Wednesday, December 17, 2014


An interesting read. I am a fan of the show Heartland and was excited when they touched on rescue horses and slaughter (and they touch on it every once in a while)...

So I'm a little disappointed and discouraged. Many horses need and deserve a retirement home. I only wish the Sanctuary could do more.

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Snowdrifts and Winter

The weatherman said we had about four inches of snow. I would have to agree. Unfortunately, we also had wind, which meant drifting. I am hoping that Mike can get out with the snowplow and push snow around so that I don't have to  haul water back to the mares and Junior in four inches of snow. I really don't want to drag water buckets through the snow.

When I went to let the mares and Junior out of their stalls, their blankets were still crinkling. I guess the stalls in the hay shed aren't as warm as in the barn. The horses in the barn all had dry blankets. I'm a little worried about Jim's blanket. It's canvas. The inside was nice and dry but the canvas part was wet. I'll check it tonight during chores and see if I have to swap out blankets. I like having a few spares on hand but I'm running low on spares. Spares consist of torn up blankets that will do in a pinch but can't be used long term...or are someone else's blanket.

This morning I got ready to go to the paying job. Chores took me longer than expected but they always do when I have to stall everyone. Chores normally take 10 minutes (just throwing hay). This morning they took over a half an hour. I hopped in the car and headed on my way knowing the roads would be slick. I was a little worried when I plowed through the first snowdrift but didn't think anything more of it until the next snowdrift loomed ahead. I didn't think it was deep.

I. Was. Wrong.

My finger was on redial until Mike picked up. It didn't take long to get back out of the snowdrift but I'll be avoiding that road whenever the wind picks up. The only problem is, that's the main (and fasted) route to get to a paved road. Some of the other roads are just as impassible as others. Luckily the paying job is fairly understanding but I ended up staying home with our son to avoid getting caught in another snow bank.

Winter has returned. :-(

On the bright side, Mike did go to work (and got stuck in the same snowdrift that I did but managed to get out after a half an hour of digging) and went to pay the hay guy for our hay. I'm hoping that we'll have our six round bales delivered some time after Christmas.

I would love to fundraise for more hay. We got asked to take a mare but without more hay, I can't. And we are currently fundraising for Mayhem's hernia surgery. I have decided to up the anty on the fundraising but haven't gotten everything lined up just yet. So keep checking back for more details!

Monday, December 15, 2014

December Storm

I figured I had just a few minutes before I needed to do chores so I went out with the camera. The boys were not happy with having to wait while I took pictures. Kicking myself for not blanketing everyone. I only blanketed the hard keepers and I should have blanketed everyone. That will teach me for the next storm. 

Everyone is tucked into their respective stalls tonight enjoying their evening meal and staying warm and dry. Such a big change from two days ago.

Mares and Junior

The mares and Junior this past weekend before the storm hit.  The mares decided to join Junior (and steal his hay). 

Junior and his Blanket

Thank you Erin from Head Heart Hooves ( for giving Junior a blanket. With today's terrible rain, freezing rain, and then snow, I'm sure glad Junior has a nice warm blanket to snuggle in to.

It's still a trial and error to see if we can get the back leg straps on. There's something with his back legs that he wont' allow anyone to touch them (or get near). I thought it was only the left rear leg but apparently it's both legs. 

Once his blanket thaws out, I'll readjust and make sure that the blanket doesn't slip any farther. The freezing rain made all the blankets freeze in place.

I also want to thank Nadine M for finishing up Junior's fundraiser for hay. We are now fully funded for Junior's hay. And even better, just today we found someone selling hay/alfalfa round bales and the guy will deliver for a small fee. We'd have to make two trips (ended up buying six bales because that' what the guy had on hand), so instead opted to have it delivered for a very small fee. Well worth our time.

Now we have to coordinate schedules, something that's a little tough with Christmas right around the corner.


We've had some crazy weather in the last 24 hours. I'll write more about it soon and post pictures of the herd. We have lots going on and lots to share. But I have the chance to do chores in the daylight, so I'm going to take advantage of this rare opportunity!

Check back later tonight or first thing tomorrow morning for pictures!

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Gentle Spirits - Polly those that might have read this post already.. I mistook Polly for Farrah...

On the way home from work yesterday, I saw Gentle Spirits Horse Sanctuary heading to Cedar Ridge. I decided to swing by and say hello since I hadn't seen them in awhile. They had a trailer load of horses ready for the farrier. I didn't get a chance to stay for very long or to really hang out with the horses but I did get to meet Polly. The pictures don't do this girl justice.

Oh sure, from a distance she may look like any other sorrel mare but she has a distinct coloring that a camera can't pick up. I didn't get to play with her since there were a few distractions (for me, not for Farrah) but she seemed very even keeled and unflappable even though there were horses in the arena and she was tied between herd mates waiting for their turn to get a pedicure.

I didn't mess with her like I would have liked but even with all the commotion, she seemed to take it all in stride. She is available for adoption and I think whoever sees her for the gem that she is, will be surprised at what a bond they'll have with her.

I know that people are interested in color and would prefer something other than sorrel. But speaking from experience with Ace and now Maverick, these sorrels are diamonds in the rough. All they need is a little bit of polish and they will shine brighter than any diamond.

Haven't not been around Farrah but for more than but a few minutes, I still got the impression that she would take care of her owner. I also expect that she'd also take care of her rider after the bond is established.

So if you get a chance, stop on over to Gentle Spirits and check out Polly (and her sister Farrah). Both are sorrel mares that with a little bit of polish will really shine on the trail or in the show ring.