Thursday, May 11, 2017

What I Need

I need to get Junior on grass. I may give up the idea and simply haul Junior and Bo to Madison and see how it goes. Not the right combination and not the right time frame but I’m down to very few choices. I had Bo in the big pen but he was weezing really bad. I’m not sure if he has heaves now or what. I pulled him and put him on pasture so we’ll see. If he improves, I’ll consider him to have heaves. If not, I’ll be calling the vet because he was breathing worse than Rabbit when her allergies flare up.

Speaking of Rabbit, it’s time. I need to call and get an appointment made for next week. The allergies are making it difficult for her to breath and her eye is all weepy. Add to that her shoulder pain, it’s more than time. I just have to make the call. But when I do, I have to be alone so I can bawl my eyes out afterwards. I seem to be more emotional as of late.

On the bright side, Lightening (my personal horse) seems to really want to connect with me. He watches where I am going and always seems to have an eye out for me when I’m outside. Maverick is the only other one that would do something similar but not nearly so. Lightening will watch me like a hawk.  It’s different but I think with some time, we could become great riding partners.

I have been stressing over a fundraiser idea I want to do this summer. It would be small because that’s the capacity I have right now. But I’m not sure if I can get it off the ground, even for as small as it is. So frustrating. The days are getting longer and yet I don’t  seem to be getting anything accomplished. I think I’m just worn out as of late. Lets hope that once the horses have a taste for grass, that my life will feel less stressful.

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