Friday, February 20, 2015

Coveralls and Fashion Statements

So the other morning, when it was below zero with a wind chill of 20-30 below zero, I was out doing chores before the sun came up. Like always. Except one thing. My coveralls.

I wear my coveralls twice a day every day for about six months out of the year (except for the rare occasion in January when there's a thaw). I can only get a year or two out of most coveralls before they are completely tattered and worn out. I was due for a new pair last year but somehow managed to forget.

So this year I've been hobbling along with patches everywhere but they no longer work. Even though my coveralls are short, the bottoms are still in tatters with stuffing coming out. Now there's a hole in the crotch area to let cold air in and reminds me to climb the gate a little higher when I swing over instead of sitting at the top for a minute to catch my breath.

Last year the zipper broke on the leg and I actually threw the coveralls away but dug them out of the trash knowing I'd still need them. So wouldn't you know, the day I need them the most, the zipper breaks...permanently. I remember growing up as a kid, that once a coat's zipper broke, that was the end of the coat. I'm not talking broke as in, the little handle doesn't work. I'm talking the zipper breaks apart any time there's strain on the zipper. It doesn't matter how many times I zip and rezip that darn zipper, it just won't hold.

If any zipper were to break, I wish it would have been the one on the top half not on one of the legs. But the zipper on my right leg broke and it's absolutely unrepairable. Or so I thought.

It's amazing what duct tape will do for you. Oh sure I'm super classy now with duct tape running from ankle to thigh and then half way around my leg. But if it keeps the cold air out and the warm air in, I guess I don't care what type of fashion statement I'm making.

I do think that this pair of coveralls doesn't owe me anything and after this winter, I'll be buying a new pair.

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