Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Wishlist Wednesday

Wishlist Wednesday:

This Wishlist Wednesday, we wish for a hose reel!

Seems like an odd request but we have to drag out almost 300 feet of hose to fill water tanks and it would be nice to have the hoses on a reel rather than having to pick them up every time (or get lazy and leave them on the ground only to get run over or get tangled in the weeds).

We also wish for Luggage Tags!

Seems like an odd request but an other rescue was using luggage tags to identify blankets. And as we are now focusing on cleaning, repairing, and inventorying blankets, it would be nice to have identification for each blanket. I know personally which blanket goes on who but IF we ever get help, it would be nice to have the blankets identified (also so I don't have to dig for the size on those that are the same type of blanket...normally I just look for a particular rip or tear to tell me who's blanket it is). But a tag would be so much easier!

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