Friday, July 28, 2017

$5 Friday

It’s $5 Friday!

We are picking up hay. We picked up the first of four loads last night and will pick up the second load tonight. These bales cost us $35 and we are bringing home 25 bales with the potential to bring home an additional 16 (we'll know more next week). These bales are smaller than our normal 1800lb bales which will hold a horse for a month. I'm not sure how fast the horses will eat through one bale of this size but I'm guessing with a herd of 11 eating, we'll go through three or four a week.
We are building up our winter hay supply and need your help! Our small Sanctuary is supported by many donors who cannot share a lot but what they share is huge.

Every donation matters, and we are grateful you have chosen to help us with our mission, "Giving each horse a dignified retirement".

Did you know, $5 buys one bale of hay and feeds a horse for a day? We have 15 horses in our Sanctuary enjoying retirement. We start feeding hay mid to late October and continue through May. Would you like to feed one of our Sanctuary horses for a day?

You can donate to or send checks to:
Borderlands Horse Sanctuary
PO Box 35
Humboldt, SD 57035

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