Thursday, February 26, 2015

Junior is a Keeper and other thoughts

It hasn't even been a week and Junior has already figured out the routine. Now I'm going to throw him for a loop tonight. :-( Temps are supposed to drop to teens below zero and who knows about the wind chill. I've spent half the day trying to figure out which stall Junior would be best in. I think I know, but that also puts him in the last stall into the barn and he'll have to be the first horse out. Not sure that's going to work well tonight and tomorrow morning.

Oh what I would give for a fancy barn where there's an aisle and horses can't reach over and bite another horse in their stall. I wont' complain though. I'm just happy that they can get in out of the wind and cold.

I'm ready for spring. I've been dealing with a nasty head/chest cold for a week now. I am just getting my voice back after losing it on Saturday. I was hoping that we wouldn't see any more of this arctic air. I'm too worn out to deal with subzero temps, wind chills, hungry horses, crabby horses, and being sick all at the same time. I shouldn't complain. We could have feet of snow instead of just an inch that we got yesterday.

I'm still curious to see how March plays out. With all the fog we had back in December, I expect we aren't done with snowfall just yet. I'd be fine with more snow. I would rather make sure that the pastures have  more moisture. I'm afraid our pastures aren't going to hold out this year. Just a feeling after seeing it last year. I need to get out and do some fencing and possibly divide the pasture and rotate instead of let it be a free for all. I also need to spray. I sprayed last year but it didn't do any good. I need to go out with some stronger spray.

Life at the Sanctuary has been pretty quiet lately (knock on wood). The horses are handling the weather ok but I've been sick with one bug or another for the past couple of months so I haven't been able to do much.

I need to get back to fundraising for Mayhem's surgery. I'd like to get it taken care of in May. May is for Mayhem. Get it? (sorry, I'll blame it on the cold). We've had two generous donations but we are still short of our total. It does depend on which vet we talk to for the price but I'd rather have a little extra to cover the post-surgery checkups. I'm sort of tapped out for ideas on fundraising so if you have any great ideas, I'd love to hear them.

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