Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Break is Over

We've been fairly quiet at the Sanctuary the last couple of days. Last week was Mike's final week of studying before his big test, which was Friday. Now it's a wait and see timeframe to see if he passed. It was a tough test. We decided that to celebrate, we'd take advantage of the National Park's free pass weekend and headed to the Badlands.

It was probably silly to head out when we had rain one day and wind the next. Makes it a lot harder to do much when there's a toddler in tow. But we had fun and it was nice to get away from the stresses of everything. Mike had been studying for that test for four months and me being stuck with morning sickness, nothing has gotten accomplished at the Sanctuary for the past four months.

I'm hoping that now we can focus on getting things done at the Sanctuary. With all the family health issues we've had over the past five years, we haven't had time to really work on the upkeep of the Sanctuary. So now I'm hoping that we can tackle some of the bigger projects. We have major fencing to do and major painting on all the outbuildings. The roof on the hay barn will have to wait another year until I can get enough money saved up to get it reshingled. We also need to get the roof back on the run in shed we build (that the tornado ripped off).

Hopefully the weather will start cooperating and we can tackle some of the  major projects. I've seen some of the farmers out disking up their fields. I hope our farmer friend isnt' ready yet to disk and plant his field. Mike and I are trying to work out a deal to get the dry lot cleaned out (and some of the other pens as well). We'll need help and I think if I bribe the right people, they'll come out with equipment that will speed up the process. If anyone wants to help, that would be great. The more hands on a project, the faster it'll get done and the nicer the Sanctuary will look. It's never looked like a pristine place. It's always been a working farm so there's always something that needs to be fixed.

I'm also trying to see if I can come up with the money to do a fundraiser idea. We have one of our "guardian angels" donate their time and half the materials to a fundraiser as long as we come up with the other half. It's a fantastic idea but we'll need to promote the heck out of it. I'm worried with being sick if I'll have enough energy and brain power to promote it like I want. We'll see.

But there's a lot of work that needs to be done at the Sanctuary. Scraping/painting buildings, repairing fence, washing/waterproofing and repairing blankets, cleaning out stalls, etc. There's plenty to do so if you're bored, let me know and I'll put you to work.

I think our break is finally over and we can focus on the Sanctuary once again.

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