Friday, September 22, 2017

20 Degree Shift

We are going into a HEAT Advisory for this afternoon (only because it's fall and we arent' supposed to be in the 90s). And yet, I just saw a picture of Hot Springs and it's snowing. That's only about 6 hours away from us and there's snow. Crazy weather. So much for fall. I think we'll move straight from summer to winter based on the temps this weekend!

For those not around the area, we are near Sioux Falls (on the east side of the state) and hot springs is near-ish Rapid City on the west side of the state.

Nothing like a 10 degree swing in temperatures for the next couple of days!

Thanks South Dakota for ya!

Look Whos Driving

I needed to pick up Junior and Lace yesterday and figured I might as well take the dogs to the vet for their yearly shots. I'm all about killing two birds with one stone (sorry, hate that expression but that's totally what I'm filling...getting stuff off my to do list). Time is so limited these days that I have to really sit down and figure out how to squeeze in all that has to get done.

Junior and Lace needed to come home but will hopefully be going back in a couple of weeks. Junior already looks better being on the pasture in Madison so I'm hoping we can get him back up there for a little bit longer. I am already stressed and worried about Bo. I'd rather have only one horse to really worry about rather than two (ok, so I worry anyway but it's different).

Penny was due for her shots so I figured I'd run to the vet and then pick up the horses.

Can you tell they were not impressed with me after their vet appointment.

Farley loves to travel. Penny, not so much. But hopefully we can fix that. Penny is very much overweight and Farley is about right, sitting at 82 pounds. Unfortunately, he's too big for me to lift in and out of the truck but he needs help getting in and out. This is why we dont' travel with him...and he farts. All. The. Time.

This was my view after I got Lace and Junior loaded. Penny tried to talk me into letting her drive home. Not yet girly. you need to be able to see over the steering wheel. :-)

But all is good again and hopefully we can convince Penny that traveling isnt' such a bad thing.

Crazy Weather

It's 74 degrees this morning. Umm, it's September 22. What's going on?!!?! This is July weather, not September weather. My only regret is that I cant' take the day off the paying job to take advantage of the nice weather and get a bunch of stuff done outside. I need to get blankets washed, repaired, and waterproofed before the temps drop. But not sure that's going to happen. After today and tomorrow, the temps are dropping but I'm not going to be able to get any outside projects done.

So I guess we play it by ear. I just hope that we can finish up with the hay barn before the snow flies. Everything else, I can make do with what we have. There are just a few projects that HAVE to be done. Going to try and be realistic in what can and cant' get done before the first snow.

And all while trying to prep for the playday.

Yep, I'm in panic mode.

Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Belated Thank Yous

I'm behind in my thank yous so they are going to be random as far as how far back I should have been posting these. I am too far behind that if I continue to stay behind, maybe I'll be ahead of the game?!?!

So I want to say two HUGE thank yous in this post.

The firs thank you is to Lori H. for your monetary donation. We'll use the funds towards our 2017-2018 Winter Hay Fund! For those that don't know, Lori has a knack for knowing just when I need a pick me up. She's like a guardian angel to not only the Sanctuary but to me too. She also generously donated towards the euthanasia of the coworker's horse. Luckily they found a different owner, that will hopefully do right by the horse. But Lori graciously offered to help fund the euthanasia if that became the choice we had to make. So a huge thank you to Lori.

I also wanted to thank Jenny M. for their monetary donation. We'll use the funds towards our 2017-2018 Winter Hay Fund. Every dollar counts and we consider ourselves very blessed to have donations to keep the horses fat and sassy this winter.

So from the bottom of my heart, thank you thank you thank you.

I am always so very humbled by everyone's generosity. I started the Sanctuary because horses are my passion. To have such amazing supporters makes me proud to do what I do. You make it possible to follow my dream and my life long goal to help senior horses. It's truly humbling.

Every dollar counts towards the 2017-2018 Winter Hay Fund. If we are able to exceed the hay bill, we will look at purchasing additional hay and hopefully being able to open our doors to another deserving senior horse.

So from the bottom of my heart (and from the horses as well), thank you for your kindness, generosity and moral support.

And this isn't all. There's more thank yous that need to go around but its' getting late and tomorrow will be here before I know it.


Talk about the calm before the storm. After getting done with the paying job, I rushed home so that I  would have time to grab the horses I  needed for the farrier. It was super windy, like crazy windy. I hadn't remembered it being that windy earlier but I'd been so wrapped up with the paying job that I hadn't really noticed. Least to say the paying job is putting me to the test so there's not much left of me at the end of the day. I think that's part of the reason there's so little to report. I'm exhausted and I'm doing minimal chores.

But back to yesterday. We trimmed up King and Lightening. Lightening needs more work on trimming. It's so hard to know a horse's past. The feet tell a lot and even though Lightening may have been cared for (he's my personal horse), certain aspects were neglected, like teaching him to stand and accept trimming and rasping. I can't really say too much because there's a couple in the herd that can't get their feet done because they were never taught, and that's my fault.

But all in all, both did well. King's feet are doing well. He's been lame for awhile with bruising but it seems like the bruising is minimal this time around. Because there's a nip in the air, we opted to forego the shoes like we'd talked about last month. We won't have another trim scheduled until November. Everyone is looking pretty good so we pushed it out until November.

While we were working on the horses, Mike went up to put a sheet of Ondrua on the hay barn. When we were forced to quit this weekend because of the mosquitoes, we'd had to leave the vent hole open. We'd run out of screws to put the purlins in so that was the end of that. But Mike got more screws (who knew you'd need more than a 5 pound box of screws for this project, and that's just for the purlins). But the hole is covered. And I am sure glad Mike got it done last night, even if he did have to fight the wind.

About 11pm the wind picked up even more and a storm blew through the Sanctuary. We missed the reported tornados but the weather was bad enough to send me into a tizzy. After being a half a mile away from a tornado, I'm a little bit more freaked out about storms. But after an hour the storm had passed and all was right with the world again.

I didn't see any damage this morning but it's hard to see much in the dark. I am SO not ready for morning chores in the dark. If only I could have morning and evening chores in the daylight for a few months more. Having only one month where the sun is actually up when I do chores is just not enough!

We still have lots to do but I dont' see me getting any of it done. I need to bring Junior and Lace home either Thursday or Friday depending on the paying job's workload. And it's time I have to start feeding the ponies hay again. I am NOT looking forward to that. I was hoping to hold off on feeding hay for at least a couple more weeks but I don't see that happening.

Because I'll be running around, I probably wont' be able to do the Thursday noon Live session on non-horse related but sanctuary related topics. Either I'll be at the paying job or picking up horses (and my data plan is about out of data does that happen?!)

I have more good news coming but still need to find more time to share it. Excited to release the new layout of our website but it needs a lot more work. But "steady as she goes" is how it's going to have to be for awhile.

Tuesday, September 19, 2017

New Website

One of the many bits of exciting information I've been itching to share is our new layout of the website. Still the same URL but a whole new look and feel. There's still a lot of tweaking that needs to be done on the site but I wanted to get something out there that was a bit more up-to-date.

If you have ideas on what we can do to improve the site, I'd love to hear them. Hopefully there will be much more added and modified to make the site even more interesting.

More and More Exciting News

I have so much exciting news I want to share but I need more than 30 seconds to compose what I want to say. Because there's so much to share!! The problem is, the paying job has me hopping so I'm a little stressed out about getting stuff done.

So I just wanted to say, there's lots going on behinds the scenes and lots of HUGE THANK YOUS coming out soon too!

But for now, I have to get back to the paying job. I think maybe I need to put on my resume something about juggling two jobs/careers (not including a family)....can you tell I had to do my performance review for my paying job?!

ok, enough about boring stuff. Will have lots to share soon... I hope.

Keep checking back, I promise to share all the amazing news soon.