Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Paving a Road

I had a half an hour last night to bust my butt and get corral panels up for the ponies and Mayhem. Nothing like having 30 minutes to get a fairly time consuming project done. But I got it done before it got to be pitch black and the mosquitoes carried me away. For some reason, it took that long to fill the water tank as well. So either it normally takes that long to fill the tank and I didn't realize it, or there was a water pressure issue.

Either way, I was able to let the ponies and Mayhem out this morning after I let the big herd out. I figured there would be a lot more running, jumping, and farting but not really. At least not at first. I wish I would have had my phone because it's so much fun to watch those three race around and see the pure joy in their faces.

So now I have everyone on pasture and it feels great! I'm still struggling to pay for last year's hay, let alone save up for this year's hay. This year's hay is going to be way more expensive and our fundraising capabilities have been cut in half because of time and lack of help. It's going to be a struggle and we'll be pinching pennies like we always do but this time  I'll be rubbing pennies together to see if I can't make another penny pop out. It's just because there's been some additional bills and absolutely no fundraising except for the Light the Night fundraiser. Even a little bit of fundraising seems to help ease the pain and there hasnt' been any because I can't get the help.

I had meant to post videos for the Monday Meet and Greet and sure enough, I had a half an hour and it was more important to get corral panels up so hopefully I can get them posted tonight. What's that saying.... the road to hell is paved with good intentions. Sure seems like I'm paving that road pretty well lately.

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