Thursday, April 9, 2015

Slaughter Bound

That same percheron was supposed to be spoken for but the funds fell through. In just a few hours, his fate will be sealed. Makes me sick to think that such a hard working horse could end up in such a terrible place. That is exactly why we need more Sanctuaries and why I want to make sure the horses in South Dakota have a place to call home in their final days.

 That same Auction Horse Forum is now posting pictures of horses bought at auction on the Mexican border and are posting pictures. Prices are by pound, which is the slaughter value.

We are too far away and need to focus on the horses in our area. We are only a state away from the Canada border so need to focus our attentions there. Unfortunately, we're still unable to take in any deserving old horses at this time. Until we get a few horses sponsored, we can't take on any more. And it's hard to convince people to sponsor a horse when we aren't a non-profit.

Does anyone want to help with that aspect of our Sanctuary? I think all the information is in my head, its' a matter of getting down on paper. I'm afraid I only have about one more month before baby brain really sets in and I'll be lucky to know how to put my boots on!

For those interested in reading more about the horses that run through at a Texas auction near the Mexican border, check out the Auction Horse Forum.

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