Thursday, July 20, 2017


We aren't in to August yet and the face flies are getting bad. Usually the flies rear their ugly selves in August and make such a nuisance but this year, they've reared their ugly selves starting back in June and they continue to pester everyone.

I've avoided putting fly masks on so far because the horses destroy them. I can MAYBE get two seasons out of a fly mask if Maverick doesn't bother them but it's hard to know what Maverick will do. He seems to be more bored lately so I'm going to have to put him to work, although I'm not sure I can find the time but will have to I guess.

I don't have enough fly masks but I'll do some extra digging to see if I can come up with some, even if they are totally ratty. If the flies are bad now, I can't imagine how they are going to be in another couple of weeks. We haven't had rain but the mosquitoes are still around. The one little rain shouldn't count but I think it was just enough to make the mosquitoes come alive again....not that we didn't have mosquitoes before, but now they doubled their efforts.

I need to order some fly boots for Lace and Junior. I don't really want to drop $50 for a set of fly boots but I'm seeing those are the ones that work. Now it's a matter of finding the money and the time to get them ordered (of which I have neither).

I had hoped to work on Sanctuary stuff last night but I was played out. Apparently I haven't been going to bed until late and getting up early means that less and less sleep makes me not function nearly as well as I'd like. So I ended up crashing, except I started reading a book and that's what keeps getting me in trouble.

I've read a couple of books and thought I'd do some book reviews (when time allows) so hopefully I can post something, even if it's of no value other than to peek your interest.

I'll be going live at noon to talk about non-horse related Sanctuary (and acreage) topics. So hop on over to our Facebook page and I'll see you soon.

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