Tuesday, October 21, 2014

#NPCommPix - Day 18: Homework

Attending Empowerment Ventures and working through projects. Good way to get a good understanding of starting a business or non-profit.

#NPCommPix - Day 17: Fun

Maverick has taught me to enjoy life and have fun.

#NPCommPix - Day 16: Take a Break

Once a year we do get a way from the Sanctuary for a short break and enjoy the scenery of the Black Hills

#NPCommPix - Day 15: Surprise

Although not recent, this little guy was a surprise at the Sanctuary. He was named Sir Prize (now affectionately called Jett)

#NPCommPix - Day 14: Storytelling

Each horse has a story. Some are more heart wrenching than others.

#NPCommPix - Day 13: Treasure

I treasure the sunsets and gorgeous South Dakota sunsets.

#NPCommPix - Day 12: Talent

Skippy is a tiny package with a lot of talent