love listening to the wind blow through the corn, the crisp evenings, and the geese flying overhead. The only downfall is knowing that fall is already here and that winter will be here in no time. I lost two months this year. I normally say that I am two months behind but I literally lost two months. July was so hot and I was eight months pregnant I couldn't do anything except stay inside on the couch. I also lost all of August. After spending a week at the hospital and now being forced to do nothing for four weeks (doctor's orders), I lost all of August too. I'm slowly getting better but I'll be no where near 100% for another few weeks. The doctors are figuring it'll take at least eight weeks for me to recover from my emergency surgery. So poor Mike will continue to do mychores for me because I can't lift, push, or drag much of anything.

I'm ignoring what is coming tomorrow. I had hoped with the new hay that Queen and Thor would put on a little bit of weight but I think they've lost even more weight. I know it's time, in fact it's beyond time. I should have put them down the first of July instead of the first part of September. I know that I wont' be able to keep it together tomorrow and if I even think about it the water works start.

I am now trying to figure out where everyone will be going for the winter. It's a new herd dynamic once Thor and Queen are gone. I have to figure out who will go where. I also have to figure out some fencing too. Last year everything went to pot and I've been too pregnant all summer to do anything with the fencing this year. So now we are going to be in a mad dash to get a few things done. I had a temporary fence up in the drylot because the permanent fence is just that bad. It's a good thing because a dead tree fell down and took a good portion of the permanent fence down. Hopefully the weather will hold long enough to get something figured out.

I do have a feeling that winter will be here earlier than expected. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that I'm wrong.

The big herd (well, the five) are still at the neighbor's. I'm hoping to keep them over there until the end of september. If we get rain, I might be able to keep them over there longer but it'll depend on the grass and when hunting season starts. Our pasture is gone and I'm keeping everyone off of it until next spring but if I can eek out a few more days at the neighbor's, I'll do it.

Dude and King are doing really well at mom and dad's. I think they even picked up more weight. Guess I should have hauled Zeke and Bo up there instead but I guess that's all in hind sight. I'm hoping to keep Dude and King at mom and dad's for a few more weeks. The pasture seems to be holding up better than ours but they got a bit more rain than we did. Amazing that we are only 30 miles apart but that 30 miles makes a big difference.

The ponies were on pasture but that's all dried up. But they have some extra weight on them so all is good. To make chores easier on Mike until I can get back to doing them, we pushed round bales in for Zeke, Bo, and Jim. They seem to enjoy the free buffet.

I'm going to have to start feeding Babe alfalfa. Now that I can actually go outside for about a half an hour, I realized I need to increase her food intake. Babe is such a tough cookie, I expect she'll just keep her head in the food until next spring!

I'm not sure that I'll post much the rest of the week. Losing Queen and Thor is going to be excruciatingly painful. I don't want to bring anyone down, so if I don't post, it's because I don't want to be negative..

Go and hug your family and tell them that you love them. Each day is precious and each moment is precious.

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Saying Goodbye

It's been a rough day. I did what I've been dreading. I called the vet to schedule an appointment for Queen and Thor. I know it has to be done but it's still so excrutatingly painful. This is the part of sanctuary life that I hate. The appointment is scheduled for next Tuesday at 10am unless the vet has to push me off until the afternoon.

I'm going to lose my comfort horse, the one who tries her very best to try and comfort me when I'm upset. I've had a rough day today but I don't want to hang on her neck and cry into her thin mane. I don't want her to think that there is anything wrong unless it would make her feel better.

I'll probably not post much more this week.

Sunday, September 2, 2012

Savanna and Jett Update

Those ladies at Gentle Spirits Horse Rescue and Sanctuary sure do know how to make my heart sing! They just posted a picture of Savanna. We rescued Savanna in April 2011 along with her crippled yearling filly. Little did we know, that Savanna would give birth to a little colt a few weeks later.

I wasn't even sure Savanna was going to make it at first. She was so thin and then giving birth to a little stud colt, I didn't know if either would make it. But take a look at Savanna now!

Savanna is the image of care and love. It sounds like she's no longer a standoffish mare and no longer cribs! What an amazing feat for Gentle Spirits and her new owner. I can't say enough about either. I am so impressed and pleased.  Please read more about Savanna at:

Just the other day, Savanna's colt who was adopted by a  long time supporter posted a picture of Jett (formerly Sir Prize). He's only a year old but Jett has come a long way. He's already learning about the saddle so when it comes time to actually train him to ride, he'll be well adjusted.

Had we not been there, who knows what would have happened to these two. I feel terrible that Savanna's yearling foal didn't get the same opportunity. She was crippled and the pain was causing her to become aggressive. To be fair to all, she was euthanized to save her from any more suffering.

But it brings me great joy to see that these two horses are flourishing in their new homes. It always amazes me at how just a little bit of time, patience, love, and education can go so far in bringing around the best in someone. I am really impressed by what Gentle Spirits, Savanna's new owner, and Jett's new owner have done for these two beauties. I am deeply honored that we could play a small part in these two horses' lives.