Monday, March 2, 2015

Blizzard Watch

So apparently I need to pay  more attention to the weather. It's the beginning of March and I knew March would be a doozy of a month but I sort of let that all fall by the wayside since I've been sicker than a dog lately.

This morning I hopped online only to discover that we are in a Blizzard Watch (or will be starting tomorrow at some point). It's March. We shouldn't be dealing with blizzards. Although I had a general idea that March will be a rough one this year. I was tracking fog back in December and we had a lot of it! So I looked at my calendar. Sure enough I had it marked that we had fog 90 days ago come this Thursday and Saturday. So it's not completely spot on but it's close. I need to start keeping an eye on my calendar and my "fog report" to know when the next storm is on its way.

I had such high hopes of getting things cleaned up around the place over the weekend. But I managed to catch yet another cold that has left my brain in idle mode and my body in off mode. I couldn't get off the couch yesterday afternoon despite my best efforts.

I finally finished up with all the hay in the hay barn. I do love having the hay in the hay barn. It means lights and easy access to hay without snow. Now I'm back to pulling hay from the hay shed. I guess I shouldn't complain. It's all under cover. But the hay shed has no lights and no electricity so I have to go by the light of the moon and the little bit of light that comes from the hay barn. I'm not sure if we'll have enough hay or not. I thought we had more than what I was figuring but maybe that's because I'm forgetting some of the hay that's in the red shed still. I dunno. I expect I'll start to worry about hay in the middle of March.

I had hoped starting in February to start doing some monthly give aways but I can't seem to get over being sick long enough to get my thought processes going. So maybe this month or next month I'll get my poop in a group long enough to start. Sunday was Horse Protection Day and i'd so hoped to do something. And the weather was decent for a cold and windy day. I'm hoping maybe next year I can do something fun. I seem to be missing out on all kinds of opportunities as of late thanks to being sick all the time.

I'll be glad when spring is finally here. Maybe then I'll finally start to feel better. It would be nice to feel good enough to go out with the camera and take pictures. Maybe after this blizzard passes, I can sneak out for a few minutes to get a few good shots.

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