Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Listening to Rain on the Roof

I woke this morning to the sound of thunder and rain. It's a nice sound as long as you know everything is tucked away. I had to run through everything in my head at 4:30am to make sure I'd done just that. It had been a long night last night so I didn't get home until 11pm (at a training clinic) and I couldn't really remember if/what I'd left out.

I did fall back to sleep after I shut all the windows in the house and realized everything outside would either be fine or soaked. Of course, the alarm came all too fast but I still hit snooze, listening to the storms roll through. No point in going out to let the herds out in pouring rain.

Of course, I waited too long. Snooze one extra time sent me out during cloudy skies but forced me to leave for the paying job in a downpour. I think we've gotten quite a bit of rain during these storms based on the runoff in the pens and just walking out to the barns. I'm happy that we're getting the rain. Hopefully it'll help the hay crops and I won't have to worry as much about prices.

I caught a glance of something tan this morning but wasn't 100% sure I'd seen what I'd seen (sometimes my eyes play tricks on me). Nope, I was right, it was a deer. She'd come into the yard but with the corral panels up for the ponies and Mayhem, I didn't think she'd be able to clear the 5 or 6 foot corral panels. She cleared them with just a tick of her back hoof. I didn't see her again when I went to let the ponies out but I'm sure she went through the other fence, rather than the corral panels. Amazing to see them jump that high.

I still haven't posted the Monday Meet and Greet videos I had planned to post on Monday (and it's now Wednesday!!) I'd attended a clinic to help me improve my riding (and to get Lightening in the trailer) and it lasted after the sun set. So no chance of getting anything done for the Sanctuary. I don't expect to get anything else done this week before I'm gone all weekend for the Irene Rodeo and Saddle Club trail ride. I guess that's the problem with being involved in too many activities!

So we'll see if I have anything more to chat about later. But it was nice to wake up to rain. It did made it difficult to roll out of bed though. This is 100% sleeping weather and after a late night, I'm ready for a couple hour nap!

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