Friday, February 20, 2015

Eatin' Alfalfa

As a kid, I wore braces. Anyone that has worn braces, knows the joys of getting them off. Little did they tell you that you have to wear a permanent retainer on the lower teeth. I've never thought anything about it until a couple nights ago.

The wind was out of the south (which I hate), and I went to throw some alfalfa in to the  mares and Junior. As always I was talking to the horses (or so I want to think but really I was talking to myself).

Can you guess what happened next?

Wind + Open Mouth + Alfalfa = Eating Alfalfa

So of course I got a huge mouthful of alfalfa. I'm not sure which I was more annoyed at, the alfalfa, the wind, or my silliness for having my mouth open. Now you're probably wondering how does alfalfa have anything to do with braces/retainers.

Well, once I spit the alfalfa out, I realized I had an alfalfa leaf stuck in my retainer. It's a first for me. In all these years of feeding horses, I've never gotten hay or alfalfa stuck in that retainer, until now. It took a few minutes to get the alfalfa leaf out but it was rather disturbing.

Such is my luck these days.

Oh and speaking of luck? I think we might have had a rabid rabbit on our place yesterday morning. I'd finished chores and came around the corner only to see a rabbit. I thought he'd run away but instead as I approached, he tipped his head and did tight circles until I'd passed. I made sure to make a wide birth around him in case he was rabid. Something just wasn't right with him. When I was farther away, he hopped around in bigger circles. We HAVE had a rabid skunk on the place but a rabbit? It seemed odd. In high school I had a friend get bitten by a rabbit (and not a domestic rabbit). She had to have rabies shots. I'd like to avoid such a thing. So now I'm on the look out for any odd behaviors in the varmints that are on the place. Least to say, it was an odd morning.

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