Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Late Nights

I was late in getting home last night. From the time I hopping in my car to leave until I reached the Sanctuary, the temperature dropped almost 15 degrees. The wind picked up and the cold front blew in. I'm sad to see the warmer temps go but I won't complain. 70 degree weather in March is not always as great as it may seem (thinking a few years back when we had excessive heat and droughts). I'd rather not experience another drought.

With getting home late, it meant getting out to do chores late. So another night of doing chores in the dark. So much for daylight savings time helping me out to do chores in the daylight. I haven't' seen the herd in daylight in a few days now.

I've been leaving Bo and Junior out at night (i.e., not stalled). But I was late and wanted to make sure they had their grain so I opted to stall them. I also figured with the temperature drop, that it might be nice for them to get in out of the wind. I dont' think they complained. When I walked in the barn this morning, I didn't turn the lights on. I couldn't tell if Junior was curled up or not. I know Bo was snoozing with a leg cocked when I poked my head in.

I had to lock the gate to the pasture. So now the horses are pretty grumpy with me. I'm worried that Junior will get beat up more now that he doesn't have an escape route. Zeke is still tormenting him. Maverick is too but I get the impression Maverick thinks he's "playing" rather than harassing. Maverick needs to burn off some energy!

I'm going to be playing musical pastures again this week. G and C Shade graciously donated round bales to the Sanctuary! We'll be putting in round bales Wednesday or Thursday. The bales will help cut down on the number we have to use. I'm hoping we can keep some back like we did last year. Having just a few to start the next winter season is a relief and keeps the stress level a little bit less. I want to put the hay in Wednesday or Thursday because I'll be late getting home to do chores the rest of the week.

This weekend is the South Dakota Horse Expo. It's my annual horse fix. I wish the Sanctuary had a booth but the money is better spent on the horses. Maybe next year, maybe not. The drill team I'm on is performing Sunday afternoon so I'll be there with bells on! I'm excited. Of course I'm always excited for this time of year. Getting to be surrounded by horses and horse accessories, how can you not be giddy!

I'm afraid tonight is going to be another late night but hopefully I can at least get Junior and Bo started on their grain ration before the skies turn dark. It works so much easier to start them on their grain and then go in and do skirtwork and other stuff, and then come out to do chores. We'll see. I'm still trying to figure out the right schedule.

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