Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Before and After the Storm

We had a typical South Dakota storm roll through last night. Mike and I were doing our weekly shopping and rushed home to get everything put away and horses under cover.

This is what we were racing to beat:

View looking west

Looking west at the impending storm

Looking east. You can see where the clouds had rolled in

The storm didn't last very long and there wasn't any storm damage except to our camper and it was very minimal (and can be fixed). I'd rushed to put the ponies and Mayhem into their other pen because it has better shelter.

Bo had come up before the rest of the herd at come up (I think to get a drink) and I put him into the barn so that he'd be safe. The weatherman had said there was going to be damaging hail and to get your animals inside! Oh my this is serious! I debating on putting Junior and Lace in because their pasture is so protected. After the hail hit, I was wishing I'd put them in. As you can guess, I didn't get them to Madison last night. So now I'm taking a long lunch tomorrow to haul them up so they can enjoy a fresh pasture!

But the storms didn't last long although the thunder and lightening lasted for another hour after but they all pushed to the east so no worries. It was too dark to go check the temporary fence. When I let Bo out, the big herd had already gone back out to pasture and I didn't want to mess with trying to bring them in and getting the gate shut.

And this is what I was greeted with after the storm:

Same view looking west (enough rain to create a little river in our driveway)

View looking east (yes, our ghetto view) with a rainbow!

A closer look  at the "river" (and yes it was that eerie gold/orange photoshopping on any of our pictures!)

I went out this morning to put Mayhem and the ponies back in their bigger pen. They were happy to be out and about. The entire herd was up this morning. I went out to check fence. I figured that the wind would have blown the fence down in a spot or two and the herd would have taken advantage of the opportunity to wander more. But instead they were up by the barn and the fence was up. It's much lighter in the mornings these days  but I still can't seem to take advantage of the extra daylight because I'm so blasted tired.

Going to be a busy next couple of days. Lets hope there aren't any more major storms. After barely missing a tornado, I'm a bit more cautious about tornado and severe thunderstorm warnings.

It's going to be another hot one today. It feels more like July rather than June with these temps. I'm a bit worried but that's part of being around farmers my whole life. Here's to a gorgeous day with sunshine and growing grass to keep everyone happy and healthy!

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