Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Summer Solstice

As most know, summer solstice was last Wednesday. Meaning, the longest day of the year has come and gone.

Insert panic.

I'm sure you're wondering, what am I talking about? It's the official beginning to summer (even though our summers start after Memorial Weekend). How can I be in a panic when we are now into summer and the days are filled with sunshine and warm breezes and all that jazz?!?!

Sorry - stole the pic from somewhere else.. it's not mine

But now with the days getting shorter, even if it's only by a minute a day, it means I'm losing time. There's so much that I HAVE to get done before winter sets in. If I don't, well, it won't get done. And for some, you're thinking...who cares?!

But those projects that don't get done in the summer cause me headaches in the winter. I went out the other day to spray and I was disappointed when I didn't see any of the leaves wilting or dying off. All that time, effort, and money put into spraying and nothing. But I looked today and at least the burdock is dying off! That means less cockleburs to pull, less matted manes and tails, less frustration for me!!! It means I'm winning the battle, even if right now I'm losing the war.

But there's so much that needs to be done before winter sets in. I hate to think that I spend my entire summer planning for winter but with old horses, I sort of do. There's repairs to be made to buildings, painting to be done before everything freezes, there's fencing to be done before the ground freezes. There's all kinds of stuff.

So now that everyone is enjoying summer solstice and summer in general, I'm in panic mode. Anyone want to help?!

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