Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Fugly Post - Someone Has to Do It

Wow.. the fugly blog hit my thoughts square on the head with this post....


The last sentence is very fitting...."Someone has to do it."

That's why the Sanctuary is here. People don't seem to consider the lifetime effort and commitment needed to take care of a horse, no matter their health status.  Unfortunately, many of the ads in this area are the same as the one listed in the post. The owner uses them up, and then wants someone else to take care of them because they dont' want the financial burden of caring for a now "special needs" young horse. I'll be up front and say, it's costly. I have a few in the herd that are special needs and as the years progress, they are now reaching the retirement age, but to keep them as pasture pets when they are five is a burden, but a burden that we were willing to accept.

As Fugly said...someone has to do it.

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