Monday, June 19, 2017

Rain is a Performing Machine

So this is where I've been over the weekend...

I'm the one on the end! I had to pull Rain out of semi retirement for this year's Dakota Thunder Mounted Drill Team performances (and practices). I retired Zeke last August and was in search of a new horse. I found a new horse and retired Rain to light riding whenever needed but Lightening needs more work and time on him before he's ready for performances. Thank goodness for ol' Rain.

Rain was originally my personal horse (along with King) but this February we made the transition and put him into the program (along with King)...although he hadn't announced it.  (I'd been meaning to do a long post and video on our decision but haven't gotten there yet.) They are both 19 years old and have health ailments that render them Sanctuary residents. Neither would be good candidates for other people's riding purposes.

Rain became sick when he was much younger and we nearly lost him. He recovered but with some side effects. He can't handle the heat or the cold. So he has to be pampered at all times. King has flat feet and is very, very slow. He's not even a good candidate for a trail riding horse any more because he's so slow. We are looking at putting shoes back on him simply to keep him comfortable. He had shoes on before because he was ridden but when we semi retired him as well, we pulled the shoes. But semi retired or not, he may need shoes to keep him more comfortable. We'll see. I bought some ez boots but not in the right size. He's got a weird size so nothing fits him.

But back to where we were. I took Rain (and Lightening) to the Estelline Rodeo in Estelline, SD this past weekend. Rain did great. Lightening, well, lets just say I'm finding out more of his quirks the longer I'm with him.

It is nice to showcase a Sanctuary horse even if no one talked rescue/sanctuary this weekend.

Next weekend Rain and I will be back with the Dakota Thunder Mounted Drill Team to perform at the Irene Rodeo in Irene, SD. Come on out and meet Rain (and the rest of Dakota Thunder)! We love to perform in front of a large audience!

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