Wednesday, March 11, 2015

10 Signs of Spring

10. Remove blankets and see all the different colored horses.

9. Boot sucking/shoe sucking mud.

8. All the different colored horses turn a nice color of mud (possibly new registered color?).

7. You can finally take your gloves off to pet horses without risking frostbite.

6. No more tank heaters.

5. Seeing and hearing geese and robins.

4. No more frozen water buckets and having to chip away ice.

3. Lots and lots of horse hair…in your clothes, in your hair, in your mouth, in your car, in your house, etc. It’s everywhere.

2. Now not only is there hay in the house, there’s mud everywhere as well.

1. It’s worth repeating….M.U.D.

Ok so it's fall colors and not spring colors. But right now, everything is still brown.

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