Friday, July 7, 2017

Pastures and Drought

I was going to do a live video of morning check in (and release to the pasture) but I was running late. I wish I would have done it anyway. Everyone walked out single file, nice and calm. It was fun to watch. But as always, I'd hit snooze too many times and had to book it to get everything done before heading to the paying job.

I need to move Mayhem and the ponies. Their little pasture is done so now I'm in search of another place to put them where they can graze. Mayhem may go into the pasture but then I'll have to pull someone from the big herd. But the big herd needs to switch to the other side of the pasture too.

So that means I'll be doing a lot of fencing over the weekend. Most likely, I'll be out in the morning before the heat really kicks in. I have to be in the house by 9pm because the mosquitoes are so bad. I feel terrible for the horses but I'm not sure what to do other than leave the gate open so they can come up and stand in the shed away from the flies and mosquitoes. This is the part of summer I hate...bugs!

I'd mentioned the other day about the drought. Well, now there's proof and maps to show the level of drought. Luckily, we've had just enough rain at the Sanctuary that we aren't in a drought. We are in a small green blob but where our hay is located...that's in the drought zone .

The green shows the June rainfall

I had hoped we'd get rain the other night but only got wind instead. It was enough to wake me up though. Earlier that night, I'd watched a lightening storm off to the west. I had hoped that it would bring rain, but it didn't. So I guess we wait and watch and wait some more.

I have noticed that what weeds I sprayed are dead. I'm doing the happy dance over that. But I need to get out and spray some more. It probably won't do much good to spray now but at the very least, I need to keep up with spraying the burdock so there's no cockleburs this fall!

I am going to be recovering this weekend from the past three weeks of activities. I'll also be busting my butt to get some fencing done so the horses can enjoy better grass again. Hopefully it'll be quiet yet productive.

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