Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Horse Needs Retirement

I was asked last October if we had room for a mare. At the time, I had just accepted Junior into the Sanctuary so we couldn't bring the mare in. I asked if the owners if they were in a rush to rehome her. They said no and said they'd hang on to her through the winter and check with us again this spring. She's been on my waiting list ever since (and has been on my mind ever since as well).

Well, spring is here and we were asked if we could take her in.

She doesn't fit all of our criteria but she deserves a retirement. The current owners know of her past and know that she was used hard. She's now lame and only 13 years old. To almost anyone else, she's "useless and unwanted". She is unrideable because of the limp and most likely can't bare much additional weight (i.e., can't be a broodmare).

I'd seen pictures of this mare before the current owners got her. She's now had three homes in one year. ONE YEAR! Can you imagine? She deserves more. She's a beautiful mare and from the pictures and video I saw of her a year ago, she reminds me a lot of Queen and Babe. There's something about her that I can't put my finger on. I think it might be her temperament. Calm. She's the Mother Type. The Heart Horse. She's the one you go to, to cry your eyes out, to soak their mane with your tears. I'm not sure how many people have had horses like that. I've only had one and that was Queen. She knew when something was wrong and sought me out to provide comfort. I have a feeling this mare is the same way (although I dont' know because I've never actually met her in person).

But she deserves a home. Not just a place to live but a HOME...a FOREVER HOME.

Would anyone be willing to help sponsor her?

If you can't, can you help spread the word?

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