Thursday, June 29, 2017

What's Wrong With Bo

I'm still asking What's Wrong with Bo! I called the vet today to see if they had any ideas. It may be a case of running a few tests to see what's going on. A fellow rescuer mentioned he might have cushings. I sure hope not. I was sort of turning a blind eye to it but I can't any more.

But I'm not sure that cushings makes entire patches of hair fall out. It's not ringworm because it's all over his body and not round. It's just odd. I know he's not feeling 100%.

I put him back into the big herd but I want to put him into a smaller pasture so he can get some relief from being pushed around. Zeke has taken up staying close to him so that's a definite sign that something is wrong. He's been splitting his time between Lightening and Bo but now it's all Bo. So I'm guessing they know there's something wrong.

I want to give Bo a medicated bath and then clip him but the weather hasnt' cooperated (nor as the time or mosquitoes). Does anyone local want to come out and help bathe Bo and/or help me clip him? I know I have a clippers somewhere. It's a matter of finding it I'm so disorganized around here!

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