Monday, March 16, 2015

Junior - 4 Month Anniversary

Last Wednesday marked Junior's four month anniversary with us. We've had a few ups and downs but he's such a love. I can't tell if he lost more weight or if that's the weight he was at when he came in. I think he lost weight. I had him in with the mares and put out a round bale and I don't think the round bale was any good for him. I was also sick all of January so the routine of graining him wasn't always routine.
I've since put him in with the big herd (more for my safety rather than his). So now I'm not sure if he's getting enough to eat or if the big herd is pushing him around. Maverick and Brego seem to want to eat with him. Zeke wants to kill him and the rest ignore him. So I have no idea what to do. I'd wanted him in with the big herd so that I could put him in the barn every night and grain him. It's so much easier than pulling him out and leading him to his stall for an hour of grain.
But we did get a few round bales donated this weekend so I'm going to try these round bales and switch him back to a quieter pen with the mares. He was getting to the point where he could push Mayhem around.
I'm going to try one other type of grain and see if that additional grain will help put on weight. Actually, I have a few more options to try and put on weight. I don't think he's a picky eater. I bought some weight booster and he doesn't seem to care. Bo on the other hand will eat around it. So maybe I'll leave the weight booster for Junior only.
I know the picture below isnt' the greatest.  The herd of deer were moving so he was more interested in them rather than trying to stand nicely for a picture.  I'll post more pictures later of Junior (or go check them out on our Facebook page).

Last Thursday marked Bo's four year anniversary with us. I'll be blogging about him soon so check back.

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