Monday, June 26, 2017

What A Weekend

Oofta, what a weekend! I'm beat. Guess being at the paying job will be my way to recover from this weekend!

Friday afternoon I loaded up and hauled Rain to the Irene Rodeo (see the previous post for some pictures of Rain at the rodeo). Rain and I got home after performing around 9pm and we both crashed.

Saturday morning I ran up to Gentle Spirits Horse Rescue as they had a large donation of beet pulp and offered us a few bags, along with some donated shampoos and medications. Any little bit helps so we happily loaded the donations into the truck for our Sanctuary horses.

Then it was time to hook up the trailer and head back to Irene. I had thought about taking Lightening but I didn't want to have to worry about Lightening being tied to the trailer so I opted not to haul him (but left the halter on).

I have video of the herd but haven't posted on Facebook. I'm still technologically stupid so I can't figure out the live streaming on Facebook so instead you'll have to wait a day or two to see my video from Saturday night (or was that Friday night.. it's all a blur).

Rain and I got home Saturday night before the sun set and I realized when the herd came up that I better pull Lightening's halter. I'd left it on thinking it would be easier to catch him for Sunday's trail ride (you can see it in the video). But I've seen too many bad pictures of horses with halters left on so I opted to take it off. Except Lightening wouldn't let me catch him. Rain was thankfully still tied out to the trailer enjoying some grass so he wasn't forced to run around like the others when Lightening tried to avoid me. All I wanted was to pull the halter but he wouldn't let me.

20 minutes later, and I had the halter off and Lightening was in a different pen! I figured he could stay in a different pen if he was going to be a pill to catch. I don't like playing those games. The only problem with putting Lightening in a smaller pen without anyone is that he weaves. He weaves if he's in a small pen/stall and even if he has room, he'll still weave unless he has his buddy. But he did fine and settled down over the night and we loaded up bright and early Sunday morning for the Saddle Club trail ride. And let me just say, it's so much fun to load him. I've been struggling loading him ever since I bought him. He's only a handful of horses I know who will load through the escape door in a trailer rather than the big door on the trailer! I'm in charge of the saddle club as well so figured I'd better go on the trail ride...and it gave me a chance to ride Lightening on a trail ride.

It was great talking with other horse people and simply enjoying the beautiful scenery. Newton Hills State Park is gorgeous. I am not anxious for fall but riding at Newton Hills in the fall is almost better because there's so much color. So, not anxious for fall but looking forward to more riding.

For not really riding Lightening, he did great. But I was a wreck because I didn't know what he was going to do the entire time.

That's Lightening (the bay) carrying my fat butt...don't critique my riding please. I was happy to simply stay on! (not that he didn't anything but I'm always nervous when around new horses and riding single file)

So after two days of rodeo performances (stressful in itself) and then a not-so-relaxing trail ride (only because I don't know Lightening), I'm pooped.

But if rumor has it right, Skippy was supposed to leave yesterday or today to go on some travels. His travels might have been delayed by a day or two but check out our Facebook page (or check back here) to see if Skippy gets to go anywhere fun this month!

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