Friday, July 28, 2017

First of Four Loads Delivered

Yeah for Hay!

I should probably apologize for my earlier ranting post. Some days the little things set me off and I need to remember to let them go. Life is too short.

Last night we went and picked up a load of hay. It's the smaller bales but I am happy to have anything since our normal hay guy is scrambling to make sure he has enough hay.

We didn't get the hay from the first load unloaded until after 10pm. It's a bit tricky to unload hay in the dark but we got it done. Mike is going back tonight to pick up the second load. We'll probably have four loads total to pick up what we've purchased. We bought 25 bales at $35 a piece. I'm guessing they are under 1000lbs. Easier to handle but as Mike said, they are actually harder to work with because he's used to the bigger bales. But the bigger bales will hopefully come next weekend.

We may possibly have an opportunity to buy an additional 16 bales from the same person where we are getting the 25. We'll know more next week when we pick up the third and fourth loads of hay. We just did a dump off the trailer so we'll have to figure out a plan on where to put them so there's room for the semi load coming soon.

I will rest easy knowing we have the hay we need. I am just hoping it's a mild winter. I am not sure we'll have enough. We for sure don't have enough to bring on any more and that breaks my heart. Because in another couple of days, the time of year will begin where horses will start flooding the market. I worry for those horses and I wish I could open our doors to the senior horses who need a soft place to land for the last few years of their lives. I don't even want to think about how unfair the situation is for them.

I wish I could do more but it's going to be a tight squeeze this year. We are always looking for more help in any fashion. It doesn't even have to be providing donations. We need to spread the word about our Sanctuary. The hard part is when we spread the word about us, we're already full so it's hard to say no when the list keeps growing.

But for now, we have the beginning of our hay and hopefully by the end of August we'll have all the hay that we'll need to keep the horses fat and happy all winter!

Penny is always getting in on the action.

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