Thursday, February 19, 2015

Ivan the Terrible

So Tuesday night we were in a Wind Chill Advisory. We were to get 20-30 below zero wind chills, which means everyone goes into the barn. I'd already lost one stall thanks to Dude's hijinks. But I wanted the hard keepers in the barn and the other easy keepers could hang out in the leanto off the barn.

I'd already gotten the mares and Jumior settled for the night, along with the ponies when I started putting horses in stalls. I'd run Jim, Rain, and Bo into the barn and then let Ivan, Brego, and Zeke in. Brego and Ivan have to share a large stall (its' actually two stalls but I have no way to divide it).

If you'd read any of my earlier posts, Ivan has been pushing Bo around terribly lately. While I was putting hay in everyone's stall, I watched Ivan reach over the stall and BITE Bo right in the butt. Had it not been for Bo's blanket, he would have lost some hair. It's bad enough that Ivan tried to bite but he made full contact and came darn near ripping up the only blanket that fits Bo. I was FURIOUS!

I'm already implementing Plan B for Bo and Junior but I've decided that there will now be a Plan C (well a different Plan C than I had originally anticipated). I was so mad I kicked Ivan out of the barn and he'd have to contend with the rest of the easy keepers. Brego was not impressed. Brego and Ivan have been ganging up on Bo and Zeke lately so I was ok with separating the two.

In the morning, Ivan tried to push Bo around and I had to get after him about it. Ivan has been keeping a wide distance from me lately. He knows he's in trouble. But little does he know, I'm not done with him yet. Plan C is going into effect this weekend.

Brego still seems to think that he can push Bo around. I think with Ivan out of the picture, Brego wont' be so gutsy without his backup shadow to protect him from everyone. Those two have been inseparable and their attitudes continue to get more and more pushy, which is not allowed.

Ivan knew to stay away from me and something happened where Brego didn't care so at least Ivan and Brego weren't head to head this morning.

But I am going to implement Plan C no matter what. I am going to throw a blanket on Junior and put him in with the big herd while they are devouring a bale of alfalfa. I'm not sure if it's the right  move or not. But I'm also going to pull Ivan out and put him in with the mares. Lets see how pushy he gets with the red headed mother/daughter duo and Ivan not being buddy buddy with anyone for a little while. It might not last and for sure Ivan will go back into the big herd but I was hoping to introduce Junior into the herd but wasnt' sure when. He still is too thin for my liking and putting him in the barn every night and letting him out into the big herd would actually help cut down on my morning chores.  But I'll have to watch and see if the big herd pushes him around or not. If they do, he'll go back in with the  mares and Ivan will go back in with the big herd. But even a weekend of "timeout" for Ivan might be the trick to keep his bullying at bay.

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