Tuesday, July 18, 2017

It Finally Rained

We got rain last night!!! I have no idea how much but it was enough to soak the ground. I fell asleep right as the thunder, lightening, and rain rolled in. I'd so wanted to watch and listen but instantly fell asleep. Of course, when it starts to rain at 11:30pm, it's hard to stay awake. It was such a nice reprieve to listen to the rain on the roof. The last rain we received was June 13th, more than a month ago. Luckily we DID get that rain as it was a downpour and probably saved our pastures. Now if only we could continue getting those kinds of rains and the hay ground would get that kind of rain so it would grow.

We are in search of a different hay supplier as both our normal go-to guys are not going to be available for the Sanctuary to buy hay. I'm stressing, beyond stressing actually.

But for now, I'm going to leave you with pictures from last night as I was trying to get the herd to come. Surprisingly, it was 9:30pm and I was able to walk out to the pasture and not be eaten alive my mosquitoes.

You can sort of see the storm clouds rolling in on the right of this pictures with Dude and Brego. I spent the entire night doing chores watching the skies to see if that storm would actually come and bring rain. Normally a hustle when I see lightening and clouds but it was a slow moving storm so hopefully it dropped enough rain to make a difference.

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