Friday, June 23, 2017

Itchy Skippy

I was going to mention this in the last post but I forgot.

Skippy has a weird skin problem. He's had it for years. I've tried treating with antihistamines, calamine lotion, nitrofurizone, you name it, I've tried it. Well, not everything I guess.

I was in TSC last week and was looking at the ointments, creams, lineaments, etc. I want to try using lineaments on Rain after a performance but with it being so chilly, that's a no can do. But maybe when we get super hot weather, I may try it on those that are a bit stiff and achy (Jim, Dude, Brego).

I happened to see the Fung-A-Way. I'd looked at it before but never considered buying it. Well, I read a little more about it and figured it was worth a shot on Skippy. He itches so much that he rubs all the hair off and then rubs his skin raw. He gets these weird bumps after he rubs the skin raw but then with his constant rubbing, he rubs the bumps off and he has open sores. So them I'm treating him for sores as well as itches. It's a terrible problem he's been dealing with.

I treated him last night with the Fung-A-Way but he wasn't too thrilled with it. He drug me around the pen when I started spraying him but I think he was more upset about the spray rather than if it stung or burned. I didn't notice him rubbing on anything afterwards but I think he was so ticked off at me that he didn't think about the itchies.

I'm hoping that it works. I'll try spraying him down where he's rubbing again tonight. The directions say to continue until the hair starts to grow back. That might take some time but if it helps with his itchies, I'll do it!

Anyone want to help cover the cost of the Fung-A-Way? I bought a 16oz bottle at Tractor Supply for $8 to see if it would work. I have high hopes that it will work but we'll be going through a lot of bottles if it does. We could sure use the help in covering the cost to keep Skippy comfortable all summer.

You can paypal us at or call in to the Sioux Falls Tractor Supply Company if that would make it easier.

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