Friday, May 22, 2020

Happy Memorial Weekend

We are headed into Memorial Weekend and I seem to be slipping farther and farther behind. I had hoped to get a bunch of stuff done and I seem to lose track of the days instead. We will probably continue to be quiet until the first of June.

I am mentally and emotionally done in and need to quiet my brain to put any thoughts into words that won't stress everyone out. So rather than use this post as a dumping ground for my jumbled thoughts, I'd like to simply wish you all a happy and very safe memorial weekend. We hope you get a chance to remember the reason for this holiday and can take time out of your schedule to remember those that have gone before us.

We will be thinking about our many loved ones both two legged and four that have helped with the Sanctuary and called the Sanctuary home.

Remembering a few of those who have gone before us:




Tiny Dictator







Joe and Thor

Monday, May 11, 2020

Grazing Time

We finally had time to set up corral panels and get the herd out on the lawn on Mother's Day. It's a relief to know we can start getting the herd transitioned to grass for another year.

I know most will think I'm silly to put up corral panels on our lawn. Why not put them out on pasture to begin with? Simple. I'm lazy. If they are closer, I can keep a closer eye on them to make sure no one colics or something else goes terribly wrong. It's easier for me to track them down and make them come in on a 1 acre piece of land than it is on say, even 5. As it was, I had to ask King and Jim to come in (using a piece of twine), while the others walked in all on their own. When my time is limited, I have to do what I can, which means lawn pasture grazing for the first month.

We will graze the big herd on the lawn for a few weeks starting with a few minutes yesterday, and slowly progress to more time on pasture. Once the big herd is on pasture, we'll start with the mares and Diavlo. Once they have transitioned to pasture, we'll work on the ponies.

It's a slow transition and a bit drawn out, but it works and it means I can keep a close eye on everyone. I'm sure I'm being a bit cautious but it has helped to keep the vet bills down using this method.

I will be excited and relieved to have the horses out on pasture. No more putting in hay, no more worrying about our hay supply and if we'll have enough or when we'll need to put in more. Timing is everything when it comes to putting in hay these days.

Our next big hurdle will be vaccinations and deworming. I'd hoped to have done it May 1st so it would be easy to track but that didn't happen and another weekend rolled through without it getting done. Maybe this week but we'll see.

This coming weekend is "Poopagedon" (thanks to Captain Underpants for the reference). We will hopefully finally have a chance to haul out manure that's been collecting for a few years. I'm hoping that we can keep up with the manure after this coming weekend but we'll see. At the very least make it a yearly thing instead of every few years. The past few years, I simply couldn't keep up with everything going on in life. Now we are trying to rectify that situation but it's a slow process. Slow and painful but still getting done.

Once the new trailer is paid off, I'm hoping to start putting money towards a skidloader. While we dont' qualify for any grants or anything special like that, I'll be searching for skiloaders in my price range. I am guessing a skiloader will make the world of difference around here.

Here's to hoping for beautiful weather this week.

Tuesday, May 5, 2020


Today is #GivingTuesdayNOW and while we aren't doing anything out of our normal routine, we are going to spend the day showcasing our seniors at the Sanctuary. Times are tough and we know trying to find the funds to keep yourself fed is hard enough so trying to find additional funds to feed a senior in need is a bit more difficult. But we are going to showcase each horse and ask that if you are interested in sponsoring a horse (one-time, monthly, partially), to let us know. Every dollar counts. Every dollar makes a difference.

A sponsorship opens the doors for another deserving senior to come to the Sanctuary and retire. It offers them an opportunity to have a final permanent home with no worries that they will be taken to auction when their usefulness is no longer needed or they can't hold up to the demands that they once did.

Head on over to our Facebook page ( and check out each horse at the Sanctuary that needs a sponsor. Your donations are tax deductible. We need your help to help more seniors enjoy their golden and twilight years.

My Girl (appy) in long-term foster

Jim - 32 year old Tennessee Walker

Maverick - 15 year old grandfathered into the program

Skippy - 16 year old (grandfathered into the program)

Good Friday Jessie