Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Red Sun in Morning, Sailors Take Warning

My mom used to say

Red sun in morning, sailors take warning. Red sun at night, sailors delight. Not sure where the saying came from. It's another one of those old wives tales.

This morning as I was driving in to the paying job, the sun appeared. It was red and the sky was red. I'm not sure if it normally is red like that or not (I'm usually at the paying job by the time the sun appears over the horizon or I'm fast asleep on the weekends).

But last night I caught wind that there's a chance for large hail and damaging winds, supposedly starting around 3pm. I have no idea if that's true now 12 hours after I first heard it. Weather around here is pretty unpredictable.

I'd be fine with getting some rain. We didn't get any of the rain/snow that I was predicting for March. I figured we'd get dumped on and we didn't get anything. Not even a flurry. Now I'm betting we're going into a drought. I hope I'm wrong.

Lets hope that we do get some rain tonight. And even more, I'm hoping that it's the nice straight down soaker kind of rain with no high winds, hail, or anything else. Rain in April is a bit tricky to deal with depending on the temperature.

It's currently 75 as I type this but a cold front is supposed to be coming through later today and the lows for the past few days are going to be our highs, which is typical for April.

I guess I'll be keeping an eye to the sky tonight.

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