Thursday, July 6, 2017

Live Videos

If you're on our Facebook page ( you may have noticed more videos. I finally got a phone that allows me to do live video but there's some quirks with the phone (go figure). I'm still working those quirks out so the videos are pretty rough and it's just me rambling anyway. If there's something you want to see specifically, let me know. You'll also notice that the place isn't all that grand when I pan around to the horses. I've been able to hide it this long but with live video, it's hard to hide the fact that we are living on an old farmstead that ran cattle so the buildings are in rough shape. We are slowly fixing them up but it takes time and money (which I have none).

I'm trying out the morning check-in but not sure that anyone is interested. It's nice to see the horses but it'll be the same thing every morning, same with evening check-in if anyone wants to see those (if we continue with them).

Just trying to figure out what draws people in to see the horses. We aren't a rescue so we don't have a lot of turn over with adoptions. When they come in, they stay. So not a lot of change. We don't do the feedlot programs so there's not a lot of hype or drama or whatnot there either. It's just me and the horses hanging out trying to stay cool, so not sure if that would really peek anyone's interest.

What I want is for you to know the horses as well as I do. For more than one reason! If I can start doing live videos, then you'll get to know the horses and feel like they are yours as well as the Sanctuary's. And, if I'm missing something and you notice it, you can tell me. Because typically, it's only my eyes on the horses every day to see what's wrong with them and I've missed things in the Bo and whatever is going on with him. But it's taken me awhile to notice that things aren't up to par with other horses and another set of eyes (your eyes) would definitely be appreciated. So we'll continue with the morning or evening checks...whichever you prefer (or both) and we'll continue.

Because I really do want to share these old warriors with everyone. Share their stories, share their wisdom, share their calmness, and share to show that old should never mean out of sight/out of mind.

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