Tuesday, April 7, 2015

#NPCommPix Challenge

I need to caveat that this post is a bit grumpy. It wasn't supposed to be but it turned into me complaining....sorry.


So it appears that the #NPCommPix contest is going to become more challenging. The Internet at the Sanctuary quit. It's been flakey for the past few weeks but it upped and quit last night. So frustrating to pay for a service that you don't even get. I have no idea when we'll get it back either.

At the end of December Mike found out he needed to take a test for work. He's been studying for that test ever since. The test is in about two weeks. He's been hogging the computer for the past three straight months. At the time it didn't bother me because I was too sick to care. Now that I'm feeling better, what happens? The Internet craps out on us.


In other news, last night's chores was no easy feat. I'd wanted to get out early before the sun set to get everything taken care of and make sure everyone was comfortable. We are supposed to get some much needed rain but at this time of year, it's a cold rain that soaks into you and chills you to the bone.

Unfortunately I didn't get out until after dark. From being gone 10 hours a day for the paying full time job, being a full time mom (and pregnant), and trying to run the Sanctuary (never mind the husband who's making life "interesting" these days with his studying), I'm pretty well burned out and there's very little time left for anything. So it seems that the horses always get fed after dark, which is what happened last night (much to my annoyance).

The wind was out of the east so I was dealing with wind, flapping tarps that protect the precious hay, sheets of drizzle, and more wind. I wanted to blanket Rabbit and Junior but they were too keyed up when I first went out to take care of everyone.  I gave up trying to do chores alone in the pitch black after my wagon load of hay tipped over while I was struggling to pull it through the barn door (I can only use one of the two doors and someone decided to stack stuff in front of the door that actually works so I can't get the door completely open). I stomped my way back to the house to have Mike help me. It's one thing to do chores alone, it's another to do chores alone in the dark and rain. And I can handle the hay twice (once to pull it off the bale into the wagon and another to toss it out to the herd) but a third time of handling hay (to pick it up after the wagon tips over) is beyond my physical abilities and my temper at this point.

After getting everyone fed, I opted to go back and blanket a few of the hard keepers although I'm not sure if that was a good idea or not. No one seemed to care one way or another. I thought we were supposed to get rain, not just drizzle. But I ended up blanketing Rabbit and Junior because their pen gets the brunt of any east wind. I also blanketed Rain because he can't handle any bit of rain or wind. I also went ahead and blanketed Bo and Jim. Jim is the old man of the herd and although he's standoffish, I think it's time he gets pampered. Bo has been losing weight again so I wanted him to be protected from any chill. I didn't even bother trying to blanket Zeke. He and I are not on speaking terms right now.

This morning when I went out to do chores, of course there was no rain or drizzle. Only because we desperately need the moisture, will I pray for rain! So the past few days/hours have been a bit trying. Lets hope that tonight's chores will be less trying and our Internet will magically fix itself so I can resume participating in the #NPCommPix contest.

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