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We provide a dignified, permanent retirement home for senior equines and equines with special needs. Special needs include partial blind, fully blind, lameness issues, heaves, etc.

Borderlands Horse Sanctuary provides a safe haven for the old, the unwanted, and the unlucky because all life has value. We believe that horse ownership is a privilege and not a right. Responsible horse owners should recognize the life time commitment of properly owning and caring for a horse.

Borderlands Horse Sanctuary started in May 2006 when we brought home an unhandled yearling stud (Chaos). We worked quietly behind the scenes taking in horses from auctions and from owners who no longer wanted them.

After saying goodbye to a number of senior horses, in 2011 we decided to refocus our attention to senior horses and provided a permanent retirement home. We occasionally will rescue a horse in need at an auction but with the intent that if the horse is young, he/she will be put up for adoption.

We have had approximately 30 horses come through our doors and stay until it was time to say goodbye and wish them safe running in greener pastures (with three exceptions, Savanna, Jett (formerly Sir Prize), and Prince, who are now enjoying a life with their new owners).

We are a non-profit with in the state of South Dakota and are currently finalizing paperwork for 501(c)3 status.

You can also see some of our news on our website at borderlandshorsesanctuary.com.
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