Wednesday, June 28, 2017


I hate when the weatherman says we'll have severe storms with hail. The worry kicks in when I hear hail. There's just too much outside to have hail. I don't think we had any hail last night. If we did, I apparently slept through it. I did wake up to a downpour but was too tired to investigate. I think I'm exhausted and just played out this week already.

I did put Bo and Zeke into the barn last night because they were talking hail. Bo is getting pushed out of the herd more and more and I KNEW he wouldn't be able to get into the shed if we did have hail. He's still got some major health issues working against him. I need to make time for a vet appointment but the funds and time are lacking as of late. Bo was more than happy to go into the barn and he munched on hay most of the night while Zeke just stood around. Zeke is fat. Not that he couldn't eat but I think he turned his nose up at the hay!

When I woke up this morning and went out to do chores, I noticed we'd gotten a considerable amount of rain. We don't have a rain gauge so it's hard to tell how much we actually got but based on the water sitting in the fields, we got a lot!

No one seemed all that interested to head out to the pasture this morning. Odd because yesterday morning, Dude almost ran me over. They all decided to hang out in the mudlot drylot rather than head out to the pasture.

When I got back up to the house, I noticed that even my flower pots were holding water!! And when I drove in to the paying job, the driveway and gravel roads had some serious washouts where the water ran. So that's my indication that we got a LOT of rain. I'm not complaining. We need rain and so does the hay ground where our hay is located!

Otherwise it was a quiet night. We have some exciting news coming but don't want to announce until after the holiday. I'm trying to scramble and figure out how to get everything together for our family outings over the holiday. So, juggling the sanctuary, paying job, drill team, and extended family stuff. It gets a bit overwhelming at times but I guess that's life. I'm just hoping I can find another pair of jeans. I seem to have lost ALL of my clothes over the past month. I had enough clothes to get me through the week and now I don't even have that and I KNOW they are clean because I'm washing clothes every week but I think they've all disappeared. So the mystery continues, at least for a little while longer until I can find the time to do some investigating.

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