Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Louisiana Feedlot

So the gal that is in charge of the Washington Auction Horses Forum has been super busy. I posted about some of the horses last week. Apparently, she's not only promoting horses in the Washington area, she went to the Texas/Mexico border to try and work some deals on publicizing some of the horses before they shipped to slaughter.

She's now working a deal with a Louisiana feedlot.

Most have less than 24 hours to be saved from shipping to slaughter but any little bit is better than no chance at all. We can't bring anyone else in and if we do, unfortunately can't afford the expenses of hauling a horse from that far away. We'll focus our attentions on the horses headed to Canada. But for now, we are tapped out and can only focus on the horses at the Sanctuary and continue to look at ways to fundraise to bring horses in that are on our waiting list.

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