Thursday, December 31, 2009

Happy New Year

The herd is all tucked away in their nice warm stalls to ward against the below zero temps. There's no better way to celebrate the new year than to know you are loved.


The Borderland Herd would like to wish you a very safe and happy new year! May 2010 be filled with great, new adventures and excitement every day.

King, Dude, Chaos, Rain, and Sam

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Farmers Almanac

I think the Farmer's Almanac was right; frigid with lots of snow. Looks like I'll be spending all of my extra time making sure that the horses of Borderland are warm. It sure looks like the first day of 2010 is going to be darn cold.

I was naughty and left the horses out last night even though they were calling for below zero temps. I need time to dig gates open so that I can actually let the horses out of their pens/pastures. I need to dig out barn doors so they actually open.

I guess I should have paid more attention to the Farmers Almanac and prepared for this winter. Maybe next year!

Returning to Silence

This morning I woke to an almost full moon. If I remember correctly, we are to have a "blue moon" on December 31st. Well this morning as I was out doing chores, the moon went from bright white to a beautiful orange, setting over the house. The moon definately made being out in below zero temps barable.

With the 1 1/2 feet of snow and now the below zero temps, I have been struggling to do anything more than bare minimum of chores. Add to that returning to crappy work and now dealing with personal issues I may not blog very much over the next few days.

I can only hope that 2010 brings me more joy than this year and that there will be more improvements in the coming year. I'd rather not bring everyone down by my foul mood so if I dont' post much over the next few days/weeks, it's not because there aren't a million things to talk about, it's simply because I dont' want to inflict my mood on others.

Driving home from vacation back in August. We were only a few miles from home when this rainbow appeared. Oh how I wish for green pastures again.

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Merry Christmas

From my herd to yours, Merry Christmas.

Sam and Rain

May you be blessed with good tidings and cheer. Merry Christmas.

Although the Weather Outside is Frightful...

I don't remember how the rest of the song goes! But you get my drift. I'm not sure if we are in a blizzard warning yet or not. But it sure is blustery out there right now.

I was smart this afternoon and got the barn and stalls ready long before chore time. So when chore time rolled around (and the real storm was starting up), I didn't have to spend hours outside fighting unhappy horses.

All of the horses are either tucked away in their stalls or safely in their runins. I think we were up to about a foot of snow when we came in from doing chores. I could be wrong. The wind makes it very deceiving. We do have a couple of three to four foot drifts. Some of the drifts were up past my knees; granted I'm only 5foot 3inches but still...a big snow drift is a big snow drift.

This pic was taking at the end of May, a far cry from the blizzard like conditions outside right now.

I did take a few quick pic this afternoon of the storm just starting to brew. I didn't get any pics tonight of Mike on the tractor pushing snow. This storm is said to last until Saturday. I'm hoping it peters out sooner than that!

Not much more to tell other than the standard chores and throwing all that I can into stalls to keep them out of the bad weather, especially since they are talking -15 degrees below zero wind chills all the way down to -27 degrees below zero wind chills. This storm can pass in a hurry.

If you don't hear from me in the next day or so, it's only because I'm out doing chores making sure everyone is happy and fed.

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Preparing for the Storm

In preparation for this massive storm (so the weathermen keep reporting), I took some extra time last night to get stalls ready. There's still a little bit of work to be done tonight to ensure that everyone is tucked away safe and sound. But the majority of the work is done.

I'm keeping my fingers crossed that it won't be as bad as they keep predicting. I keep thinking of all those horses out there stuck in this storm. Maybe I just like to pamper my "kids" a little bit but I do want to make sure they are fat and happy. And by the looks of them, they MUST be happy because they are FAT!

We ran in to TSC earlier this week since I'm running low on beet pulp. Just my luck TSC is out and won't get any until sometime next week. So I'm trying to come up with a different grain mash concoction for Sam. He has picked up a bit of weight but I want him to have more. I guess from now on I'll pick up more than one bag at a time of beet pulp!

I'm sort of hoping that the weather will be bad enough that they will close down work. I don't want to kick the horses out first thing in the morning. It's always so hard on them to take them out of their nice dry stalls and put them into cold, dark, wet pasture.

Maybe over Christmas I'll be able to post some more pictures. I keep meaning to blog about all our hay adventures. I have pics to prove they are adventures too! Until then I guess I'll keep an eye to the sky and wish you all a very Merry Christmas. Hope Santa makes a stop at your barn to give your horses a christmas present.

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Once in a Quarter Century Storm Moving In

Think I better get the horses of Borderlands prepared for this doozy of a storm!

From the National Weather Service (excuse the all caps, that's how the site provides the info):












If you are going to be out and about for the next two days, please take precautions. If you are planning on staying home, please make sure to get your animals prepared for this storm. It's just as hard on them as it is on you.

Lots of Snow on the Way

It looks like we are in for a pretty big storm for Christmas. Luckily we are staying at Borderlands. Now I just need to make sure everyone can be tucked into a nice dry stall or runin.

From Kelo:

Sioux Falls Could See 12-18 Inches Of Snow

Winter storm warnings are now in effect for many areas, including Sioux Falls. If you are not in a warning, your area is most likely under a winter storm watch. This storm has the potential to produce 12-18” of snow in the Sioux Falls area, the strongest storm in years. [See snowfall forecast map]Areas of flurries and freezing drizzle possible. Roads are slick in many areas due to yesterday’s snow and light freezing rain. Dense fog is also a problem in south central and southwest South Dakota. Highs will be in the 20s.

Tuesday Night
Mostly cloudy skies, light snow developing with lows in the mid teens to lower 20s.
More areas of snow will develop. Heavy snow will wait until Wednesday night and Thursday. Snowfall of 1-3” will be possible by Wednesday evening as the wind increases from the northeast at 15-30mph.
Christmas Eve
Heavy snow is likely in most areas. The heaviest is expected in southeastern KELOLAND. Ice and sleet will also be possible in northwest Iowa, with significant ice possible from Sioux City to Spencer, Iowa, through early Thursday morning. Winds will increase into the evening.
Christmas Day
More snow and very strong winds are likely. Blizzard or near blizzard conditions will be likely in southeast South Dakota and parts of northwest Iowa and southwest Minnesota. Blowing snow will be likely all the way to the Black Hills. Travel will become nearly impossible in some areas affected by the blizzard. Sioux Falls will see 12-18" or more of snow.

Monday, December 21, 2009

Storm for Christmas

Looks like Santa will be flying through some nasty weather:

Winter Storm Forecast
Light snow and dense fog are the first things we are watching in the weather today. Fog has reduced visibilities down to ¼ mile or less in many areas from Sioux Falls and points north and west. Temperatures will hold in the mid 20s today as snow develops during the day. Areas south of I-90 in SE KELOLAND could also see a light icy mix today. By tonight, snowfall totals of 1-3” will be common, with the heaviest totals in parts of southwest Minnesota. Tuesday will be cloudy with flurries in the north and freezing drizzle in the south and southeast possible. Then, we’ll watch a major winter storm develop Wednesday through Friday.On Wednesday areas of snow and a strong east wind will likely develop. We are looking at this first piece of energy to drop a few inches of snow, while we await the worst of the storm Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. The storm system will likely track from eastern Oklahoma into central Missouri and eventually eastern Iowa and Wisconsin. A blizzard will be likely to the left of the storm track will strong winds and heavy snow, including parts of eastern South Dakota. If you are planning to travel, keep an eye on the forecast. Travel will likely become very difficult Christmas Eve and Christmas Day in eastern KELOLAND with strong north winds likely.

Sad Realizations

I've come to an uncomfortable conclusion this morning. To make matters worse, I'm realizing it one month to the day that I had to put Bob down.

I had my farrier out on Saturday to trim King and Longhorn. Unfortunately (or possibly fortunately), my farrier didn't have his tools to take care of Longhorn's skis for hooves. We discussed our options and decided to wait until sometime in January before tackling Longhorn's feet.

The farrier said that Longhorn had foundered and that I would have to get him trimmed on a regular basis. I'm not sure how well that will work considering I can't even touch him.

This morning I went out to do morning chores and decided I'd see if Longhorn would be friendly. He came up to me as he has been (looking for treats). But as always he steps far enough away so I can't reach him. This time he was within arm's reach so I slowly reached out to touch his butt and he let out a fast kick.

With Longhorn's founder and his inability to get over being scared/friendly, I'm simply not able to care for him any more. Don't get me wrong, I won't stop feeding him. But I realized this morning that the only option he's left me with is euthinizing.

I doubt that we'll ever be able to trim his feet on a regular basis without having to tranq him every time (if he'll even let me get near him). I can't dump him out into a pasture because I wont' be able to catch him and his founder issues will never be resolved. I can't leave him in his small pen forever. I also can't risk getting hurt or having others get hurt because he's unfriendly. He will kick at anyone that he doesn't like or even people he doesn't mind. With so many other tasks at hand and everything changing, I simply don't know what my other options would be.

I've decided after the holidays to euthinize Longhorn. I'm not really sure how well it will go but I don't know that I have any other options. I'm rather devistated. But I've given Longhorn three months. He's slowly coming around as far as accepting me (by bribing him with treats). But he still won't allow me to touch him without sending out a forceful flying kick that could do some serious damage.

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Sam - pics

The below pictures were taking in September. I was so pleased with how well he was putting on weight just on 24/7 access to pasture. I was also graining him with soaked mash but the access to grass was what really started packing on the weight. Granted he could still gain a few pounds in this picture but I'm afraid it's also age playing into account.

In October Sam had an attack of ulcers along with a very bad horse cold. Unfortunately during that time, Sam lost a LOT of weight. He actually looked worse in October than when I first brought him home. I don't believe Sam will ever be an easy keeper.

I've since started Sam on a different grain diet. Instead of getting soaked sweet feed, I've moved him over to what Bob was on. At first Sam didn't like beet pulp but I think after snitching it from Bob he's acquired a taste for it. I know have Sam on 21 cups of soaked beet pulp with two scoops of soaked senior. Along with that I have him on 9-10 cups of soaked alfalfa pellets and if time permits I give him a sliver of alfalfa.

Sam has picked up weight on that concoction of grain. He's still too thin for my liking. I have him blanketed 24/7 but he's in Bob's old blanket that's 6 inches too big for him. I think for Christmas I'll order him a different blanket and use Bob's blanket as a second layer on those really cold days that we'll get in January and February.

I really hope that by late spring I'll have Sam looking like these pictures again. He's definately got his appetite back and he's always ready for his grain mash and alfalfa. Good ol' Sam. He really is a sweetheart.

More Hay

Just got in from doing chores after a busy weekend. I'm ready to put my feet up and relax. Hopefully I won't fall asleep before I can actually "hit the hay".

Speaking of hay, today we ran up to Wentworth to pick up a load of hay. Buying Jimmy put me over the top on how much hay I would have/need for the winter/spring. We contacted a hay supplier in Wentworth who hooked us up with some hay. It's been a few weeks to coordinate actually getting up there but we were able to get three round bales. The hay guy also had some extra small squares so I went through some of them and packed in as many into the bed of the truck that would fit.

We still need to go back some other time to pick up the other three round bales to get us through the rest of the winter. I'm hoping that my calculations are off and that I'm buying these bales for nothing. But I'd rather be safe than sorry and I'd rather have fat horses going into spring than thin horses. More hay is always better especially if I intend on bringing any more horses home.

So this last load of hay makes Round 4. I'll take pics tomorrow when it's actually light out and at some point and I'll blog about each, since each trip had some type of "adventure" involved.

I also need to blog about Saturday's farrier day. But that will have to wait for another day when I'm not so beat. Until then..... only four more days until Christmas!

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Summer Time Chillin'

Good night for pictures. Sam doesn't look the greatest in the pic. I was still working on getting his weight back up. I did just see a picture of Bob and it made me realize how much I miss the big guy.

Brego, Sam, Rain. and Chaos

Farrier Day Scheduled

My poor farrier. He is a saint to put up with all of my animals. I told him I'd bought a donkey. He asked if I was trying to acquire animals for a nativity scene. :-)

My poor farrier has to deal with everything. He has to deal with Sam the draft, saddle horse with flat feet that require shoes (King), inexperienced horses (Chaos), all the way down to ponies. Now he is going to tackle Longhorn the donkey. I warned him about Longhorn's skis for hooves. My hope was that Longhorn would be friendly by the time I had my poor farrier come out. But it's only been in the last week or so that I've made a break through with Longhorn and that's only because of treats. I think it helps that Jimmy is next to him.

So we have an appointment for this Saturday at 1:30 for my poor farrier to look at King's feet and to trim Longhorn's hooves. We will be tranquilizing Longhorn with Rompum (sp?). It's a fairly hefty duty tranquilizer. I need to call the vet to find out the lead time to make sure that my farrier isn't in the middle of a trim when the tranq wears off. I'm not about to let my farrier get his head knocked off because of one of my animals.

Keep your fingers crossed that all goes well on Saturday.

Winter Blahs have Arrived

I realized I haven't been posting lately. I think it's a combination of things so if you don't see me for awhile, it's not that we aren't busy at Borderlands; it's just that I'm so far behind I have to let something drop.

I think it's a mix of crappy work, constant winter chores, bitter cold temps, and the winter blahs setting in. I typically don't get the winter blues until January or February but they seem to be here sooner than normal. I'm guessing its' because of the constant cold temperatures we've been having.

I'm hoping around Christmas I'll be able to get back into the swing of things and actually start posting more. But if you don't see me, it's not that I'm not busy, it's probably that I'm sound asleep on the couch. :-)

Friday, December 11, 2009

After the Snow Storm

There hasn't been too much going on this past week. It's been so blasted cold that all I do right now are chores. Since the snowstorm Tuesday I've been pulling Babe, Queen, Sam, Zeke, and Rain into the barn. The weatherman isn't calling for below zero temps until Monday. I'm going to leave Rain and Zeke out of the barn tonight but put the mares and Sam back in. That way I don't have to rush them through their supper.

For the past two days with the cold temps, I'd left the ponies in their stall in the hay shed. I also pulled Maverick so he wouldn't have to stand in the cold. This was the first time he'd had interaction with the ponies. I think Tommy was putting him in his place. It was rather fun to watch.

Since I didn't have any place to put the ponies I left them in their stall (but gave them the run of an extra temporary stall that I put up to give them more room. Apparently ponies can only be in that stall for two days. After the second day they start destroying things. They some how managed to pull a bucket full of tools into their pen. Of course I didn't realize what they had done until it was chore time so I couldn't leave them in their stall. It also meant that last night Maverick had to stay out in his pen and deal with the cold.

I moved the ponies back to their pen by the barn. They had to deal with two feet snow drifts which are pretty hard for ponies. Tommy was up to his knees in a snow drift. But I had no other place to put them so I guess that's what they get for being naughty and destroying some of my stuff.

I'm finally making a very small breakthrough with Longhorn. He's actually become my highlight of the evening chores. For some odd reason he's finally discovered that he likes treats. Before I couldn't get him to take one. Now he'll walk up to me to see if I have a treat. It's very good progress. I feel bad that I havent' spent more time with him but I'll be happy for the slow progress. He's willing to eat the treat right out of my hand and sniff my coat for more. Of course this is all while I'm on the other side of the fence. When I'm in his pen feeding him treats he's a bit more standoffish but I'll take it.

Speaking of standoffish, Jimmy really is a very unsocial horse. I'd hoped that he would get over it but I guess not. Every time I come close he walks away. I was warned he is standoffish and that he's hard to catch. They weren't kidding. But I have a plan in place as long as the weather holds. I'm going to have to catch him every night, pull him out of his pen just to groom him down. Then I'll put him back in his pen.

I'd originally planned on putting Jimmy in with Maverick this weekend but I want to spend some time messign with him to hopefully get him more comfortable with me. If he's in with Maverick I may never be able to catch him. I guess I'll just play it by ear.

Last nights chores sort of pushed me over the edge. My temper has been pretty high these past few weeks. But this morning really made it all worth it. Everyone was happy to see me (of course I'm just the food lady). Everyone was nice and calm the entire time. No one was harrassing anyone else. It was great. Mornings like today are why I don't mind getting up so early and going into the cold.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Freezing Temps and Wind Chills

So this weekend wore me out emotionally. These last two days have worn me out physically. I was not prepared for this snow storm and still need to get a few more things set up to make my life easier.

Least to say I spent three hours last night getting everything done. When the surrounding schools started closing I took that as a sign to head home. Luckily I did. The roads were fine the entire way home and I could/should have stayed. But I started doing chores around 3-3:30 and I didn't get in until 6:30-7 and that was without any breaks. All I did was pull horses into barns/stalls, feed, water, and try to set up a couple extra wind breaks since the wind was out of the east instead of the west.

Poor Jimmy and Longhorn seem to be getting the brunt of this storm. I was so worried about how cold they would get that I had Mike pull the truck out and pull the trailer around to act as a windbreak. I really need to come up with a better solution. I'm hoping soon to have Jimmy in with the big herd so that will help eleviate some of my issues.

But I've just come in from an hour of morning chores. I'm skipping work to take care of the animals. I believe the temp right now is 1 degree F. I wasn't inclinded to kick the horses out at 5:30 this morning in below freezing temperatures with wind chills at 20-30 below zero F.

I'm planning on going back out in a few hours to get the barns/stalls ready for tonight. Forcast calls for 10 below so I want to try and get everyone settled for the night a little earlier. Hopefully they will be able to stay warm. Luckily the wind is supposed to die down around 3pm today. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that it will. That wind just bites right through.

I'm sure I'll blog a little bit more since I'm home. Maybe I can get some cold weather pictures (if my fingers and camera dont' freeze). Hope everyone is staying warm.

Monday, December 7, 2009


Meet Jimbo (aka Jimmy). I'll blog more but wanted to post some pictures and the ad. The ad is incorrect. Jimmy is actually 20 years old, not 18.

Liver chestnut TW gelding for sale or trade
LOCATION: Worthington, MN

Jimbo-- 18yr TW gelding--my kids (16, 15, & 11) have used him for 4-H horse clinics, pleasure riding and he was previously used for trail riding. My 15yr old rode him at fair this year in games and pleasure classes and with all the rides of the fairway and commotion of people and vehicles, was very easy to handle with no spooking. He is very easy to work with--saddling, grooming, tying, loading, farrier work, vet work, lunging, trailering, etc. He can be a little hard to catch out in the pasture but we just have him come into his stall/barn and then he is not a problem. Extensive trail riding can make him a bit sore in the front for example the 2nd day of trail riding slows him down. He is sound and does nicely with one day horse clinics, shows or shorter/1 day trail riding. He likes to get up and go so a rider should not be a beginner. He rides out nice alone or in groups. Jimbo is a real go-getter, when riding in groups he likes to be at the head of the pack. We took the horses on a trail ride Sept.26 and Jimbo led the group through the trails including muddy hills and water crossings. He went along very nicely. He is 14.2HH. UTD on shots, deworming, farrier work and Neg. coggins. Asking $1000 but willing to negotiate or may trade for hay or good condition saddles/tack or other possibilities?

Sioux Falls Regional Livestock Horse Sale Results (12/5/2009)

Sorry the formatting isn't the greatest. I'll have to figure out a better way next time
The information goes in order of hip number, age, type, description, cost, buyer number.

Please note 47 and 65X ARE Killer Buyers. I believe 65 and 26 are also killer buyers but I can't confirm. If they are not KBs then they are brokers who will most definately put these horses into the auction circuit until they get the money they want or need to dump the horse.

001 Shetland weanling -- brown stud colt -- led in $85 43
002 6yr old reg POA gelding w/ 30 days -- led in $185 3
003 9yr old reg QH bay mare -- broke for exp. rider.
Also sold saddle, saddle pad, and bridle w/ horse $400 134
004 Yearling reg QH bay mare (PK horse) NO SALE (went to $150 but wanted $250)
005 12yr old reg QH sorrel gelding -- rode in NO SALE (went to $650 but wanted $800)
006 15yr old gray gelding - not kids horse (saw ribs) $325 65 (KB)
007 8yr old sorrel paint -- rode in double w/ kids $650 64 ** Really nice horse
008 10yr old bay paint -- rode in NO SALE (went to $550 but wanted $800)
009 12yr old reg bay bred mare -- rode in NO SALE (went to $625 but wanted more)
010 25yr old bay gelding pony -- rode in $50 17 (KB?)
011 8yr old tri paint -- rode in NO SALE (went to $650 but wanted $900)
013 7yr old grade dun mare -- rode in $200 46 (KB)
014 10yr old B/W mare -- ride in (PK horse) NO SALE (went to $325 but wanted $550) -- this horse was listed on Kelo for $800 and that was after an original price reduce earlier in the fall
015 3yr old sorrel paint pony (hildalgo) $185 65 (KB)
017 18yr old sorrel mare -- bred but broke to ride - led in $400 81
018 9yr old reg QH buckskin gelding - rode in (PK) NO SALE (went for $600 but wanted $1000)
019 yearling grade bay filly -- halterbroke $50 22
020 4yr old reg red roan paint mare w/ new shoes -- rode in $525 61
** spent WAY too long on this horse. Was a broker horse.
021 9yr old reg B/W QH -- rode in double (PK) NO SALE (went for $600 but wanted $700)
022 7yr old black gelding w/ scar on front right leg NO SALE (went for $260 but wanted $450)
023 10yr old reg black broodmare (open) $160 26 (may have been listed on Kelo for $350 if this is the horse I was thinking of)
024 8yr old white pony mare -- rode in double but didn't bother to brush $200 46 (KB?)
025 7yr old black gelding -- rode in but kicked (because of stupid rider rushing) NO SALE (went for $175 but wanted $300)
026 7yr sorrel QH gelding - rode in $775 6
027 9yr old brown pony -- broke to ride and drive NO SALE (went for $175 but wanted $300)
028 5yr old sorrel gelding -- rode in a halter only $175 47 (KB)
030 4yr old reg QH buckskin gelding -- greenbroke -- too much for owner/rider. Very nice horse. Walked up in the holding pens every time we walked by. $410 3
031 8yr old sorrel grade gelding -- greenbroke - walked in (looked like a saddlebred) $225 65 (KB)
032 11yr old palomino gelding (broker horse) - NO SALE (went for $250 but wanted $550)
033 11yr old sorrel grade gelding -- rode in $235 26 (broker)
034 10yr old bay w/ blaze -- rode in -- reared in the ring $185 26 (KB?)
035 5yr old bay grade QH mare -- broodmare w/ 30 days $100 47 (KB)
036 6yr old dun reg gelding - rode in $575 21
037 8yr old sorrel gelding $350 25
038 grade dun mare -- broodmare $125 47 (KB)
039 8yr old sorrel mare - 30days as 2yr old -- tail completely full of cockleburs $35 47 (KB)
040 20yr old brown standardbred mare - broke but walked in $160 47(KB)
041 4yr old reg sorrel gelding - halterbroke $300 3
042 reg liver chestnut mare - halterbroke $175 65 (KB)
043 10yr old sorrel appy - not sound $250 65(KB)
044 7yr old perlino - broke for exp rider - walked in $185 47 (KB)
045 5yr old mini paint gelding - halterbroke $75 25

Loose Horses
501 14yr old gray gelding $110 26 *nice horse
503 2yr old bay appy mare $50 47(KB)
??? 3yr old red roan mare $125 65X (KB)
502 2yr old sorrel paint mare $100 50
505 bay stud colt **belongs to 506 $10 64
506 5yr old bay mare with sore in eye $150 26
507 white mare $50 47(KB)
508 reg bay paint mare w/ blue eyes $225 47(KB)
509 **20yr old sorrel mare $100 47 (KB) wanted to bring her home
510 8yr old reg gray mare -- broodmare - broke when younger $225 51
511 8yr old grade bay morgan mare - halter broke $125 47(KB)
??? 6yr old reg bay mare $130 25
513 liver mare $25 47 (KB)
514 black/white paint mare - dirty $75 47(KB)
515 black mare $135 26
516 grulla mare - young -- dirty $25 47 (KB) **Considered this one a diamond in the rough
517 sorrel/white paint mare -- dirty $75 65X(KB)
518 12yr old reg dark bay/brown mare - broke - nice and clean - lame in back left rear $100 65X (KB)
519 4yr old black $50 51
520 black morgan mare - full of cockleburs $85 26
521 reg palomino -- dirty -- bred back $250 26
522 liver chestnut -- young -- no bids - went to KB
523 4yr old bay mare -- dirty $50 47(KB)
524 yearling sorrel colt - no hair on tail -- no bid went to KB
525 bay shaggy -- young -- no bids went to KB
526 palomino stud $25 37
527 palomino mare $75 47(KB)
528 sorrel mare $135 26
529 black/white paint $60 47 (KB)
530 black/white paint mare $185 47(KB)
531 buckskin gelding -- nice $235 47(KB)
532 sorrel gelding $150 26
533 bay mare -- young $25 26
534 bay mare -- cockleburs $125 47(KB)
535 bay mare - dirty $50 47(KB)
536 7yr old reg brown mare $175 65X (KB)
537 7yr old reg sorrel mare $210 26
538 reg gray gelding - broke - nice $100 47 (KB)
539 yearling bay gelding - long legs -- lanky $10 47(KB)
540 gray gelding - broke $50 17
541 4yr old bay gelding - broke $185 26
542 10yr old bay gelding - broke and used in feedlot $225 47(KB)
543 5yr old buckskin mare - bad pasterns (almost touching ground) $85 65X

Below Zero Temps Are Here

Looks like I'm going to have to do some fast thinking to try and figure out how to fit everyone in places where they will be in out of the wind and cold. Jimbo sort of throws a wrench in to my normal routine as far as who can and will go where.

I was thinking of some temporary stalls but I am going to have to move the ponies back to their old pen. That means I need to figure out a place for Jimbo where he can adjust to everyone but not yet touch noses.

I'm going to have to move quickly tonight so that I can be prepared tomorrow when I get home to pull everyone in to their respective stalls. This could get interesting.

Emotionally Exhausting Weekend

I am completely and utterly worn out emotionally. Physically fine but emotionally exhausted.

I went to the Sioux Falls Regional Livestock horse sale on Saturday and had to sit on my hands. I was exahusted by the end of the sale and wished I would have had room for a couple of them. Of course the ones I fall in love with always end up with the KB. It breaks my heart. I'll blog about the sale later.

On Sunday I picked up Jimbo. He's sort of a rescue, sort of not. I'll blog more about it. I've been keeping it hush hush since I wasn't sure if I should go through with the deal or not. I'm not sure if I made a right move or not. I could have saved a couple at the Saturday sale instead.

I guess for now, I'll just include some pictures to brighten this post. Now that we are in full swing of winter I want to keep reminding myself how much I love spring/summer. I should be counting down the days until Christmas instead of counting down until spring!

Tommy and Skippy in their temporary pasture. I didn' thave to mow much this summer thanks to the ponies! We put the new roof on last year (2008). I'm loving it; no more leaky barn (at least on that side of the roof).

Apparently I didn't get all of Farley's head in the pic (oops). Gypsy the instigator. We'll have had her for two years this January. Christmas is a time for joy but also a time of sorrow for me since that's the day we lost my sweet LeRoy. Every once in awhile I'll see Gypsy out of the corner of my eye and think she's LeRoy since they have similar markings. We miss you LeRoy.

Ever present Rooster. He's taken to following me around to the different pens. It's a bit creepy. Rooster is also a rescue. The same owner of Maverick, Brego, and Queen used to own Rooster. He was either going to be shot or dropped off at our place "for the dogs to play with." He's been mauled when I've turned my back but so far he's lasted at Borderlands for three years and a dozen or so dog attacks.

The view looking down our road. Mike and I were pulling the neighbor's fence posts. I forget how green and lush everything was back in June. Oh how I look forward to green.

It's now snowing so no lush green pastures for me to drool over. I guess I'll be happy that we don't have three feet of snow. It's been snowing for the past week and we've only accumulated about an inch. Winter is here so I will enjoy what winter brings me.

Friday, December 4, 2009

Friday Ramblings

I definately need to add some new pictures. This blog gets boring without color! I think Sam is enjoying his blanket even if it is too big. I tried to shorten up the leg straps with duct tape but it still gets caught up in his legs. I need to figure out how to shorten the blanket around the front instead of the back to see if that helps.

I think Sam is done mourning Bob. He seems a lot happier. Although I do think Sam was a bit peeved with me for kicking him out of the barn so early last night. He didn't get enough time to really eat all of his alfalfa sliver. I'm hoping to make up for it tonight since I'm sneaking out of work a little early.

Sam really is a goofball once you get to know him. At first he was pretty standoffish. Any time I went to pet him he'd flinch just a little but he's fine with me now. He is a little uncomfortable with me giving him hugs but he'll just have to deal with it! :-) He really has a spot in my heart.

It's still snowing, just flurries. I thought I heard or read that we are supposed to get a wave of arctic air next week along with about three inches of snow. I guess I should have expected winter to arrive at any time. I don't yet have everything winterized.

I need to switch Maverick over to a smaller water trough. He currently has a 100 gallon trough but with the freezing temps I don't want to mess with that big tank. I don't want to use that big tank because we still have to carry buckets of water out to him and I can't run an extension cord/heater from the hay barn. The hay barn actually pulls from the horse barn and we are pretty well maxed out on how much stuff I can plug in and pull off that circuit. The only other option would be to move the water trough farther away and use the red shed's outlet. Once again we'd have to have a long extension cord and the water trough would be exposed to all the elements. So in the long run it might be a pain to use a smaller water bucket but it's the safer option.

I'll continue to use the big 100 gallon water trough for the mares. The trough is right against the chicken coop which is always so warm. I can also plug the water heater into the chicken coop since it doesn't draw it's electricity from the horse barn. The only disadvantage is having to haul water over. Once we get the "people" gate rigged correctly it'll be easier to haul water to the horses.

Poor Longhorn. Skippy was picking on him this morning at breakfast. Unfortunately Longhorn is a kicker. They got into a scuffle this morning and Longhorn hurt his right rear leg kicking. I think he just stunned it but I could tell he was really upset. Since he doesn't really like the touch of humans, I voted against checking out his leg for fear of getting my head knocked off. He was already standing on his injured leg when I finished with chores. My guess is that the kick hurt and he stunned his leg. I'll have to check on him closer tonight. If I could only figure out how to get him tamed down faster.

Tomorrow is the Sioux Falls Regional Livestock horse sale. I'm worried. I'm betting there's going to be tons of horses run through the loose portion of the sale. The catalog sale only had about 20 horses listed. The sale starts at 11am. I want to make sure I give myself plenty of time to walk through all the horses (and focus mostly on the loose horses). I'm planning on leaving Borderlands around 9am so that will give me an hour of looking before the sale starts. I don't expect the catalog portion of the sale to last very long. I would expect they'll be on to loose horse by 1pm if not earlier. Keep your fingers crossed that there won't be a lot of horses and the killbuyers and brokers wont' show. If anyone is intersted in going with me, just let me know. If you go, pay attention to buyer number 79 and 80. I think those were the two major KBs. I am not allowed to bring any more home. I am tapped out and will be beyond my limit if the person I contacted about a horse responds to me (yet another potential rescue in the works... although I could be over reacting and spending more $$ than I should).

That's it for my Friday ramblings. I'll keep you posted on the horse auction. I have the horses and prices from the October Sale (where I pulled Longhorn). I still need to post that information. I'll also post tomorrow's horses and corresponding prices too. I just need to sit down and find the time.

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Sam and his Blanket

Winter is finally here. We've lucked out having a nice November so I was hoping to keep that going in to December. I guess winter had to get here at some point.

I started Sam on his alfalfa first last night so that I wouldn't have to stand around waiting for him when I planned to kick him out of the barn. I followed my normal routine and was just about finished with chores when I turned around and realized it was snowing. DRAT! It was supposed to be just flurried but it sure didn't look like flurries to me!

I'd already fed the mares and I didn't figure they would be too keen on stopping their grazing to be stuffed in a stall for the night. Instead I found Queen's blanket and proceeded to have a temper tantrum as the snow piled up. The last time I used Queen's blanket I couldn't get the leg straps unbuckled. Queen is a very "regular" mare and unfortunately she's also messy (need I say more). So the snaps/buckles were pretty well "glued" shut.

I tried to convince her she could just lift her legs and she would just magically stand in the right spot so I could get the blanket up over her. Umm, yeah that didn't work. So I had more foul words and another temper tantrum and went in search of a needle nose pliers, which did the trick. I think Queen's coat is nice and thick now. Twice I brushed off snow and she was nice and warm. But I felt better knowing she would have a blanket on to protect her from the blowing snow and the gail force winds that were predicted.

I went to let Sam out and feed the big herd. Sam went right out of the barn and wandered around but wasn't interseted in the hay. I decided then that I wanted Sam back in the barn. He's just too thin to handle the snow and wind, even if they are up close to the barn and have a run-in. I had to convince Sam to go back in.

Sam originally came from the Amish so he's not used to being pampered. Each owner since then has pampered him more I'm guessing. I'm hoping he thinks he's in the life of luxury. I finally got Sam back in the barn but couldn't leave him alone. I decided I would pull Zeke since he's the lowest in the pecking order. He's fat enough to handle the snow and wind but I needed someone and Brego does NOT need to stand in the barn. I thought about bringing Rain in instead but Rain and Sam had a falling out so I try to keep those two away from each other.

This morning when I went to do morning chores it was again snowing. Flurries my foot! I'm sure glad I had a blanket on Queen. I did the standard morning chores of throwing hay, breaking open waters, and hauling more water.

When I went to let Sam out, he didn't want to go. He poked his head out the door but proceeded to back up in to his stall. Smart guy! He's starting to learn what it's like to be pampered. I think he's starting to like stall life. I decided that it was just too cold and windy for him to be thrown out with the rest of the herd. I decided that I would try my hand at putting a blanket on him.

I tried blanketing him once before and that didn't go well. But I am wondering if he didn't catch on quickly after seeing Bob blanketed and also Queen. He wasn't too sure about the blanket at first but after smelling it he settled down. I might have helped that the blanket smelled like Bob. The last time (which was Sam's first time of ever having a blanket on) I tried putting the leg straps on and proceeded to almost get my head knocked off. This time Sam was a complete gentleman.

Once I had the blanket on he was finally willing to go outside. The blanket doesn't fit him at all. It's six inches too long. I could probably squeeze him in to a size 84 but I don't have one that size. I'm hoping that the way his body is shapped that the blanket will stay put and I can come up with some type of solution for shrinking it to fit him better.

I think Sam was happy to have the blanket on. He seemed like he didn't mind this time around. It's only his second time of wearing a blanket so I'm pretty pleased with how he handled it. When Mike gets back from training, I'll have to get some pics of Sam in his blanket (Mike has the camera).

I'm hoping the "flurries" will stop so that the one inch of snow is all we get for a little while longer. Snow slows down my chores. Freezing cold temperature really slows down my chores. I guess I just need to get in the mindset that we are in fullblown winter now.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Weather Over Reaction

This morning I realized I over reacted last night. I was so worried about the temperature change possibly messing with the oldsters and I didn't really have anything to worry about.

While Sam was devouring his grain in the barn, I let King in to get his grain/medicine and then I kicked him back out so I could get the stalls ready for the mares. The mares both went in without any problems. I think Babe felt more secure being in the barn rather than out in the open pasture. I'm not really sure what to do about Babe. She gets around just fine but she still spooks now that she's totally blind. I can tell she's uncomfortable being in a more open space. I'm tossing around the idea of making her into a stall horse and just giving her some turnout time but that doesnt' really work either. Old girls like her need lots of turnout time otherwise they stock up. So I'm at a loss as to what is the next best step.

I also moved Tommy and Skippy back in with Longhorn the donkey because of the wind. The wind blows right up the driveway and smack into the barn and the little pen they were in. I'm not sure if Longhorn was happy to have the company or not. I had to separate Tommy into his own little pen because he was picking on Longhorn. Poor guy can't seem to get a break. But while I was wrestling the ponies around Longhorn did let out a real heehaw (or as close to one as he's ever given me). I think he's comfortable with me as long as I'm at a distance but the minute I'm up close he freaks out. I don't know how to tame him down. Poor guy is really insecure when he's by himself and will act out more towards me if it's just me and him. If anyone can think of any suggestions, please let me know.

Babe and Queen went willingly out to their pasture this morning. Sam was ready for more breakfast. I really do like feeding him in the barn. I think he's actually getting more food when he's by himself. I may have to start keeping Sam in the barn overnight until I can get more weight on him. He was bright eyed and happy to see me. The only problem is, Sam can't be in the barn alone at night. So who do I put in? Brego who needs more handling and manners (and who is his buddy) or someone a little more faint of heart like poor Zeke who gets pushed around and probably isnt' getting all the food he's supposed to get?

The only one not causing me any anguish here lately is Maverick! Odd I know!

I'm hoping tonight will be a bit more quiet as far as chores go. I went in search of outside christmas lights last night but I seem to have misplaced them (along with a few other things!) So I may dig a bit more tonight. My hope is that if I put up some christmas lights I'll be in more of a festive mood. We sort of skipped Christmas last year and I think this year I'd like to enjoy just a few decorations. Only 23 days until Christmas! YIKES!

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Good Bye Fall, Hello Winter

I knew winter was going to be here soon. I guess I was just hoping it would hold off until mid December. At least there's no snow yet in the forcast (except for flurries).
Good bye Fall.
Hello Winter.

Cold Weather Here to Stay?

Well I think today is the last day of nice weather we will have. Doing chores this morning was rather refreshing. There wasn't enough cold air to take your breath away.

I was a bit spooked this morning. I know it's a bit silly but the motion lights turned on just about the time I was headed out to do chores. Since I'm home alone and have bad aim, I thought I'd wait it out just a little bit in case it was a varmit that I'd have to shoot. We've been over run with bunnies so I'm guessing the bunnies were checking out some of my bushes.

I was surprised when I checked the mares's water trough that it wasn't frozen over. I didn't have the heater plugged in but it was completley ice free. Unfortunately Maverick's, the ponies', and Longhorn's waters were frozen on the top. I wasn't smart enough to bring my hammer to smash open Maverick's water but I had a tool handy (and it wasn't my foot this time!) Luckily it's warm enough that none of the waters are freezing too hard. I'm not looking forward to the rest of the week where I'm sure to be smashing waters all morning.

I read the following on Kelo:
"Today will be the last mild day for quite some time as a cold front moves across KELOLAND. The wind will increase this afternoon from the northwest….so it won’t feel as warm as yesterday. Highs will be near 50 in Sioux Falls…with 40s to the north and west. A few light rain or snow showers will be possible in the Black Hills region this afternoon and tonight. The wind is expected to continue overnight with lows mainly in the 20s…a few teens in the west.

Tomorrow will be colder with breezy NW winds with highs in the upper 20s to lower 30s. And Thursday won’t be any warmer….with highs in the 20s. Wind chills will likely tumble in the single digits above zero on Thursday too along with a few light snow showers and flurries. Some moderation to the forecast is likely Friday and Saturday….but colder air will return next week. There are still signs of a storm system in the plains next week…but the track is still uncertain. It will really depend on how fast the really cold air in Canada moves south next week. Stay tuned… "

I'm thinking of putting the mares in the barn. That way they can get out of the wind and the cold. It's not that the lows are that bad; it's the major swing in temperature that I'm concerned about and the wind chills. I'm also considering leaving Sam in the barn. With his weight loss I want him to stay as warm as possible. Bob's blanket doesn't fit very well and I dont' want him to adjust to a blanket when the temps aren't really that cold yet.

If I keep Sam in the barn I can always watch to see what all he is eating. He's pretty insistant lately that he goes in the barn in the morning, which isn't happening. I'm thinking if I keep him in the barn I can make sure he's getting all the hay and alfalfa that he can handle.

I'm afraid Sam really does need his teeth floated. I saw some wads he spit out and that is my indication that he is desperately in need of a float. The problem is I don't want to put any undo stress on him until there's more weight. So what's a girl to do? I guess as long as I pump him full of grain and alfalfa for the next month maybe next month I can get him in.

I haven't yet decided if I'll keep Queen, Babe, and Sam in the barn every night this week or if it'll just be for tonight so that they can adjust to the weather change. Everyone is pretty fat except for Sam. I guess the wind chill will decide their evening dining location.

I'm starting to worry about Babe. She's not adjusting to losing the sight in her other eye very well. She spooked again last night. She doesn't spook too bad but I don't want her to get hurt. I guess if she doesn't adjust to no sight then I'll have to start thinking about my options.

Mike called Sioux Valley and had them come out to fix our yard light yesterday. I wasn't sure at first if anyone had been there but when the light turned on all on its own I kind of figured they'd fixed it. Of course the minute I saw the light on I wanted to burst out in song or something along those lines. I was really worried about getting the yard light on. My only saving grace was that it's a full moon so if I couldn't get the light on I wouldn't be outside in pitch black.

I'm not sure why we didn't just fix that darn yard light years before. I guess it all comes down to money. I can live with a lot of quirks and problems but at some point there is a limit. I'll happily enjoy my yard light tonight while doing chores in the dark.

December is Looking Colder

I can't believe that it's already December 1st! I'm not yet ready for December. I'm still two months behind. I'm not ready for snow or cold. I'm not ready for Christmas! I AM ready for spring/summer!


"December Is Looking Colder

November is finishing like much of the rest of the month, with sunshine and above average temperatures. The dry, warm trend will continue for the first couple days of December, don't expect it to last.Later this week, the jet stream will dive south. Not only will it bring more seasonal air to KELOLAND, but much of the central U.S. to the northeast coast will start to feel winter's chill. That shift could also bring the chance of snow. With the jet moving south, storm systems will have a better chance riding it straight into KELOLAND. Keep in mind, storms from the southwest are usually stronger and have more moisture to work with, giving us our heavier snow. So be prepared, for a colder, snowier month, which shouldn't be too difficult considering Sioux Falls didn't measure any snow in November."

All I can say to that is......


Monday, November 30, 2009

Water Troughs

I forgot what it was like to do chores in the dark. I enjoyed the time off and tried to relax (meaning I did nothing but sleep). So my productivity went down the pooper these last four days. Unfortunately it looks like winter will be here this week.

I did get to enjoy a "life quality" moment this morning. When I tromped on out to do chores this morning at 5am, I had the good fortune of a bright, full moon. I enjoyed watching the moon change from a bright white to a bright orange. The moon was absolutely gorgeous. I love doing chores by the light of the moon but getting to watch the moon change colors really made me appreciate chores (even if I was out so early). Every time I would peek around a corner or even look up from watching the horses, the moon would be a different shade of beauty.

I had the forsight to put the water heater in the mare's water trough. Unfortunately I only have one automatic waterer so the mares, Maverick, Longhorn, and the ponies get to deal with ice. I'm hoping to put the mare's water heater on a timer so that I don't have to break open their water every morning and night.

I had to break Maverick's and the mares's water this morning (tested out the heater and it works but I still wanted to break the water open just in case). Unfortunately for me I'm not the brightest person in the world (at least not in the morning). Instead of tromping back to the barn to get my hammer I decided to use my foot. You know where this is going!

Smash, smash, KERSLASH! Right foot soaked! Well, not really soaked but wet enough to be cold and freeze to my coveralls and get my leg wet. That was Maverick's water. Then I went to the mares's water and did the SAME thing. Smash, smash, KerSPLAAASH! And I proceeded to get even wetter. Like I said, not the smartest one but maybe I'll blame the morning!

I noticed the weatherman is calling for a major cool down this week. I'm not sure how the oldsters will handle this change. I'm sure that there will be wind. When isn't there wind in South Dakota? I'm debating on putting Queen, Babe, and Sam in the barn for the night. That way if there is wind, they can get out of it and if it's just cold, they can at least not have the cold air settle on them; they can have a roof over their heads to try and keep some of the chill off.

I think I'll feel better knowing they are in the barn. Sam is simply NOT picking up weight fast enough. If he has to generate enough heat to stay warm how will he ever generate enough fat to keep him warm this winter. I also want to make sure that he's getting enough to eat. So call me a weiny but I think I'll baby them this week to let them adjust to winter.
I will have to do a bit more planning though. With Mike gone this week chores will take me a little longer. If I have horses in the barn, chores will take me even longer yet. But I guess that's the price I'll have to pay to satisfy my concious.

Sunday, November 29, 2009



Babe's Eyesight

I've been so wrapped up in Sam's health issues/depression and Bob's passing that I'm afraid I've neglected the rest of the herd.

I realized this weekend that Babe is losing the rest of her eyesight. When I originally took Babe, I was told she could see shadows. We came to the realization she could see shadows as far as going in to a building or coming out of a building but other than that, she was blind.

Babe's left eye was milk white but her right eye was the one she could see shadows. Last winter while staying at her "winter home" we thought that perhaps her hearing was going. Once we moved her back, her hearing came back. I think it was that there was so much more traffice at her "winter home" rather than here.

I had noticed that her right eye was starting to get a bit more cloudy. It wasn't but a couple days later that her eye started to run and now it's turning milk white like the other eye. She stills gets around without any problems as long as Queen doesn't spook her. Now that I have the mares in this pasture, they are closer to the big herd and Queen prefers the company of the geldings over Babe. So when Queen comes back out (of a place I've tried to fence off and she still sneaks in) she spooks Babe.

We will simply have to be more careful around Babe from now on. Stinker Queen is being no help. I did watch Babe trot up the hill tonight for her grain so she's still in good spirits and isn't letting her lack of vision get her down.

Sam too seems to be perking up. I'm not sure what happened but it seems Sam needed a full week to mourn Bob's passing. Sam and Brego have been hanging out a bit more so that makes me feel better knowing Sam isn't alone any more. I am surprised that Sam is doing so well in the barn. He used to freak out being in there all alone but now that he gets fed his grain in the barn, that's the only place he wants to be. He'll even come up to the barn all by himself (which is something he'd never do six months ago) and wait around for me to bring his grain.

I'm still worried about his weight. I'm so surprised that his weight loss took me by surprise. I should have been more careful and had a better eye. I'm also so surprised that they can lose so much weight so quickly and yet it takes ten times longer for the weight to go back on (wish I had that problem).

I can't yet talk about Bob. Some day soon I'll tell of his passing. Just know that the world lost a very special individual and I miss him dearly.

I'm also getting myself all worked up. This coming Saturday is the Sioux Falls Regional Livestock horse sale. I hate this sale. I do have to give credit to the auction house. They run the place very well, it's just the fact that so many lives will be lost at this sale.

I'm also upset about another horse. I have been looking for a horse for dad to ride. I know there's enough to choose from here at Borderlands. I found the closest thing to what I've been looking for. And I've been looking for three years.

So we went to meet the horse and go for a ride. She then proceeded to tell me that others have looked but no takers and that if no one bought him, that he and two others would head to a sale December 5th. She wont' budge on the price which throws me completely for a loop. She obviously hasn't been to a sale lately. I low balled but she didn't bite. She has to get her asking price but I know she wont' get that at the auction. I'm not sure what auction she'll be going to otherwise I'd just wait and see. But I hate trying to bid.

He's a very nice horse and I think once I get to know him I think some of his quirks could be resolved. He's short, he's gaited, he's got experience, he's everything I've been looking for. Unfortunately the hay I have, will only cover the horses already at Borderlands. It will not cover any additional mouths. So what do I do? Go in search of more hay and buy the horse that I've finally found after searching for three years (and know that I'll be saving him from an unknown fate) or do I let him go and focus on the horses already here at Borderlands and try getting the horse dad will be riding more miles?

So tell me, what do I do? 1) Buy the horse and scrounge up the money to buy hay from someone/anyone or 2) let the horse go and just focus on the horses at Borderlands?

So besides the decision to put Bob down, actually putting Bob down, Sam's illness, and now trying to decide what to do about this horse, I've got myself completely worn out. Right now I'm just going through the motions. I'm afraid I havent' really even done much with the horses which is a shame since the last few days have been nice. And around here you should always take advantage of a nice day.

I may or may not blog much this week. Mike is gone for work so I'm home alone all week trying to get all the chores done plus a little bit more. I don't think I'll get to do any extra stuff with the horses this week, just same ol' same ol'.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Sam Broke My Heart

Poor Sam. This morning he broke my heart. I was afraid some of the horses would get a little depressed with Bob's passing. I figured some would mourn Bob's passing.

Last night Rain was a bit depressed. I should have spent more time with him. He was more interested in being petted than eating so that says alot. I don't think King was close to Bob but he was in a lovey dovey mood too.

I figured Dude and maybe Chaos would be a bit upset but they seemed more intersted in food. Chaos is hanging out with Dude a lot more, or maybe it's the other way around I'm not really sure. But I think they may be at a loss without their leader in charge.

Sam on the other hand I thought was best buddies with Brego. Only in the last month has Sam been hanging around Bob. I was afraid that Sam would be depressed over Bob's passing and I was right. I thought maybe Sam would hang out with Brego a bit more but Brego is insistant that he pick on poor Zeke.

The dynamics are definately changing. Last night after I kicked Sam out of the barn all he did was stand there. I am hoping he was just full. But instead of hanging out with the big herd he headed out to the pasture. I'm wondering if he thought Bob was out in the pasture. I didn't stick around to see if he started calling for Bob. I wouldn't have been able to keep it together.

This morning when I called for the boys to come up from the pasture for breakfast Sam came wandering up and went directly to the leanto where Bob used to hang out. Everyone else was up and eating but Sam went to the barn to look for Bob because he wasn't there. Once he was in the leanto and realized Bob wasn't there, he turned around and went for a hay pile. But it was obvious Sam was looking for Bob. I feel terrible. It breaks my heart and brings tears to my eyes.

Poor guy. He lost his best buddy mid-April (with his previous owner) and now he lost yet another buddy mid-November. I don't care how tough you might think you are, no one should have to go through so many losses and changes in one year. To make matters worse, Sam isn't a tough guy. He's pretty sensitive to everyone and everything. So losing Bob is yet another blow to his spirits.

I'm afraid his only joy right now is his evening grain. I'm trying to pump him full of as much grain/alfalfa as I can so he can start packing on the pounds. The winter coat hides the fact he's super thin. I can only hope I'm doing the right thing.

I can't yet blog about Bob's passing. Maybe later this week. But right now my heart is still missing Bob too much to write about it.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Wordless Wednesday

Wishing I was in the Black Hills on a vacation.
View from the cabin in the Black Hills.

Stairs leading to Flag Mountain Lookout.

Monday, November 16, 2009

The Final Decision

Last Friday I made "the call". I have been a total mess ever since. I gave myself a full week to enjoy Bob and his quirks before I have to say goodbye. I may not have many posts to add this week. I've become a complete blob and can't really think. I cried non stop Friday after calling and spontaneously start crying any time I think about what's coming since then. I have a permanent lump in my throat. Please excuse my absence if I don't add any posts or if they are rather downtrodden. My heart is breaking.

I'm not sure who all actually reads this but if you do, please do me one huge favor. Go hug your horse. Hug them, love them, pet them, cherish them because someday you'll have to say goodbye. Don't let one day pass without giving your horse a hug. Even if they make you SO mad, go hug them anyway.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009


I finally found the camera. Yeah!!

I'd forgotten that not too long after bringing Zeke home I took some pictures of him. Normally I try to take pics of all the new animals. I somehow let Longhorn slip through the cracks on getting any pics. It's been so crazy around here lately.

The following are pics of Zeke. The markings on his neck are called Bloody Shoulder. There's an ancient tale that goes with the story of a bloody shouldered horse. I'm not sure if it's true of all horses but Zeke really is one heck of a horse. I'm not sure if it's because he's a Bloody Shoulder arabian or if it's just him in general. But I truely think I got lucky in bringing Zeke to Borderlands. (oh how I wish the grass was still that green!)

You can't see it in the pictures but Zeke actually has three white hooves and one black hoof. I normally shy away from white hooves after the troubles with King's white, flat feet. But Zeke's hooves are pretty strong. Have I mentioned how much I like him?! :-)

I haven't really gotten a chance to try him out on a real ride but just puttering around the yard with him has been enjoyable. He reminds me so much of Ace. The previous owner said he was 14 years old but his back tells a different story. I guess I don't really care what age he is. I did see in a catalog a saddle pad for swayback horses. I'm contemplating ordering it just for Zeke.
I received my hay yesterday too. I'll blog about it another time. But least to say I am less stressed by having 70 large square bales stored in my hay shed and hay barn. It's a good feeling. Now I have to patiently wait for the bill. uuugh
I also made the decision this week that I have to call the about Bob. I was going to do it yesterday but wanted to enjoy the day. So I'm making the call tomorrow. I know you all might think that I'm being a weiny but that's fine. I do not like to play god. And it seems November is the month I have to play god. I had to make the same decision last year in November and now I'm doing it again. I hate November. I hate playing god. I've actually been in such turmoil this entire week knowing that I need to just do it. I guess this is the price I have to pay for having older horses.
Sorry, I don't mean to bring everyone down but my heart is pretty heavy right now and I'm struggling with the idea. I have to keep reminding myself that even though it's hard for me, I'm doing the right thing. I'm not sending them down the road to a fate unknown.
And speaking of fates unknown, there's another big horse sale December 5th. It's being held at the same place that I got Longhorn. It never ends. So many lives that will have their own turmoil and new uncertain fates. It makes me exhausted just thinking about it.
I know I can't save them all but I guess I can make a difference in a few. And even though they may only have a few short years here, I've tried to make them as happy as I can. I want them to know that when they pass, they will pass with dignity and respect; and will be greatly missed and loved.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Oh for Lush Pastures

Oh to return to lush pastures and warmer weather. Oh for more sunlight so that I can actually work with the horses. I guess instead I need to remember to take pictures in the spring/summer so that during the months of snow I can reflect on the lush pastures I'll soon have.

The following pictures were taken early summer when the pasture was nice and lush. Late mornings are great for taking pictures in the summer. Winter is a different beast for taking pictures. Now if I could only find the darn camera!

King with Brego and Chaos in the background. King is still dealing with sore muscles. The vet gave me some powder medicine but I may have to take him in for a shot. Not looking forward to that spendy shot and the possibility it could kill him.
The only bad thing about having a white horse is they show off the dirt.

I've changed my work schedule so that I can now get home a half hour sooner so I can do chores in a little bit of light. I took advantage of the new schedule and headed right out the door. I had almost all my chores done before darkness set in. It's amazing how much light there is even after the sun sets.

I've now had Brego for a year and a month. He looks pretty good in the above picture and that was only six months of good quality feed. When I first got him, you could see his ribs, hips, and spine. I've never had a horse come in to Borderlands that bad until him. I'd rate him as a 2 on the scale. I'm not sure but I think both Brego and Maverick went through yet another growth spurt this fall. I think next spring Brego will be ready for the trainer. He was a conformation wreck when I first got him so I wanted to give him a year. Now that a year has passed I think his body can handle some intense training.

I'm getting my hay tomorrow so even though I no longer have lush pastures I can start properly feeding the herd good quality hay. I've been using the small squares but they are just ditch hay. They can handle that type of hay until true winter sets in. Then they need the good quality hay. It'll cost me a fortune but everyone seems to thrive on dairy quality hay.

I need to stuff poor Sam full of the good quality hay to get him back to shape. The cold/infection and ulcers really took a toll on the poor guy. I'm thinking of taking him to the vet. When I gave him a shot of penicillan the junk from his nose cleared up. The problem is, he still has a huge welt from the first shot. I've been giving him uniprim but today is the last day and he still has a bit of stuff coming out of his nose. So it may be time for yet another vet bill. Why do all the vet bills come during the fall?

King, Brego, Chaos, Bob, and Dude enjoying the lush pastures that are now gone. At least with fall/winter I can actually catch the horses and look them over. In the summer I have to tromp out to the pasture in search of them. I'm hoping this year with the wet weather the cockleburs along the creek bed didn't get a chance to grow. I should probably get my lazy butt out to the pasture and do some fence checking and look for King's missing flymask (which he lost months ago)!

I worked Maverick a little last night. He seemed to really respond to some roundpen work. I'm not sure what the heck I'm doing but making him go both directions seemed to really get his attention. If I would have had more light (and better footing) I might have been willing to hop on. I won't have time to work Maverick tonight. I also started working on getting him to lift his feet. I spent last night and the night before working on that. He learns pretty darn quick. I know he's smarter than I am!
I still need to clean out the hay shed for the hay tomorrow. I also have to pull down Maverick's temporary stall in the hay shed. Once the hay is in place I can figure out where to put the temporary stall. Maybe by then we'll have the permanent stall in the hay shed built. Mike has the door almost complete. I think he's waiting on me to help figure out the latch.

I'm almost giddy about getting my hay. I just wish that I knew how much it was going to cost me upfront. I guess that's just a part of dealing with this hay guy. I'm sure it's going to be spendy. I have a general idea of what it will cost me but I better do some recalculating so I don't fall out of my chair when they hand me the bill.

Monday, November 9, 2009

Riding Time

I decided last night that I would enjoy the nice weather and ride a couple of the horses. I pulled Bob and Sam out so they could graze. I know that I need to make that phone call for Bob soon. He isn't really getting any grass when he eats, unless it's the small grass. I know that it's coming but I keep trying to fool myself. It's devistating no matter what.

I started pulling out different horses and then decided I might as well pull everyone out so they could have a lesson in standing patiently. No that standing patiently while everyone else is standing around does much good for teaching them to be by themselves. But at least this way I was able to handle the big herd.

I admit I chickened out and didn't ride Maverick. His drylot is almost to the point where I can ride in it again. The bigger lot is dry but I had to get everyone out to ride in there. I also didn't want to ride by myself and Mike was busy working on the car.

Instead I started out riding Zeke. Oh I do so enjoy riding him. I then decided I would switch over and ride Rain. I didn't realize what a difference there is between the two. Zeke is much calmer. Rain always gets flighty when I ride in the yard. With Bob and Sam in the yard I didn't want to go out on the road (and deal with hunters). I only rode Rain for a few minutes and then switched to Chaos. I haven't been on either Rain or Chaos since mid September. Both did OK for not having worked them in almost two months. I need to get back to riding more on everyone.

I very much enjoyed my little bit of riding. Daylight savings time really takes a huge chunck out of my riding time. Hopefully I can get a bit more organized and start riding in the shed. I've switched my schedule so I can hopefully snag an extra half hour of daylight to sneak in a ride here and there.

Chores always take so long that I underestimate the amount of time they take, especially when I'm in the dark. I did find out that my hay should be coming Wednesday some time. Luckily I have the day off so I can be there to supervise. Now I have two days to move panels and do some final cleaning before my hay arrives. I can't wait.

I will have to move some of the small square bales but there aren't that many left to move come Wednesday. I was hoping that the small squares would hold out and I could use them the middle of winter for Maverick since he eats so much more than every one else. I'm a bit disappointed that I didn't go buy more earlier this summer. I've gone through almost 200 bales already and we aren't even to mid November.

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Lazy Days of Summer

I know, I know. I need to get NEW pictures of all the horses with their fuzzy coats on. But it's so hard for me to pass up the lazy days of summer. Actually I was going to take some pictures this weekend and I seem to have lost the camera. Go figure!

I guess instead you get to enjoy a few reminders of early summer.
Rain and Sam. This was taken before the "falling out" between Rain and Sam. I'm not sure what happened but now Rain is back to hanging with Bob. Although now Sam is hanging out with Bob so who knows what the dynamics are like. I actually let Sam and Bob out to munch grass on the lawn and those two were side by side the entire time. You would have thought they were an original team or something the way they were acting. I'm not sure if it's a draft thing or not but I think so.

Chaos with Dude's belly hanging out. Even know Chaos looks pretty muscular and he hasn't been ridden since mid September. I can only imagine what he'd look like if I rode him every day. He'd be drop dead gorgeous.

King. He still isn't over his sore muscles. I guess I'll have to break down and get another appointment with the vet to get the issue resolved. I want him back to being a riding horse instead of a pasture pet. He's too young to be a pasture pet. King's poor nose was sunburned for most of the summer. At least he was a better troooper about me putting on sunscreen.

Dude with his sunburned nose. He does NOT like sunscreen. I may have to invest in a full lenght flymask next year for him and King. Their poor noses were burned but he doesn't like his head messed with. I did some reading and heard someone call his hip problem "Hunter's Bump". I still need to do some research on it but I'm now more inclined to research Hunter's Bump rather than what my vet called it "Bear Hump". I was a little intimidated searching online for Bear Hump. Teach me not to ask for the scientific word for his ailment.

That's it for pictures today or until I can track down that darn camera. It's either in the Explorer or lost somewhere in the house. I guess it's a sign I need to get more organized or take more pictures so that I know where the camera is at all times!

Guess Who

Can you guess who is who?

Top pic is of Sam.
Bottom pic is of Dude.

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Kramers Report

I snuck out to Kramers today to see what horses were there. I was actually shocked to see so few horses. I'm not sure if it's a good sign or a bad sign.

1 mini palomino
1 dark brown/black weanling was tied next to the paint below
1 black/white paint weanling was tied...pot belly so I'm guessing wormy
2 jack intack donkeys. One had poor feet (but nothing like Longhorn's)
1 black/white pony (or maybe it was a weanling I don't know)
1 white pony (or maybe it was a weanling I don't know)
1 buckskin/grulla yearling. I'm guessing it was a yearling. Looked really young but it had a saddle on and looked like they were going to ride him/her in. Maybe he/she was a two year old but if that's the case she/he REALLY needs time to grow. Definately looked like a baby.

I didn't stay to see the prices. I think they were going through the birds/rabbits so I never bothered to venture any further than the horses. I'm guessing there were few horses because of the nice weather. Today was the second nice day in a row so I'm guessing people were taking advantage of it. I know I should have!

Friday, November 6, 2009

General Friday Ramblings

Sam definately has his appetite back (if he ever really lost it). Thursday was day two of his 5-7 day treatment of unaprim. I've already noticed that his nose is no longer running. Why oh why didn't I just give him unaprim right away instead of treating him for ulcers first???

I'm surprised that he's willing to eat soaked beet pulp. It must mean that he either is that hungry or he's acquired a taste for it. Either way I'll happily feed him beet pulp. I want him fattened up and soon! I think Sam actually prefers the soaked alfalfa pellets over anything else.

I had to run to TSC last night to pick up a bag of alfalfa pellets and some senior. I wish the pellets were as cheap as the cubes but if Sam prefers pellets I may just stick with what he likes. I'm tempted to try the cubes on him but I'm not sure how well that will work for the winter. The cubes have to soak overnight but the pellets can soak within minutes if I have warm water.

I've also taken to hauling out two buckets of warm water to make the grain soak up faster. I was so spoiled this summer not having to haul warm water. I guess I wont complain. It's just part of having oldsters.

The weather is supposed to be goregous so I'm hoping to sneak a ride in on Zeke. I threw his bridle on one day this week and just poked around for about five minutes. I decided I'd hop off and ride Rain for five minutes too. I think Zeke was jealous. He followed us around and even when I hopped off, Zeke kept following me around. I'm sure he's bored and wants to get out and stretch his legs.

Luckily the bigger drylot is starting to dry out. Maverick's drylot is still a swamp unfortunately. I'm hoping that with the warmer weather and the wind, both drylots will be solid enough so that I can start working Maverick. I figure if I can't work Maverick during the week I better work him during the weekend. I'll admit I'm a bit intimidated by getting on him but I need to get on and ride so I can start working his mind again.

I'm hoping to run over to Kramers tomorrow just to see who is there and what the prices are going for those poor souls. We'll see if I can stomach staying that long.

Inner Turmoil

uugh. I'm in turmoil. In the last two days I've seen people post two free horses. So tempting but I need to figure out my limits. Last month I saw somone post two horses for free also. There NEEDS to be a venue for people who are trying to do the right thing find their horses good homes instead of dumping them at an auction.

Every horse, no matter what, with enough elbow grease, time, and patience can become an amazing horse. I need to figure out how to get more people involved with their horses.

I guess I'm just stressing because now is the season where people are giving away horses and there isn't much I can do about it. Wish I had more of a stockpile of hay to support these giveaway horses.