Borderlands Horse Sanctuary hosts two or three small fundraisers every year to help with the constant hay fund. The following are just a few of the fundraisers that the Sanctuary has hosted.

February 2016
Light the Night
Borderlands staff lite luminaries in honor or remembrance of loved ones. A ribbon with a name was tied to each luminary to indicate if it was in honor or remembrance. People donated $5 per luminary and all proceeds went to purchase grain for the hard keepers (Bo and Junior).

The luminaries were lite and placed into a cross shape. We also have aerial photos of the luminaries.

Luminaries at dusk

Where's Skippy
Every month in 2016 starting in February, Skippy, will go on travel. Skippy will post pictures of his adventures on Facebook and people can guess where he's at. At the end of his adventures, everyone who guessed where Skippy was at during his adventures will be placed into a drawing. The person to win each month will be put into a drawing in December for a prize (prize is TBD).
(You may ask, "Why is there such a large gap with no events for the entire 2015 year?" That's because we were blessed with a beautiful, healthy baby girl and focused our attention on family (both two-legged and four-legged).

November 2014
Thankful Challenge
Thankful Challenge. For each day in November, Sanctuary staff wrote something that we were thankful for.

October 2014
We held our second playday and had a great success. This was our first time hosting the playday at Stevers' arena and hope to have another playday at the same location.

October 2014
#NPCommPix Challenge
Participated in the #NPCommPix Challenge. Hosted by BC/DC Ideas, we posted a daily picture based on the "word of the day".

September 2014
Where's Skippy
Skippy went on a trip around the world. Skippy posted pictures for every location and had people guess where he was at. At the end of his vacation, all of the people who guessed were entered to win a horse hair keychain ring from Skippy.

April 2014
Easter Fundraiser
For Easter, the Sanctuary hosted an Easter fundraiser where people bid on Easter baskets during the silent auction, went on an Easter egg hunt, and had pictures taken with the Easter bunny.

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