Sunday, December 4, 2016

Caption This

More goodies from the ol' archive. 

Can you caption this sequence of events from Chaos and Maverick?

Monday, November 28, 2016

Rain, Rain, Go Away

As my husband would say "I'm in a mood" and I guess I have been for awhile. The paying job is working me over but the rush jobs and poor planning should be over this coming week. Then I can hopefully put my focus towards the Sanctuary. But we'll see. I finally had to get nasty about finishing up some of our remodel projects before Christmas. So my attention has been elsewhere for quite some time. (The first remodel job started in March and the second in June and neither are done so you can maybe feel my pain).

But enough of my nagging. On to better things....the horses!!!!

So I have the mares and Junior in the pasture near the barn to make life easier for me to haul water (and it's much better protection from the weather). Speaking of weather, we have a nasty storm rolling in right now. It's been raining all afternoon and not just a little drizzle either. When I went out to do chores around 4pm (because I insisted that I would do chores in the LIGHT during the weekend), it downpoured. I'm not sure if my coat will be dried out by tomorrow morning or not.

I would feel better with stalling horses but no one seemed all that worked up. So instead, I opted to throw blankets on the delicate flowers and go with the flow (and hope that they dont' rip them to shreds before real winter sets in). But my thinking is that if we get a ton of rain, the horses will get wet, and then they will get chilled. Chilled horses = bad. So, I opted to get drenched and blanket horses. Some were ok with it while others gave me the stink eye.

I think there's something wrong with Junior's eyesight. He is more flighty now than he ever was. I knew he was touchy about his back end but now, any time I haul a hose near him or do anything fast, he gets upset. So I'm wondering if he's starting to lose his eyesight. He's 28 so I expect a few more ailments coming his way. But it's hard to take knowing that he's uncomfortable. He wasn't too thrilled with the blanket but Rabbit seemed rather pleased. She really is a dear. She simply doens't feel good with all the muscle pain. I need to find someone who will do massage for free.


I was digging around in the ol' archive and came up with a few good pictures. All my recent pictures are on my phone and I can't get them off because I cant' find the cord to download them. The other set of pictures are on a flash drive that went awol. Yes, this place is a madhouse. I had such high hopes that this year I would be more organized. I should know better.

But the reason I was looking through old pictures is that Gentle Spirits Horse Rescue and Borderlands Horse Sanctuary are having a fundraiser at our local Tractor Supply Company and Horse & Hound. We'll have a Wish Tree with a list of all our needs, along with pictures of all our residents.

Gentle Spirits is doing all the work (thank you!!) and all I had to do was look through pictures. There's so many good ones but so little time to pick them out when you have a one year old vying for your time. But stop on over to TSC or Horse & Hound if you are local and check it out. I'm not exactly sure when the trees go up but check it out!

I'll post our wish list soon.


As always, I'm terrible at planning. I signed up to participate in the vendor area of the Hartford Christmas this Sunday. I figured having a booth might help promote the Sanctuary and get our name out there. I have so many ideas and so little time but I thought this might be one way to get out there. We'll see if it was worth my time and money. I'll have items up for sale and it would be nice to get them sold so that there's less stuff in the house (as Mike points out there's too much stuff).

So stop on our to Hartford, SD around noon. I'll be there promoting the Sanctuary!!

Chaos  (pics are all from last fall -- 2015)

I know there's more but I'm drawing a blank. The paying job is cracking down on certain websites and I'm afraid blogger is one of them. So my posts my be few and far between until I can train myself to sit down and write posts at night. We'll see how it goes. There's so much that needs to be done but when you're snuggling with kids, it's really hard to give that up and do research and just try and ways to promote the Sanctuary and make ends meet.

Hopefully by this coming weekend, I'll be at least a little at wits ends and can really start tackling some projects. But we'll see. I'm sure I'll be in panic mode by Wednesday. And if the weather continues down the path that it is...rain turning to snow, I'm going to really freak out!

Sunday, November 27, 2016

Caption This

It's been awhile since I last posted. The paying job is going to make blogging a bit more tricky so the posts may be a bit more sporadic until I can dedicate more face time with the computer.

But in the meantime, I found these goodies in the ol' archive and figured I'd share. Can you caption this sequence of events between Brego (on the left) and Ivan (on the right)?

Monday, November 21, 2016


So, after posting one to two days after about being in blizzard alley, we get our first snow storm. Not only that, but it was bad enough that they called off my work (and usually hell has to freeze over before that happens). There was enough wind that it was hard to know exactly how much snow we actually got. At one point, I was hauling water with two five gallon pales and the snow was dragging on the bales (a curse of being short).

I knew we were to get snow but I wasn't expecting the cold to come barreling down on us as well. I didn't get a heater on the big water tank until Saturday and the ponies don't have a tank heater because the outlet burned up where I need to plug it in. So it looks like I'll be spending all winter hauling and smashing ice multiple times a day.

On the bright side, my lack of time did save my butt. I never turned off the heater on the automatic waterer so it never did freeze over. Unfortunately, the insulation somehow shifted this summer and dropped down on the part that makes it automatic so it was overflowing. Mike couldn't get the lid popped off but was able to wiggle the insulation out. Unfortunately, there's no insulation now in the automatic waterer so we are headed for disaster if he doesnt' get off his lazy butt. I expect impending doom on the automatic waterer later this week (because I dont' foresee Mike doing anything this week...why... I have no. idea....can you tell I'm grumpy).

Nothing too exciting going on otherwise. I was hoping the temps would warm up a bit so I could pull blankets off Bo and Rain. I put blankets on those two because Rain can't handle any little bit of cold (he still doesn't have a winter coat and wont' get one) and Bo needs to pack on a few more pounds before I am satisfied. I dont' foresee him packing on the pounds very well now that winter is here.

But we have different hay and they are powering through it. It's got a hint of alfalfa in it so the horses are powering through it. We  need to put in bales tonight before the next storm rolls through. I guess the next storm is mostly freezing drizzle, so no six inches of snow to contend with at the least.

I had planned on going in to buy grain on Saturday but the kiddos were sick so figured we'd stay home. But we did run in to TSC to pick up some grain. I haven't quite figured out how long grain will last. I'm only graining three but as winter progresses, I'll have to start graining others (Jim, Rain, Brego, Zeke).

I need to have the farrier out to trim up Rabbit and Dude. Unfortunately, our farrier wants to retire so I'm in search of a new farrier. I'm struggling to find one.

There's a lot to do lately but I'm stressed and with stress, I sleep. I wish I had insomnia instead. Then I could get more done. The holidays will be here and the house is a disaster. To the point where I can't feel comfortable any  more and it's wearing on my nerves. So hopefully I'll still be around to post a few ramblings but if not, it's because I'm too cranky and dont' want to ruin the upcoming holidays for anyone. It's all very little and minuet but still very irritating. People dont' realize that their actions really do irritate me. Don't treat my ideas like they are stupid and don't ignore me. It's not a hard concept.

Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Blizzard Alley

This post made me laugh. Apparently we are in "Blizzard Alley"... average 1-2 blizzards a year (41 to 74 from 1959 - 2000).

Here's a few experts that caught my eye (and made me laugh)

The annual probability of a blizzard exceeded 50 percent through all of North Dakota and Minnesota, as well as most of South Dakota, western Nebraska, northwestern Iowa and northeastern Colorado.  This includes the cities of Minneapolis, Duluth, Sioux Falls, Rapid City, Fargo and Grand Forks.

One reason is the terrain of generally flat land, along with some hills and streams. The lack of trees also makes a difference in that trees provide friction that can help to lessen the wind. The combination of the land and the lack of trees allows strong, cold winds to blow southward from Canada across the northern Plains.
Also, this area is frequented by strong low-pressure systems intensifying to the east of the Rocky Mountains, tapping cold, Arctic air behind them. This means significant snow events in this area are often accompanied by strong winds, sometimes exceeding blizzard criteria.
Maybe that's why I get freaked out over winter. So many blizzards. Wonder what they would say about those storms that were never marked as blizzards but came darn close!?

Winter will Be Here Friday

We are going to be in a Winter Storm Watch starting Friday. Winter will be here. A Blizzard Watch to the north of us. The weatherman isn't sure if the pattern will change. So, winter begins Friday

I may post more later but I wasn't expecting a blizzard to the north of us. I should know better. Still lots to get done before the first snowflake appears. At least we have half of our hay. But I keep tossing around the idea that we should pick up a Lantry mustang. But that means the waiting list to get into the Sanctuary will have to be on hold. It's not our focus to take in a younger horse but the alternative. But then there's the time and funds, which I have neither. So I don't know. I guess we'll just see how it all plays out.

but until then, I'll be running around trying to get things tucked away. I came home last night to hoses hanging from all sort of odd places. Hoses were hanging like Christmas lights. Some days the help I do get is a lot more work than it really needs to be.

but I'm grumbly this morning so I won't go any further.

I just wanted to say, winter will be here in two days. eek!

Monday, November 14, 2016

Getting Stuff Done

I was feeling rather confident this weekend and even up to this morning. And then reality hit me in the face and I'm feeling overwhelmed again. One step forward, two steps back. I just have to remember, it'll all get done (or it won't) and in the long run, it doesn't really matter...well...sorta. It does matter when there's no shingles on a roof and the barn roof is leaking I noticed this weekend that the hay barn is missing shingles. I knew it leaked but now it's going to leak even more. I have a third of the materials to do one side of the roof. I am not sure if I can get up there or not but I guess I have to. It's simply a matter of time. I'll need the tractor and a good solid few hours to put the ondura sheeting on to cover the hole. I guess I'm going to be pushing for that project as well. It never ends.

But I'll get there. Slow and steady.

With the long holiday, I spent Veteran's Day celebrating with my family, relaxing and enjoying the nice weather. It was nice to get away from the stresses (even if they were still bouncing around in my head).

Saturday Mike worked on the flatbed trailer. He put a whole new floor in it. Now if I could just figure out how to convince him to put a new floor in the horse trailer. It'll need to be done soon. I wish we could have had more time before the weather turns bad to tackle one last outside project (ok two).

Sunday we hauled hay. My hay guy is my uncle and he's also a farmer so I can't get irritated with him by not having my entire load of hay delivered. We used to do big squares and those had to be out of the field immediately. Switching to rounds has been a game changer for me. Not all the hay is delivered at the same time (logic of my uncle's) but it makes it tricky to get it to the Sanctuary.

We'd been doing the onsy, twosy trips up to pick up a couple of bales but I NEEDED to get a full load brought down before the first snow flies. I don't want to try to maneuver around our yard with a trailer and tractor when there's snow (and mud).

So we were able to finagle two loads of hay. But it meant going up and getting it ourselves. No problem! Luckily my uncle had the first load loaded up on the flatbed and we used his truck and trailer. His trailer holds 11 and our trailer holds 3. Big difference. But it takes a half an hour to drive up and another half an hour to drive back home. Do that three times and you've got a solid three hours just in drive time (but imagine going a little slower because you're hauling hay AND borrowing someone else's equipment). Then there's unloading, which for us takes awhile. It probably took us a solid 45 minutes or so to unload the 11 bales, where it takes my uncle maybe 10. I won't complain. I'm happy to have a tractor with a loader rather than just the old chevy, using the pull and drag method.

I'd made arrangements earlier in the day to have my farrier come out and do a quick trim on King and Tommy. I need to find a different farrier who can work with Rabbit. She needs to be trimmed every four weeks (my farrier is looking to retire). So we squeezed in two quick trims and two loads of hay.

It felt good to have half of our winter hay sitting in the yard. Now to get it all paid for.

I still need to send out thank you notes and receipts for the fundraisers from last month. I'm so far behind. I'm hoping that I can tackle those projects this week. I'm tired of being behind on everything. Who needs to sleep right? I am hoping the stress from the paying job is about over (at least for this big push on a project). So instead of having to work 3-4 hours every night on the paying job projects, I can work 2-3 hours on Sanctuary and household projects. The garage is still full of stuff from my sister's house (from when she moved last month) and it all needs to get in to the house before it snows. I do not want to scrape my car every morning and push off snow. So there's yet more tasks that have to be done before Friday morning. A bit of a challenge to clear out the garage to get cars in. Wherever there's a flat surface, junk piles up. I also need to move the ponies to their winter pen. It'll mean hauling water a shorter distance and not having to wander in the dark as far. I'm hoping to cut my chores down in the morning to a minimum. I'll get there. Just a matter of time...although I'm limited on that and the threat of snow is causing me some stress.

I am ready to go back on vacation. Who's with me?