Wednesday, November 22, 2017


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Thankful Day 20

Day 20: I am thankful for a 120ft hose to get from the barn to the mares' water tank. Beats lugging 5 gallon buckets.

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Monday, November 20, 2017

A Herd In Motion

Proof that the herd DOES in fact do more than just stand around. They actually DO trot and lope. Of course blogger won't put the pictures in sequential order and I'm too lazy to fix it. But you get the idea. :-)

Thankful Day 19

Day 19. I am thankful for these two handy tools. I won't leave home without them....well at least when I go out to do chores in the winter.

Saturday, November 18, 2017

Thankful Day 18

Day 18. I am thankful my procrastination turned into me being ahead of the game. Found my thermal socks in 30 seconds of digging!

Friday, November 17, 2017

Thankful Day 17

Day 17: I am thankful for warm-ish weather. It beats single digit temps and needing to put on three layers of clothes just to do chores. (Sorry pics are all old, need to be on a different computer).

Thursday, November 16, 2017

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Thankful Day 16

Day 16: I am thankful I was able to do chores in the daylight yesterday evening! I am also thankful the possum didn't reappear (I think he re-homed himself).

Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Thankful Day 15

I am thankful that we had an easy farrier night. Everyone looks to be in order until January so we are set for a little while.

I am even more thankful about our newly acquired kitten. Someone dumped a momma and kitten near my parent's place. The momma was hit on the road and that left the kitten alone but he managed to find his way to my parent's place.

Knowing he wouldn't survive because of the dogs, we took him home. He lasted three days (in a good way). Our farrier fell in love with him but didn't take him home. Well, the kitten thought otherwise. He stowed away in the farrier's truck!! I guess he knew where he needed to be!

I am thankful that he found a loving and caring home. Odd how different encounters can create great things in life.

Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Thankful Day 14

Day 14. I am thankful for this guy (Maverick). He's always curious and keeping me on my toes. Even when I'm blue, he know show to pick me up (or harass me enough to get annoyed and forget about my worries).

Thankful Day 13

Day 13. I am thankful all of our hay is finally home. No more scheduling to find time to get it all home. It's not all paid for but at least it's all here.

Monday, November 13, 2017

The Lucky One

I met this weekend with my beloved mounted drill team to talk about the upcoming season’s practices, performances, and latest horse gossip. I hadn’t seen some of my dear friends since our last performance in July (life is crazy these days). These are the women I ride with, we depend on each other not only while in the arena but outside of the arena. These are not just riding partners, these women (and men) are family.

We also talked about kids, work, riding, and of course horses! During those conversations, we talked about Ivan. Many on the team have experienced a loss of a horse so there is sympathy and empathy. I love this group because they totally understand. Some might not agree with all of my thoughts (I am anti-slaughter) but if not all, most think retirement for these senior horses is a wonderful thing. And if they don’t agree, they don’t disagree and start a disagreement.

What I thought odd was they thanked me for what I do. I have had others that have thanked me for what I do.

But I don’t do anything different than anyone else. Most have a cherished senior horse that they keep until the end. So what I do, keeping old horses until their end, doesn’t seem all that heroic or out of the norm.

I’ve had people tell me they can’t do what I do. But they do! Many I know keep their old horses until the end. In my eyes, they are the same as me. I don’t consider it heroic. I consider it a responsibility to these horses. It’s nothing out of the ordinary really, at least in my thinking.

I guess the only difference is that I do step in to take on the senior horses that others have either turned their back on (sorry that sounds rather harsh) or can’t bear to watch them grow old. But for me, it’s an honor and a privilege to be able to take care of these senior horses. It’s a stressful time watching them near the end of their life on Earth. It’s stressful trying to  make sure that ends meet and to make sure that no one has to sacrifice (except for myself).

But in truth. I should be thanking others. I should be thanking those that provide me the moral support to continue. This past week, after losing Ivan, I saw the amount of moral support that helped me get through my shock. I am grateful to all those that sent and thought well wishes.

I am only me. I am not extraordinary. I am simply doing what I think needs to be done. There is a need, so I am doing my best to fill that need. Providing a retirement home for old horses isn’t anything spectacular. For me, it’s just the right thing to do.

I am the lucky one.

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Thankful Day 12

Day 12: I am thankful to meet new visitors and to show off our Sanctuary horses and what all we do at the Sanctuary.

Thankful Day 11

Getting back into being Thankful for all that we have. Shell shocked over losing Ivan but there is still much to be thankful for.

Day 11:. I am thankful for the men and women who have and are serving this country to keep us safe, which allows me to do what I was called to do. Home of the free because of the brave.

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Thursday, November 9, 2017

What Ivan and Bo Taught Me

I want to thank everyone for their kind thoughts and moral support after Ivan's passing.

I am no stranger to death. Running a Sanctuary for old horses means I am ever watchful of the day we need to say goodbye to one of our loved ones. It's only those that leave this world so suddenly that I am left in shock. I have spent the last few days quietly mourning Ivan's passing and getting back to the old routine. Life continues even in death.

I have run through all the scenarios: what-ifs, what should I have done differently, what did I do wrong. In the end,  it's the same conclusion. Ivan is gone and we must move on.

I am keeping a watchful eye on Brego. He, like me, is in mourning. Unlike myself, Brego lost his best friend, his sidekick, his companion. He is depressed and I worry for him. I worry for him like I worry for my own children. I can't explain to him that Ivan left this world. I can't explain to him that in time, he too will adjust to this change. I cant' explain. So instead, I spend a few extra minutes with him in this very crazy schedule called life and I hope and wish that he can bounce back.

Brego has now lost two best friends in the time that he's lived at the Sanctuary. His first best friend was Sam who we lost a few years ago to old age and ulcers. And now Ivan. How can I explain to him? How can I make him feel better? Only time will tell.

As I mourn for Ivan's passing, I also mourn for Bo's upcoming passing. I am keeping a watchful eye on Bo but I can tell that I am going to have to let him go soon as well. The thought breaks my heart. When the cold spell came, I put a blanket on Bo to ensure he stayed warm and spent his energy trying to maintain what little weight he had to keep comfortable. It's not doing any good. Bo is slowly losing weight. My brain is the logical one telling me to make a phone call now before the snow flies. My heart is holding on and can't bare to say goodbye. It's not even the passing of Ivan that is keeping me from making that dreaded phone call. It's knowing that he, like Ivan, is so very young. That life has handed him every shortcoming imaginable. Yet, instead of holding a grudge to all that has happened, we should take a page from Bo's Book of Life.         Be Happy.         Enjoy the good moments. They will outlast the bad moments. Surround yourself with those that you love and simply be (and preferably be happy in being). Bo is a wonder that I cannot explain. In all that has happened to him, he is still the happy horse. So making a phone call to say that he needs to leave this world is very difficult.

So instead I sit and worry. I mourn for Ivan's passing, I worry for Brego's depression, and I stress over Bo's impending departure from this world. I am simply taking each day as they come.

Ivan's passing is a good reminder. Never take anyone for granted. With the old horses, I know their time will near and I keep a watchful eye on them knowing that their time on this earth is limited. The younger horses (those that came to the Sanctuary before we set criteria on who could come in), are not on my radar. Yet, I sometimes take their presence for granted, as I do with others.

It is a reminder that you should live your life to the fullest. Being a socially awkward introvert, its' hard to be the one living it up at a party or making the most of every day. But I need to remember to appreciate the little things in life, those that are in my life and to recognize them for being a part of my life. It's a lesson I hadn't thought a young horse like Ivan could teach me.

Thank you Ivan for being the stubborn Thoroughbred and reminding me to appreciate all those that surround me in life. Life is a precious gift. Until we meet again...

Monday, November 6, 2017

Goodby Ivan

We lost Ivan last night.

My heart is broken. I can't understand how he could have left. He was young and one of the healthy ones.

I am struggling and running through all the scenarios to figure out what I did wrong. I messed up somewhere. He should be standing at a bale next to his best friend.

Ivan coliced Saturday. We had the vet out Sunday morning to tube and oil him, with minimal improvements.

I stalled him and I think that's my mistake. When I went to check on him Sunday night, he'd cast himself in the stall. They arent' perfect stalls but they work. But I should have given him the entire barn and not just a stall or sent him outside.

Either he hit his head while he was trying to get up or while he was down and rolling, he twisted his gut and threw a blood clot. Either way, he had serious neurological problems. There was no chance of recovery and this was confirmed by two vets.

It's my fault. If only...

I will not be online much this week. I am too heartsick over what happened. Maybe after the shock has worn off but for now...I can't breath let alone speak.

Friday, November 3, 2017

Thankful - Day 3

Facebook reminded me that last year on this day while doing the Thankful challenge, that I was happy for no wind while feeding hay.

I'll have to echo last year's sentiments. I am thankful for no wind. We've had lots of wind lately and it's nice to have a few calm nights and mornings!

It makes everyone happier.
Junior enjoying supper

Lace enjoying her snack

Thursday, November 2, 2017

Thankful - Day 2

Thankful Day 2
I am thankful for happy horses, happy kids, and happy dogs.

Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Happy Halloween

Hope you all had a safe and Happy Halloween!

Bo (trying to be scary)

Thankful - Day 1

A few years back there was a game on Facebook in Novembers to say what you are thankful for. My sister is still, years later doing the Thankful game on Facebook. It's neat to see and it does make you step back and appreciate what you have.

So I'm going to spend November showcasing everything I am thankful for!

November 1:
I am thankful for a brand new automatic waterer (and that it was installed in quick order!)

Brego checking out the waterer

Brand New Ritchie Waterer!

Last year our automatic waterer started giving us problems. The latch broke and that caused a full array of problems to follow. In the end, it  meant needing a new Ritchie waterer. Through two VERY GENEROUS donations we were able to have our new automatic waterer installed before it got really cold.

Thank you to Jennifer G through Thrivent Financial and to an anonymous donor through Fidelity Charity, we were able to buy our automatic waterer through Sioux Nation out of Sioux Falls. Sioux Nation cut us a deal because we are a 501(c)3 non-profit. All such amazing blessings. I am so grateful and thankful to everyone's generous donations. A simple thank you doesn't seem like it's enough but it's what I can offer. I woke up this morning feeling relieved and I didn't know why. But I thought about it while I got ready for work and I figured it out. I wasn't stressed because of you! By your generous donations and by getting the automatic waterer installed, I dont' feel that pressure any more so from the bottom of my heart, Thank You!

I didn't get out right away to take pictures but when I did, I saw Mike drilling into the concrete. I got a little nervous. We did fill a 100 gallon tank in case it all went bad. One week after buying the automatic waterer, we had PeteCompany contact us saying they could also sell us an automatic waterer at a discount. They have 40 years of experience installing Ritchies so I knew if all went poorly, I could call them up and ask for help! Thank you PeteCo. (And no I'm not getting paid for saying their company name but I do like to help out small businesses and they are just getting started, so check them out!)

After a little bit, Mike and Dad got the waterer installed onto the original slab we'd poured back in 2007. Hard to believe we had water problems back in 2007, I thought it was just a few years ago, not 10 years ago! Here Mike is wiring the waterer.

The following picture is a comparison of the two waterers. The new one is so nice and shiny! It's smaller and has only one water bowl where the other one had two but the new one should hopefully be less expensive to run.

So shiny! I'm excited.

The horses weren't so sure about the new waterer. They instead drank out of the water tank (it's behind Brego in this picture). There is a black bungee on just to make sure that the lid stays on. We'll have to come up with something a bit more permanent. The lid just rests on it and with Maverick, we didn't want to take any chances. Maverick will undoubtedly pop the top off and destroy this one of we dont' take precautions.  I am NOT about to have to go through another ordeal like we did last winter!

You can see in the picture the difference in size. The original one covered the entire concrete slab and the pink foam board was the same size. Definitely a difference. I'm not sure we'll try to insulate this one like we did the other one. We get wind from the east so I'd like to cover it but it's too pretty. I think with the board on the back, w'ell be ok. We put that up to help cut down on the wind that rolls up the driveway and slams into the cattle chute and automatic waterer.

We are so thankful and blessed to have such great followers and donors. We couldn't do this without you!

Thank You!!

Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Water Woes

Winter is definitely right around the corner.

Two weeks ago, we were able to secure a new automatic waterer through two very GENEROUS donations. Now we need to get the waterer installed before the temps drop even more. There's hope that we can get the waterer installed this afternoon. It's going to be a big change but I'll be happy to not have to constantly check to make sure Maverick didn't pop the bungee cords off the waterer and mess with the top of the tank to break yet another part. I don't want a skating rink in our drylot again this winter.

So please keep your fingers crossed that all will go well to get it installed. We've been dealing with 40mph wind lately and it's getting old. I'm hoping we dont' have wind today. It blows right up the driveway and almost hits the waterer. We have it protected with a sheet of plywood to help block out the wind. I'll do whatever it takes to keep our electric bills low in the winter but automatic waterer and the tank heaters always make the bills skyrocket during the cold months.

I'll try to do a quick video of we can get working on it this afternoon. Mike had a mandatory meeting this morning for his paying job, so no luck in getting started early. We pretty much have no choice BUT to get it installed today. We are running out of time before serious snow falls. We've had a few flurries but I'm hoping it'll hold off long enough to get the waterer installed, the plowtruck repaired, a couple more blankets waterproofed, and the last load of hay home (although that hay is safe at my cousin's).

So lots to do still. I need to plan better.

Monday, October 30, 2017


In case you wanted to see how I had to pain the barn.

So the first picture is of what I had started way back during Labor Day weekend. I'd finished the bottom because that's what I could reach without a ladder.

And this is what I had to deal with. On the south end, it was a lot more stable. On the north end (where the lean to is, is where it got a little dicey and I had to put a 4x4 under the scaffold to level it out. Yup, not OSHA certified at all!

Life is Never Dull

So the last week has been pretty chaotic. Actually, the last month has been chaotic but let me recap this past week. I'm exhausted just thinking about it.

So the Thursday before last, I had a dentist appointment and right after, we met up with a very generous donor, Jennifer G, who through Thrivent Financial offered to help pay for a portion of a brand new Ritchie automatic waterer. What's even more fantastic about this automatic waterer, we had received a grant donation through an anonymous donor (thank you to whoever you are!!!) through Fidelity Charity and between the two, the Ritchie automatic waterer was COMPLETELY paid for by these two generous donations. Words cannot express my gratitude for your generosity. I will sleep easy knowing that we wont' have any water problems and that I won't walk out one morning (or evening) to see an overflowing waterer with parts scattered all over the drylot. So thank you!! I'll post more on this soon.

Friday night was the typical crazy Friday night relaxing and snuggling with kiddos.

Saturday I went on a trail ride. I'm in charge of the Minnehaha County Saddle Club so I had to go even though the weather was questionable. But I went and rode for a couple of hours. The winds were bad but the trails are all in a hollow so it was great riding. I haven't been able to do much riding lately and I love trail rides.

Sunday I had a get together with some moms to do freezer meals. It's nice to have some meals stashed in the freezer for emergencies! It's all not horse related but in juggling work, kids, horses, and other extra activities, it's nice to know there's a meal waiting for me (even if it's in the freezer).

Monday I had forgotten to schedule my daughter's 2 year appointment so we headed over to get her looked at. All is well as always! We all did flu shots and I was convinced I' be sick on Tuesday because that's whats happened in the past. Luckily I was wrong. But we all crashed early.  To the point where I slept on the hard wood floor the entire night... and didn't care.

Tuesday I had a very good friend come out after work and do some body work called Craniosacral on Bo. It was fun to watch the difference in Bo and how he relaxed. This was all before we knew what was truly going on with him. But I wanted to see if we could do some holistic and natural  means of treating his ulcers. Mike had picked up some Ramona Feed and Bo devoured that like I devour chocolate. He's now completely on Ramona Feed (I'll talk more about that too). While we were with Bo, Mike was putting on the final pieces of Ondura sheet on the barn. There's still more work to be done on the barn but it'll have to wait until spring when it warms up. Ondura cant' bend in colder temps. But with a few more nails at the bottom of the sheets, we are done for the winter. And the barn will stay dry and there should  be no leaks for the next 30 years (fingers crossed). Unfortunately, while Mike was cutting the sheets to size (this is why we didn't get it finished earlier), he sliced his leg open. He said it was a good thing I wasn't there because I would have made him go to the ER (his words!) We are already paying for one ER visit this summer and he didn't want another one so he superglued the cut shut. He's a manly man some days . Luckily he did go in on Thursday to have the doctor look at it and to make sure that everything is healing correctly and not getting infected. So, just remember, when you are cutting stuff, make sure that there's something between you and the blade! And people wonder why I'm so stressed all the time!

Wednesday I took the day off because it was supposed to be the last nice day. I sent the kids off to school and daycare and got to work scraping the barn. I had no hope of getting it all done but I spent 1.5 hours scraping the entire top half of the barn and was ready for primer. Keep in mind I didn't go after the trim or some of the other stuff. I got to work on priming the barn but knew I'd run into trouble. We hadn't bought enough primer so I called Mike up and he met me half way so I wouldn't have to go into the store (and get cleaned up). I got right back to work and had the barn primed (along with what was scraped on my tack room and the new eave of the garage (just one side)) by 12:30!! I was hoofing it to get everything done! I hadn't thought I'd get that far. Of course I wasn't exactly OSHA certified in my methods. Scaffold, resting on a 4x4 with a 6 foot ladder on top. But that's the only way for me to have gotten it done. A little ladder would have forced me to go much slower and I wouldn't have gotten it done. By 1:30 the paint was dry enough and I went out and put a coat of paint on the barn (along with the tack room and eave of the garage). The tack room still needs A LOT more work, it looks rather silly only half painted on one wall but I'll take it. So the barn is officially painted. The top half has primer and paint, and the bottom half has primer and two coats of paint. So we'll hopefully last a while. It doesn't look red neck and it makes the place look less dumpy. Granted, it's only  ONE wall of the barn and not all four sides. But at this point, beggars can't be choosers. But I'm happy to see the progress.

Thursday was Bo's vet appointment. I'll blog about that later. The news really was a blow to me. But after the appointment , I kept it together long enough to swing by and pick up the blankets that had been repaired and headed home. After unloading Bo and crying another river, I went to work putting water proofing on the blankets as they were talking snow on Friday. I got all but one blanket done before I ran out of time. I needed to get to the paying job as they are keeping me hopping too.

I was sorta numb on Thursday so I'm sorry for not posting more. It was all I could do even write those two frightful words, heart failure. But I'm coming to terms with it even though it's taken me this long to be able to write those words again. Only two other words scare me more, and those are meningococcal meningitis. That's what my son battled at 10 months old and survived with no lasting effects (he's one of the strongest people I know).

On Friday, I was still numb from the news but had to get everything in order to help out with our daycare's trunk or treat. We did the cowboy/cowgirl theme. But I had to rush around at 5am finding saddles and tack and whatnot (all in the dark, cold, and wind). Of course the tack was all of what I had lying around the house! So after the trunk or treat I was pretty well played out and hung out with the kids.

Saturday was not a pleasant day. Luckily I had the good sense to blanket Bo and Rain the night before so I knew they'd be snug. Saturday afternoon we took the kids to the Big Sioux Recreation Area Halloween Walk. It was ok but Leila decided that she needed a different costume. One that involved real blood. She fell and bonked her head on the road and as she put it "I ate rocks". She gashed herself and wouldn't you know, the EMTs and an ambulance appeared within 5 minutes. Yup, parent fail. She's no worse for wear other than a scraped up nose. And just as an aside, the ambulance and EMT were there for the walk itself, not because she'd fallen.

So you can see by Sunday, I was just done. We did run up to Madison to drop off mom and dad's camper. Mike winterized it for them and got it parked but Sunday was probably the first "lazy" day that we've had in months. I did have to scramble when we got home to get some chores done. We had to put hay in Saturday after all the commotion and the horses apparently pulled the nets off two of the bales. These are the small bales so the nets don't stay on well. We still have hay to unload off the trailer. We should have done it the Friday before last but I think both Mike and I were done in.

This week isn't going to be any quieter. Today is probably the quietest day and we'll be dealing with wind, which we've been dealing with all of last week. We're not talking a 20 mph wind, we're talking Wind Advisories and 40 mph wind with gusts even stronger. It wears on a body.

This week looks like more bad weather rolling in so there's a close eye on the horses, Mike suggested taking Tuesday off to put the new automatic waterer in before it really gets cold and we have problems (there's no heater on the waterer thanks to Maverick), and then there's the kids's Halloween activities. So another not so quiet week ahead of us to prep for winter.

So if I don't post much, it's not that we aren't here, it's that we are too busy. We still need to get a bunch of stuff wrapped up before any accumulating snow appears. Hopefully this week I'll have time to actually post but the paying job has me hopping. I'm behind in everything these days.

Friday, October 27, 2017

Bo's Diagnosis

I don’t know where to start. I don’t know how to speak the words to soften the harsh words. My mind can’t seem to come up with a better way to say the words I hadn’t prepared to hear.


Heart Failure

That was Bo’s prognosis from the vet yesterday. I cannot deny the facts. I cannot question the vet’s diagnosis. I heard it for myself. I felt it for myself.


Bo has heart failure.

Tuesday, October 24, 2017


Mike put it best when he said "Bo is in a body of a 30 year old even though he's 16."

We had a mare that we lost at the age of 16 because she had teeth of a 30+ year old. I've never lost one at that young of an age until we said goodbye to Blondie (registered name Sun Gold Doll).

For the past three nights, Bo has been off his feed. It's ulcers. Very obvious ulcers. Although he has a long list of other ailments going on right now as well. I've been feeding him a mixture of soaked beet pulp shreds, senior, and purina strategy, along with dumor weight booster. I had hoped the beet pulp would keep the ulcers at bay but help pack on the weight. He'd been on this proportion for the past month or more but with no signs of improvement. In fact, the ulcers flared but what am I supposed to do? Without additional supplements, like grain, he'll lose weigh.

We don't have high quality, dairy quality hay this year so I'm not sure what's going to happen (to him or any of the others). He HAS to have a supplement to keep what little weight he has on him. I thought last night I would try just soaked beet pulp and a few alfalfa pellets. It was a no go. He ate half and showed signs of discomfort. So any supplement is going to cause him problems.

We are picking up some Ramona feed to see if that helps but if beet pulp doesn't help, this feed wont' either. But I can add it to Junior's feed and I know he'll perk up.

A very good friend has offered to do a holistic sort of exam on him so I'm going to take her up on that offer. If we can get his pain under control without having to constantly medicate him, my life would be much simpler.

The vet said we'd most likely have to put him on omperizal. It's somewhere between $8-10 a tube. A tube contains two treatments for resolving the issue and it would take about 10 days of daily treatment. Then he'd be on daily maintenance treatment. A tube contains 4 daily maintenance treatments. He's 16. To keep him comfortable for a year, I'll be spending $750 for one year (if I did my math right). That's one little flatbed pull of hay. And what's the say the price wont' go up during the next 10 years?

We don't have a lot of supporters. We have very few followers but are ever grateful for everyone that reads the blog, Facebook posts, twitter posts, and watches the Facebook videos. But there's no way I can raise $750 for Bo's yearly treatment for the next 10 years. We couldn't raise the $400 for Mayhem's surgery and that'll come out of my personal pocket when it becomes an emergency.

Do I sacrifice and try to make a go of it with the treatments?

If we do, we subsequently shut the doors to ANY deserving senior that needs a place to call home until Bo crosses the rainbow bridge. There's so many that need a place to call home. In the 11 years we've been providing sanctuary, we've said goodbye to 10+ horses. We'd therefore be closing our doors to any opportunity to provide a safe place for 10+ horses because we can't responsibly bring in anyone else if Bo is going to cost the same amount as what we pay in hay.

Is it ethical to look at the terrible alternative if euthanasia? He's YOUNG! 16 is NOT old. It doesn't seem to be right to even consider the option. There's a possible treatment plan for him but money and time gets in the way of it.

I'm sure I'll have someone suggest or offer to take him but I can't send him to another rescue because I have to send Zeke with. I'm not going to separate best friends. But I promised Zeke he'd stay with me forever. He looks like a riding horse, so someone would take him and ride the snot out of him. They'd put all kinds of people on him and he DESERVES a retirement. Just because he's 25, it doesn't mean he looks that way and I can't ensure that he would get used hard. So I can't sacrifice one horse for another.

I'm sure the vet will provide some answers but I know what they are. Ulcer treatment and then maintenance for the rest of his life. He doesn't take treatments well. How long will he take these treatments without getting really, really bad. I can't risk getting hurt either. It was all I could do to get the banamine in him and he wasn't feeling good. What happens when he's full of vim and vinegar?

So what do I do?

Showcasing a Roll

Rain wanted to showcase a good roll and how to get up afterwards

Monday, October 23, 2017

Meet Maverick

I forgot to post last week so I suppose it's better late than never.

Meet Maverick

The following image is one I've used often and it's of Maverick.

Maverick came to use in October 2009 on a rainy night. I'd just come home from a birthday party and it was raining and getting late. I noticed that two horses were in our pasture that didn't belong there. They were Brego and Maverick. They'd been in with Queen, who'd they'd been with in their previous home.

I had agreed to take Maverick and Brego but needed a bit of time to get things ready. The owner must have thought he'd waited long enough and dropped them off. Brego was thin and Maverick was a little underweight. As a two year old, he'd been sent to a trainer but I knew the methods in which he'd been trained and wanted a different trainer.

I was originally scared of him. I'm prone to swing my legs over corral panels and expecting horses to get out of the way. Maverick didn't and threw a hoof at me when I got on the ground. He had the better of me so in the spring, I sent him to a trainer (on my dime, not the Sanctuary's). He came back a bombproof horse. To the point where he was taught not to lope while under saddle. I wish I could get him to lope, but that's not in the cards right now and he'll make a fantastic riding horse for the little kids.

Maverick is a total ham. He's always inquisitive and trying to figure things out. He's downright bored at times and finds things to entertain himself. That includes untying notes, pulling off fly masks, ripping blankets, pulling the siding off the barn, and destroying automatic waterers. I have a jolly ball for him but that doesn't seem to entertain him enough.

He's best friends with Jim. It's an odd combination. A 12 year old is best friends with a 30 year old and Jim is the stoic one while Maverick is the clown, always trying to see what's going on. He's a total extrovert.

Maverick has really proven himself. I though the was a diamond in the rough, but in truth, he's simply a sorrel diamond. If I rode more, he'd be less inquisitive (I hope) and he'd probably feel more fulfilled but there's not enough time in the day. This is not an invite to offer to ride him. I'm simply saying that he needs more of a job than he has, which is nothing. But we'll get there. I've had people want to buy him or ask for a good riding horse and he'd fit the bill But I made a promise, and I stick by my promise. And that's to keep him at the Sanctuary until his last breath.

So for now,  I'll continue to deal with Maverick's antics and hope that this Christmas he doesn't destroy the automatic waterer. He's an easy keeper and only needs hay Of course he could go for some additional toys to keep him occupied. I and his herd mates would greatly appreciate the reprieve from his antics.