Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Wishlist Wednesday

Wishlist Wednesday!

We wish for weed spray (any kind). We need to spray the big pasture and get rid of those darn thistles. I've been spraying but haven't gotten to the big pasture. It's going to take time, money, and lots of spray.

Don't have the money to help with the spray but still want to help? No problem!! Come on out to the Sanctuary and we'll put you to work spraying those darn thistles (and other nasty weeds). The more people spraying, the more thistles will be eliminated and the happier the horses (and I) will be!

Every last bit helps!

You can donate at or call TSC and tell them you're buying spray for Borderlands Horse Sanctuary (I'm sure other businesses would do the same).

So anxious to see wilted and dead weeds in our future!!

Jim and King enjoying the pasture that desperately needs spraying!

The pasture looks good but the weeds are there and just out of the picture!

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