Friday, July 21, 2017

Mother Nature Messing With Us

Walked out the door this morning to do chores and was greeted with a raindrop hitting me square in the face. I didn't catch myself before I grumbled but I shouldn't have. We are finally getting RAIN!!!

We got a bit of rain yesterday, but not enough to really do anything other than tease everyone. I swear Mother Nature likes to mess with people's heads.

The trip into the paying job was filled with rain so I'm hoping that the Sanctuary (and the hay ground) received a nice slow soaker kind of rain. Hopefully it's not too little too late.

I'm still desperate for hay.  I'm doing my best not to burn up the pasture. Thankfully we divided it this spring before letting the horses out. I think that's our saving grace for having enough pasture for the summer. The last drought was five years ago and it was debilitating for us. I was pregnant at the time and couldn't even think about hay.

But this year I can. We went to look at some hay last night. We made a verbal agreement to buy the 24 bales. It's all that was left so hopefully we can find more. these are much smaller bales than what we are used to and the horses will power through these bales much faster as they are smaller. The old bales were 1800 pounds and would last a week and a half. These bales won't even last a week. But it's a start. And I won't look a gift horse in the mouth (I hate that saying because ....well, you know!)

So we have the equivalent of one load of hay for this winter. We need to find FOUR more loads. The problem is, EVERYTHING is far away. I know we'll have to pay for delivery if we go father than an hour or so out but I'm struggling to find anything. Delivery will eat into everything so I have to take that into consideration as well. So stressful. If only the hay ground would get enough rain and we'd get a second cutting. Wishful thinking.

I guess for now, I'll be thankful for the hay we did get and keep my fingers crossed that we come across another hay dealer willing to work with us so we don't have to pay out the nose for hay. I'm afraid we will be no matter what and it's going to absolutely be the end of us if we have to pay triple what we normally pay. Fingers crossed Mother Natures pulls through for us.

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