Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Jumping Horse

Mike picked this up last night before it rained.

If you guessed a motor, you're right. I'll talk more about it live on Thursday at noon but wanted to post a pic. Because even though it might not look like we are busy, we always are.

Sunday night Mike got spray set up so I could spray all the burdock/cocklebur pushes for the dry lot. I was happyily spraying and decided to head out to the pasture because I had more. I should have done a different pasture but didn't. Glad I didn't because I discovered the temporary electric fence was done. I think Chaos blew through it.

I ended up spending over an hour putting fence back up, only to have Chaos blow through it AGAIN! I was FURIOUS!

I put him in timeover over night and even during the day. So I was extremely surprised last night to find a missing horse from the timeout pen.

He'd pulled a Dude, and jumped the fence. Dirty bugger. Luckily the fence held but I'm going to have to put some additional (and much stronger) temporary fencing up so he doesn't keep breaking it and going through it just because he can. There's no reason he should be in the eaten down pasture other than "he thinks he can". So we'll see. I had hoped to put up stronger temporary electric last night but needed to move the ponies to a different location and then the storm clouds rolled in. I was surprised to be able to walk out into the pasture after the sun set to get the herd (they didn't want to come up because the mosquitoes hadn't driven them in either). But it was nice to get the breeze and cooler temps.

About 11pm, the rains it. It was such a blessing. I can only hope that we get more rain. Unfortunately, the clouds and storms broke up over where our hay ground is so we are still in search of hay. I am getting more and more anxious about hay as every day passes.

Mind isn't in full swing yet as I took the afternoon off from the paying job and the Sanctuary to go with my son on his daycare field trip. Always fun and not always relaxing but still so worth it. Now, hopefully I can get my mind back on track.

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