Tuesday, August 28, 2018


I promise I will post all of the #HappinessHappens posts that I've been posting on Facebook. But I need some time to catch up on everything. Life has been more of a blur in the last two weeks than ever before.

From birthday parties, to camping adventures, to school preparation, to fencing fiascos, I'm pretty well tapped out.

I'd divided the pasture this summer and we opened the bottom up before we left for vacation. When we came back, I noticed they were in the wrong pasture. I'd pulled them all in to the drylot thinking I could do a quick fix once I felt better. I finally walked out there Sunday night and had to give up on that idea. They'll have the entire pasture for the rest of the summer/fall.

Someone ripped a dozen of the polyposts right off at the stake and rolled the wire right up on itself. They then continued to tear down the rest of the fence along that side of the temporary pasture and drug it through the pasture for me to never find again until I mow. Then they promptly took down another two fence lines so it's a disaster. My only hope is to save what little they didn't damage and hope that we can reuse it again some other time.

Apparently temporary fence is no longer allowed. I am going to have to get serious about real fencing instead of putting up temporary fence. I'm not sure when we went from having everyone respect fence to no one respecting fence. I used to be able to have them in on strand of electric and now, I have them in two strands of solid wire electric and they blow right through it.

I'd really like for them to stay off the top part of the pasture so that they don't burn it down but at this point, I'm unable to do much about it. I was practically sick by the time I walked back up after seeing all that they had destroyed.

And to make matters worse, Lightening is dead lame on his right rear leg. The problem is, I can't do anything about it to even see what's wrong. There's heat right above the hoof but I can't actually check to see if there's something in his foot. I can't bend over even when he's tied and I can't move fast enough if he decides to knock my head off. And of course there's the whole standing back up without passing out part. Ah, medical problems. Gotta love them. Hopefully I can beg for some help tonight and have someone look at his foot. Otherwise, there might be a trip to the vet, yet another expense after yet seeing the bill for Farley, who seems to be back to his normal self.

Sadly, I think there will be less blogs and less social media in the next month. I'm still around and I'm still online all the time but I don't seem to have much positive to talk about as of late. It's all i can do to keep my  mouth shut these days. It'll all be better in a little while (probably after about 12 hours of sleep) but until then, it'll be hit or miss as far as how often I post.

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