Monday, March 2, 2015

Weather Drama

Just checked the latest on this upcoming storm.

We are still only one county away to the north from a blizzard warning (that's only about 15 miles away). Now they've put us in a Winter Weather Advisory. At least the county to the west of us (the one just three mile to the west of us) is out of the blizzard warning and into the winter weather advisory. No one mentions to Mother Nature that the weather has to change at county lines.

With wind chill temps, we are supposed to be sub zero Tuesday night. No wonder I'm exhausted all the time. If it's not this darn cold, it's this darn weather.

Currently at 25 degrees and by Wednesday we'll be at a high of 8 degrees with Tuesday night and Wednesday night below zero (not looking at wind chill because that makes me sad).

This is what I get for actually paying attention to the weather. Now I have to figure out who goes where. Think everyone stalled ok the last time with Junior going in last. Now, to keep Dude from crashing through and demanding he go into the barn as well. He broke a stall so we are one stall short of letting him in.

Maybe we wont' get any snow (i.e., only an inch) so there wont' be much to deal with. The ice is still buried under the snow so I still have to be careful where I walk.

Brego seemed colicy Sunday so I took him for a walk out in the pasture. I think it was more his back end was bugging him. But I hate to walk him out in the driveway because I don't know where the ice is at these days.

Come on spring, where are you?

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