Thursday, August 2, 2018

Throwback Thursday - Feeling Nostalgic

I'm feeling nostalgic. Maybe it's the upcoming loss of Farley (on the heals of losing Junior), but sometimes doing the Throwback Thursdays is painful for me. It's about the end of August or first of September that we lost Thor (and Queen). That was about five years ago. Thor adored Queen and they both went down hill about the same time.

When I look at this picture I remember Thor, but I also remember and realize that this the date/timestamp on the picture indicates the day we lost Joe. Joe was Thor's friend and companion from the time they were rescued at auction by another rescue. Hard to believe that Joe has been gone for eight years already.

There's been so many losses to the Sanctuary but that's what a Sanctuary for senior horses has to face on an almost daily basis. What is the life quality of each living being? Are they having more good days than bad? Although we have a Board of Directors, the final decision comes down to me.

Sometimes I feel like the angel of death. But I know that if I didn't step in, no one else would. But it's still difficult some days.

So today's Throwback Thursday is to days gone by. Remember to hug your loved ones, tell them you love them, and spend an extra five minutes with them. Life if hectic but remember to take time out to spend time with your loved ones because one day, they won't be around.

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