Thursday, March 26, 2015

So Long Spring

So much for spring being here. I followed my instincts and blanketed some of the harder keepers. The weather finally warmed up yesterday but the wind was so fierce, I opted to leave blankets on. We are supposed to get more rain tomorrow and I have no idea what the wind will be like. The wind we had was out of the east and then switched to the west. I much prefer wind out of the west. It doesn't seem to be bone chilling cold and the horses are protected by the buildings.

I did get a chance to finally do chores in the light yesterday evening but I ended up rushing everyone that was eating grain. I'm not really sure why I rushed them other than all my help was leaving.

Junior is starting to shed. But it's not normal shedding. He's actually shedding out on his head. It makes him look a little goofy. I'm curious now to see when he sheds out, what the brand on his cheek will look like. The winter hair covered up both his brands. I could barely make out the one on his right shoulder when he arrived and it disappeared with a heavier coat. The one on his jaw, I could never see.

Ivan is back to his old tricks of pushing Zeke and Bo around. I'm debating on what to do with him. I think he needs a timeout for awhile. But I can't put him back in with the mares because he got even more bossy in there. So maybe I'll divide the pony pen and let him be in there for a few days to see if a timeout will help adjust his attitude.

Spring needs to get here. Everyone seems to be in a bad mood as of late (both two-legged and four-legged).

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