Thursday, July 13, 2017

Quality of Life

Earlier today I was puttering on Facebook and I came across a post from a adult child who had visited their mother in the nursing home. They were shocked and upset over the care. Now I'm not going to agree, disagree, or even discuss care at a nursing home. That's not a topic for this block. But it IS an eye opener and a reminder.

The old, two-legged and four-legged, should not have less that minimal care. They should not be "out of sight, out of mind." I get that some people need to be in nursing homes for care but the quality shouldn't be lacking. Neither should the quality be lacking for horses.

Just because animals (and people) are old, doesn't mean they don't have value and shouldn't be treated EXACTLY like you and I.

Because one day, YOU and I are going to be OLD. WE are going to be those old fuddy duddies sitting in the nursing homes crabbing about the weather or whatever else. We are simply a generation away from being "the old" ones. Those old ones weren't old to begin with. They weren't born old, they dont' want to be where they are at.

I had read an article about a woman who had just turned 100 years old. The reporter asked her how old she felt. Her answer....16!!!!! Because even if you are older, it doesn't mean you FEEL old! And it doesn't mean you should be treated like you're old!

One day, WE will be the old ones. Do YOU want to be pushed into a corner and forgotten?!?! I know I don't. Some day I'll be the crazy lady sitting in the nursing home. I sure hope I'm not forgotten and that I am treated as an equal.

So remember your old ones (two-legged and four-legged), they weren't always old and one day, you'll be their age. Treat them with respect and give them the quality of life they deserve!!

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